Monaco begins track construction for grand prix but is “fully aware” of Coronavirus threat

2020 Monaco Grand Prix

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The organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix are pressing ahead with plans to hold this year’s race but say they are “fully aware” of the threat posed by the Coronavirus.

Construction work has begun on the temporary circuit which holds the Principalty’s annual F1 race, which is scheduled to begin on May 21st. It is due to be preceded two weeks earlier by the Monaco Grand Prix Historic.

However the Automobile Club de Monaco has acknowledged the “worrying situation” prompted by the global spread of the Coronavirus, which has led to a growing number of races being cancelled or postponed.

“The Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM), organiser of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique (May 8-10, 2020) and Grand Prix Formula 1 (May 21-24, 2020), is fully aware of the spread of the Covid-19 and the worrying situation that this generates,” the organisers said in a statement.

“These are the reasons why the ACM is in permanent contact with the Monegasque Governmental Authorities, the sports and commercial entities of Fl, the Federation Internationale Automobile (FIA) and the Formula One Group (FOG).

“Preparations for the build-up of the circuit have just started with the first structures being installed in the coming days.

“The ACM is ready to take all of the necessary precautions and will continue to comply with all measures as recommended by the official health authorities.
We will also continue to update you as the situation develops.

“Based on the latest information provided to the ACM, both the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and the Grand Prix Formula 1 2020 are currently expected to take place on the dates as originally planned.”

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