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Two current F1 drivers on Virtual Bahrain GP entry list

2020 F1 season

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Two current Formula 1 drivers have been confirmed on the entry list for today’s first-ever Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix.

While F1 approached all 10 teams to enter drivers for the 28-lap race on F1 2019 to be held this evening, only Lando Norris and Nicholas Latifi have been confirmed on the final entry list.

Some current drivers have indicated why they aren’t competing in the event. Max Verstappen said he isn’t proficient in F1 2019 and Romain Grosjean also says he wants to practice more before participating. Carlos Sainz Jnr said in a social media chat he doesn’t have the correct equipment at present.

Several former Formula 1 drivers have joined the event, including Nico Hulkenberg, Stoffel Vandoorne, Esteban Gutierrez, Anthony Davidson and Johnny Herbert.

While reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton will not participate, his brother Nicolas will compete for McLaren.

The event will begin with a qualifying session and take place from 8pm GMT this evening. It will be broadcast on F1’s YouTube account and other social media platforms.

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MercedesTBCStoffel Vandoorne
MercedesTBCEsteban Gutierrez
FerrariTBCRobert Shwartzman
FerrariTBCDino Beganovic
Red BullTBCPhilip Eng
Red BullTBCChris Hoy
McLarenTBCLando Norris
McLarenTBCNicolas Hamilton
RenaultTBCGuanyu Zhou
RenaultTBCIan Poulter
Alpha TauriTBCMatthew Trivett (‘Sadokist’)
Alpha TauriTBCLuca Salvadori
Racing PointTBCNico Hulkenberg
Racing PointTBCJimmy Broadbent
Alfa RomeoTBCJohnny Herbert
Alfa RomeoTBCAamir Thacker (‘Cyanide’)
HaasTBCAnthony Davidson
HaasTBCPaul Chaloner (‘Redeye’)
Williams6Nicholas Latifi
WilliamsTBCLiam Payne
2020 F1 season

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  • 11 comments on “Two current F1 drivers on Virtual Bahrain GP entry list”

    1. Surprised at no Verstappen.

    2. Nico Hulkenberg for Racing Point.

    3. There will be punterionos I suspect

      1. A clear Lando punterino affecting no other than the highly estimated Jimmy.

    4. They can’t be bothered, unfortunately.

    5. Let’s be honest, it has to be on codemasters due to it being the official game, but it’s arcade not a simulation, that many drivers such as Verstappen don’t take seriously.

      Even having them all play on GP4 would be better to be honest. Still, I’m going to watch tonight, not moaning!! Definitely will be better than nothing :)

    6. Liam Payne. The guy from One Direction.

      LOL Ok, so this ISNT serious… Ok.

    7. Since i tried more simlike sims than this Codemasters’ series, i literally can not touch a game like NFS or simcades or COD series. Although I strive for competitive games and I can not consider bad plays as fun. There is pwnage and there is no pwnage.
      Probably this is why I don’t really enjoy nowadays’ trends about bringing competitive gaming more accessible to the masses with lowering skill ceiling. This is a business decision, based on statistics and is about lowering risks, producing MVP’s. If a game is really good, not just an nth sequel necessarily made again, then it will sell and define trends anyway.
      Hopefully the world will change a bit because there is just too much lie out there.
      At F1 there is acceptable to roll out with a game at every year, but creating a very good game engine for some years, and rolling out with new content like new seasons would be nicer.
      I’m gaming since decades but I literally embarrassed by how businesslike gaming became. Buy a gaming glove for 50 USD, or a mouse cord holder for 40, or buy a video card consuming 100-200Watts to play CSGO because they use an ultra dated game engine :D No. Previous year I manufactured a cord holder for myself by attaching the cord with a
      jar rubber to my desktop microphone. It has nice curvature and adjustable in many means, so very nice for enlenghtening the cord’s lifetime, made in 1 minutes for free.
      Also about whether “real” sims are too challenging, I think if someone is ok with quality funplay (as almost everyone should be because basically no one is a WDC material, and that implies he wont have anything than a good time) then he does not needs a rig as a beginner, I think real talents can post laptimes off the best guys’ pace with something like 1 seconds, thats a nice pace, and definitely enjoyable. If someone is track safe at that pace then he had a nice time learning something.

      Herbert is a nice idea, i’t would be cool to involve retirees like him :) If I were them I’d ask Damon Hill about it because he’s a nice person and likely he would happily support a good cause.

      1. I omitted that this 1 seconds off the pace is done not just without a rig, but with mouse steering. At LFS leaderboards I think it was something like 1 seconds difference between top rig and mouse players, and it feels to be true. (If someone is really interested, almost every driving game can be controlled with mouse with small utils like vJoy emulator, and Universal Control Remapper these allowing you to have analog-like throttle or brake instead of tapping keys. UCR is the more recent).
        Haha i have seen Dieter’s Audi Quattro S1 video tweet yesterday, the driver just continuously kicked it everywhere, I just drove a thing like that in the previous days and found out to handle the throttle like that in 1 laps, and worked very well. I enjoy flying coffins like that or historic F1 at sims but never would try it irl. I don’t know how can Walter Röhrl say that that Porsches are his favourite, while he won with Audis like that, but likely he knows very well :) Likely because of painful memories of the Group B era. Probably he could be a good participant at a mixed show event too.

    8. You mean… This is happening? I always thought it was a light joke.

    9. you can watch it on F! youtube:
      2020 Bahrain Virtual Grand Prix Highlights | F1 Esports

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