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Opening F2 and F3 race dates cancelled as Formula E suspends season

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Formula 2 and Formula 3 have announced their planned season-opening races in Bahrain this weekend will not go ahead next weekend following the cancellation of the grand prix at the track.

Meanwhile Formula E has confirmed it will “temporarily suspend” its 2019-20 season after being forced to cancel several of its planned race dates due to the Coronavirus.

F2 and F3 were due to support the F1 race weekend at Bahrain International Circuit. The organisers previously hoped to avoid cancelling the race by holding it behind closed doors to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. But the decision not to go ahead with that race was taken shortly after attempts to hold the season-opening race in Australia this weekend were abandoned.

Bruno Michel, the CEO of F2 and F3, said the races have been “postponed” and they intend to “communicate a revised 2020 F2 and F3 calendar at a later date”.

“We’re sorry we have to postpone our opening round at the Bahrain International Circuit,” said Michel, “but of course the safety of everyone in our paddock and the fans has to come first.”

Formula E’s calendar has been seriously disrupted by Coronavirus, which has already led to race dates in China, Rome and Indonesia being abandoned. The series, which races exclusively on city circuits, announced today it has decided to “temporarily freeze races”.

“As a consequence of the suspension, it will no longer be possible to race in Paris and Seoul, or Jakarta as previously announced on the originally scheduled dates,” it confirmed.

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    4 comments on “Opening F2 and F3 race dates cancelled as Formula E suspends season”

    1. Well at least we dont have to read the Terrible race reports for Formula E on here. where certain drivers aren’t even mentioned while like half the race they were driving in a Podium possition. I hope you take this time to find better writers. Thank you

    2. Something just occurred to me in connection with all of these race cancellations: As the majority of the F2/F3 grid pay for their seats, are the people paying for them going to be able to claim compensation as a result of their drivers not getting to race in the number of races they initially thought they would?

      1. I think we’re in uncharted waters in terms of such contracts and agreements, @geemac. A lot of the cancellation and no-show clauses are written to safeguard against either party trying to profit off those, or avoid a loss (e.g. a local promoter who’s expecting low ticket sales that might not compensate for the required F1 hosting fee, or a team refusing to run a pay driver because someone else has a better chance of scoring valuable points).

        I’m sure people would argue that these are unusual and exceptional circumstances, and will try to negotiate or mediate some manner of a middle ground.

        At least, that’s what I wish they’ll all do. Let all the people involved focus on getting the show back on the road once it is deemed safe and acceptable, and not engage in petty money grubbing. Then again, reality has bled a lot of the idealism out of me, so I’m not going to be too surprised or disappointed if the parties fall back to their natural ways!

      2. I’m sure all the teams and all those paying drivers will already have their lawyers (from their home offices, probably) study the clauses, look for force majeure options and other means to keep / get back / postpone etc payments (depending on which side they stand) @geemac

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