WEC cancels Sebring round due to Coronavirus

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The World Endurance Championship has become the latest championship to cancel a race due to the Coronavirus.

The Sebring 1,000 kilometre round, which was due to take place next weekend, has been cancelled after the United States government imposed a ban on travel to the country from Europe.

“Following the announcement made by President Trump at 9.00 pm (EST) on 11th March of a wide suspension of travel by non-US citizens from Europe to the USA, the leadership of the WEC has reviewed the viability of staging the Sebring 1000 Miles race planned to be held at Sebring on 20th March,” the series stated. “After a careful review of the situation, it has been determined that the WEC race will be cancelled.”

The news follows confirmation of a fourth cancellation by Moto GP, whose round in Argentina next month has been postponed to November.

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Major races postponed or cancelled due to Coronavirus

March 6 – March 8Moto GPQatar Grand PrixLosail International CircuitQatarDue to restrictions on travel from Italy. Moto 2 and Moto 3 classes were already in the country
March 13 – March 15World SuperbikesQatarLosail International CircuitQatar
March 17 – March 17Ferrari Chellenge UKPrologueDonington ParkUKPostponed to first round at Snetterton on April 17th
March 19 – March 20World Endurance ChampionshipSebringSebringUSA
March 21 – March 21Formula ESanya EPrixSanyaChina
March 20 – March 22Moto GPThailand Grand PrixBuriram International CircuitThailand
March 21 – March 22Super TaikyuRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 4 – April 4Formula ERome EprixRomeItaly
April 4 – April 5Super FormulaRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 3 – April 5Ferrari Challenge EuropeMugello roundMugelloItaly
April 3 – April 5Moto GPAmericas Grand PrixCircuit of the AmericasUSAPostponed to November 13th-15th
April 17 – April 19Formula 1Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International CircuitChina
April 17 – April 19Porsche Carrera Cup AsiaShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChinaChinese Grand Prix support race
April 17 – April 19Chinese Formula FourShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChinaChinese Grand Prix support race
April 17 – April 19GT World Challenge EuropeMonza roundMonzaItalyAlso GT Sports Club Europe
April 17 – April 19Formula Renault EurocupMonza roundMonzaItaly
April 17 – April 19Moto GPArgentinian Grand PrixTermas de Rio HondoArgentinaPostponed to November 20th-22nd
May 6 – May 6Formula EJakarta EPrixJakartaIndonesia

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3 comments on “WEC cancels Sebring round due to Coronavirus”

  1. IMSA race still on, but I would imagine that they might be a few drivers down if European based ones can’t make it.

    1. I’d expect IMSA to re-schedule. If the support personnel for the teams can’t travel, they’re done.

      1. IMSA rescheduled for Nov 11-14

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