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UK-based F1 teams responding to shortage of ventilators

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British-based Formula 1 teams are stepping up efforts to tackle the shortage of life-saving ventilators.

RaceFans revealed on Wednesday a group of four teams had responded to a request from the government to develop technologies which could help in the fight against the global pandemic.

“The teams are working in collaboration with Formula 1, the UK government and other organisations to establish the feasibility of the teams producing, or supporting the production of, medical devices to help in the treatment of Covid-19 patients,” said F1 in a statement.

“All the teams have expert design, technology and production capabilities, and specialise in rapid prototyping and high value manufacturing, which is hoped can be applied to the critical needs set out by government.”

The teams hope their efforts “will produce a tangible outcome in the next few days”.

Ferrari has also confirmed it will produce ventilators in Italy, which has been the hardest-hit among the European countries.

Companies with manufacturing expertise have been approached to assist with the production of ventilators which are in high demand due to the global pandemic.

The most severe cases of Coronavirus can result in lung problems such as pneumonia. As the virus cannot be cured, afflicted patients need to have their lungs ventilated to ensure they continue to receive sufficient oxygen while their bodies recover.

This has placed huge demand on supplies of ventilation equipment. China increased its production of ventilators after the initial outbreak in Wuhan began to spread around the country. The rising number of cases in Europe and the USA have added to the demand.

Formula 1 teams are among car builders and other manufacturers who have been approached to help cope produce the life-saving equipment.

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10 comments on “UK-based F1 teams responding to shortage of ventilators”

  1. Its not just these teams but also Ferrari who are doing their bit to help with improving the malware situation.

    1. Maybe they should be calling it “Medic-ware”.

      1. Mission WindNow

  2. I want to hear that Adrian Newey is working on a vaccine.

    1. His vaccine wouldn’t be the most powerful, but it would certainly be the fastest. ;)

    2. @islander The last thing someone with breathing problems needs is a high downforce ventilator courtesy of Adrian Newey! Not sure how he could impact on a vaccine though.

  3. Next year, Haas will be able to buy Ferrari’s 2020 ventilators and offer them to the US with a different label on them.

    1. I heard Haas were making two special ventilators, one called the “Romain Special”, while the other was called the “Kevin Special”. The only problem was, and no one could explain why this was so, it was as though every time a Romain Special was being pushed passed a Kevin Special the two would collide.

      1. The Romain Special must be the wall-mounted unit!

        1. @partsguy20

          You win the internet. Very nice work.

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