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IndyCar to launch official iRacing series next week

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In the round-up: IndyCar has confirmed details of its official iRacing series which will begin next week.

The series will include at least six races featuring current IndyCar drivers plus special guests. Races will be run every Saturday from April 28th to May 2nd, after which the regular series is due to resume. Teams will have their own liveries and the car models will be updated to include the new-for-2020 Aeroscreen.

The first track will be chosen from a list of eight by a poll of fans. After that the series will race at Barber Motorsports Park (April 4th), a track chosen by drivers (April 11th), a track chosen at random (April 18th), Circuit of the Americas (April 25th) and finally a non-IndyCar circuit (May 2nd).

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Comment of the day

IndyCar is using iRacing, should F1 do the same?

F1 deserves the best simracer out there and that’s iRacing. Taking an arcade game developer like Codemasters just because they somehow got the F1 rights in the past is simply shooting yourself in the foot.

Top drivers like Verstappen, Norris and others are practicing iRacing, almost daily. F1 should make a deal with iRacing, and do it now. F1 is about excellence first. Having a second-rate game represent the sport is a bad idea.

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21 comments on “IndyCar to launch official iRacing series next week”

  1. Some iRacing is better than nothing at the moment. I’d love to see some F1 drivers go against some IndyCar drivers for fun. A sim Indy 500, with half the field from each series?

  2. iRacing’s stakes are going to rocket up. Which I’m so happy about. Oh how I wish I had my rig!

  3. It’s all well and good asking for iRacing to take over, but contracts and the painstaking process of putting an F1 car into service will knock that on the head.

    iRacing managed to build a relationship with Mclaren to bring us the ’15 or ’16 Mclaren, but it took extremely close collaboration with their design department to get the car systems integrated with the iRacing service. Not all teams are so generous with their data. Laser scanning the car and modelling it also takes months.

    Now imagine this process over at least 8 other teams, and all this virus mayhem will be well behind us.

  4. About COTD, I replied in that article but iRacing and F1 wouldn’t work out… not sure iRacing would want the deal anyway.

    1. @fer-no65 Exactly, people who want it are missing the point of F1-Codemasters deal. They don’t want ultra realistic sim that only a handful of people will enjoy, especially since the investment cost for a proper rig, steering wheel, and the mounts also not cheap. F1 goal with the games is to capture wide range of casual people who might turned into a fan, not hardcore sim racers that most likely a fan of or at least watching F1 already.

      1. iRacing is just like any other game really, you don’t need a rig. Just a regular steering wheel and pedals will do just fine.

        1. @balue And just like any other games, to be competitive you need at the very least a decent rig. The standard now for racing is 3 monitor setup so you need a rig that can drive at least 3x 1080p 120hz, preferably 1440 120 / 144hz, with constant 100+ fps. Sure you can just play in regular 1080 60hz 60 fps with cheaper wheel but it will be like racing Mercedes with last year Williams.

      2. The guy that came third in the NASCAR race was using a Logitech G27 clamped to his office desk with a single monitor

  5. I’m sorry if this is offensive to somebody, but that is one ugly car

    1. Not offended. You are correct. It looks like an appendage.

  6. As if Hamilton’s word had any value. The real and interesting new is the possible move of Toto to Aston Martin, Hamilton will sign wherever is more convenient for him regardless of what he said.

    1. Awww, Hamilton in the headlines got you down?

      At least you don’t have to deal with him winning races right now.

      1. And why him winning would be a problem? Or why him would get me down? The points are: 1) The news is not Hamilton, trying to shift the focus to him is bad journalism. 2) His word has not value, he will stay in Mercedes if that is convenient for him, what he said in the past means nothing. Clearly is the fanatical people who can’t understand objective talking and gets down when they read something that doestn’t match their juvenile admiration towards others.

  7. Races will be run every Saturday from April 28th to May 2nd

    I assume you mean from MARCH 28th to May 2nd…

  8. I’ll watch this over the crappy F1 2019 engine race F1 is doing.

  9. So I’m on my 7th year running a sim-racing broadcasting business. My company has aired iRacing leagues and official races and to be honest It’s felt as though we’ve toiled a bit in obscurity. Typically I have to explain to people what sim racing is, let alone what my job entails. It’s an admittedly very nerdy and niche profession. To suddenly see our sport blow up in the way it has the last few weeks it’s incredible surreal. We’ve gone from being brushed off by many as the “lesser” form of racing to becoming the focus of global motorsport and even sought out by many real world racing organizers. My business partner and I are both a bit wide eyed at what’s been happening, though excited and eager to show the world that sim-racing can be just as exciting and entertaining as the real thing.

  10. I agree with the COTD. Proper sim-racing platforms over arcades.

    ”I’ll probably get my butt kicked” – Nicholas Latifi 2020

    I wouldn’t put much emphasis on the DailyMail-article at this point.

  11. It’s funny how only a week after the Aussie GP was cancelled (and its felt like a very l o n g week), we’re almost already at saturation point with eSports!

    I get it, but it’s almost turning into a bandwagon that everyone feels they need to join to stay relevant. I’ll probably still check out maybe one race of each flavour, but for me, eSports fall into the category of things I like to “play”, but would never watch, like Snooker, Chess, Golf, Tennis, Cycling.

    1. I get it, but it’s almost turning into a bandwagon that everyone feels they need to join to stay relevant.

      @eurobrun – seconded, couldn’t have put it better.

      Time to subject you to one of my “dad jokes”:

      but would never watch, like […] Chess[…]

      So… you’re not into pawn stars, are you?

  12. That tweet about the eSeries: Yes, absolutely.

    As an F1 fan AND an avid gamer, including YouTubers in races makes me loose interest instantly. I really liked the idea from last weekend with those replacement races but I only watched the first tier with actual drivers and turned off after this.

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