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Ferrari joins effort to build more ventilators

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In the round-up: With four other teams already involved in efforts to develop technologies to fight the pandemic, Ferrari has confirmed it will work to increase production of ventilators.

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Comment of the day

Extending the current rules for another year is good news for Lewis Hamilton, says Doug:

Hamilton’s chances of breaking Schumacher’s title record just went way up.

Who knows what 2021 was going to bring. Mercedes may have been way off the pace with the new rules -not unlike McLaren and Ferrari were under the 2009 changes. I have a feeling Mercedes stopped development on the 2019 car very early last summer due to their massive early season advantage. 2020 car was/is going to be very, very fast and 2021 sounds like it will be an evolution.
Doug Webster

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  • 15 comments on “Ferrari joins effort to build more ventilators”

    1. I had never consider the scenario posed by CoTD.

      Merc to win for another 2 years..sighhhhh…was really hoping for a shake up next year…guess we’d just have to continue waiting.

      However, I was convinced that Lewis will break Schumacher’s wins records this year, slightly slimmer now that we’re only going to get half a season. He will equal the 7 times this year, and break the record next year. Once again, I’d be surprised if Ferrari and Red Bull can sustain a challenge through the season, they may knock off a few wins here and there, but Merc and Lewis will win. The only person who can beat him is his “wingman”, and we know thats not happening anytime soon.

      1. @jaymenon10 Maybe I’m being highly negative here, but I simply don’t see when Mercedes being the top dogs in F1 will end. It’s been going on for six years, and I can easily see it going on for six more. They are a team that has fewer flaws and is a better oiled machine than any team potentially in the history of F1, and even if Hamilton leaves/retires, they have drivers coming up who look like they could be the next superstars, or, they could poach other teams’ superstars.

      2. I had never consider the scenario posed by CoTD.

        It’s just a scenario; one of many.
        Lewis doesn’t even have a Mercedes contract for 2021 yet.

        I’m more intrigued if Raikkonen can beat Barichello in most ‘race entries’ and ‘race starts’ statistics.
        And when does a race count as ‘entered’? Did the Melbourne 2020 GP pass that point?

        PS a super season – of which my support is widely ridiculed – could get even more interesting if a dominant Mercedes would change its line-up for 2021; finally we’d have 4 drivers in the running.

        1. I completely forgot about the impact on the Raikkonen stat, @coldfly

          Hope he gets it.

      3. @jaymenon10 Let’s be honest though. Ferrari had the better car for 2017 and 2018. The only thing that will change is the cars and apparently having the better car was mot enough for Vettel (and Ferrari). Leclerc doesn’t seem that much better for now.

        That leaves Red Bull/Verstappen and they should have the car to match Mercedes for this season already. If not then Verstappen just doesn’t have it in him to direct development properly either and why would they ever get it right?

    2. Doug Webster
      20th March 2020, 3:55

      Thanks Keith!

    3. I am interested to know how you define what it is a “2020’s F1 chassis”. We have had no formal F1 race yet, so it would mean that there is no “2020’s F1 chassis” presented by the teams yet. Which chassis will be ‘freeze’ for the 2021’s season? The ones that arrived at Melbourne or the ones presented at the first 2020’s race (if there is any)?. I am just afraid that I may know who will win the 2021’s WCC and WDC championships on 2020.

      1. I’m assuming that by chassis they mean the main monocoque. This is the part that must pass the mandatory crash tests before it’s allowed on track. And so to use a different chassis a team would then have to re-certify the car with a new crash test.

        That should make it very easy for the FIA to police. If a team brings in a new car to crash test the FIA could simply compare to their previous test and quickly determine if it was altered or changed. Or simply ask why do you need a new test performed if this car already passed?

        This would mean the only way the teams could build and use a new “car” would be to forgo the crash test and just hope nobody notices. That would be a quick way to be heavily sanctioned and multiple people within the team would likely receive lengthy/lifetime bans for the pure disregard to the safety of the drivers and track staff, let alone the fact it would break sporting regulations.

    4. Italian carmakers Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler …to help it boost production of the life-saving machines which are urgently needed in the coronavirus crisis

      This is great news. The more companies with expertise in “quick turn around” manufacturing that get involved the better.

      1. Exactly @drycrust. These engineers are perfectly prepared to quickly make something ingenious that can be brought into action ASAP.

    5. …but until then we’ll have to settle for sim racing at home 👌

      I’m not sure how feasible it would be, but maybe as an interim measure Liberty Media could organise to have the drivers “sim race” a Grand prix until such time as they are able to hold real races.

    6. I like the idea of virtual GP, but Lewis is Grand Turismo ambassador, I doubt they would let him do EA F1 2019

    7. Extending the current rules for another year is good news for Lewis Hamilton, says Doug:

      Hamilton’s chances of breaking Schumacher’s title record just went way up. (Okay sounds good)

      Who knows what 2021 was going to bring. ( Oh we are back to the unknown)

      Conclusion: Extending the rules for another year is no guarantee it will be good for Hamilton or that we will even have F1 or any racing in 2021

      1. Although many are in denial about this, our chances of actually having a championship this year are slim. So Lewis could well end up having to wait until at least 2021 for his seventh world title – never mind his eighth.

        1. @Craig Simons I’m not in denial in being positive about getting some racing this year.

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