McLaren team members quarantined in Australia return home

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In the round-up: All of McLaren’s team members who were quarantined during the Australian Grand Prix weekend have now returned home, the team confirmed on Thursday.

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Should the FIA have kept quiet about its investigation into Ferrari as Bernie Ecclestone said?

1: It would likely come out eventually (Crashgate).

And 2: Regardless of whether it did come out or not, this is exactly the kind of thing that gave rise to the FIA/Ferrari rumors to begin with. At least if it is all in the open, we can judge what is going on. When things are done in secret, they damage the sport. Good things look shady, and bad things can ruin seasons.

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  • Born on this day in 1965: Gregor Foitek, who wasted a season failing to qualify the hopeless 1989 EuroBrun, and fared little better at Brabham and Onyx the following year

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14 comments on “McLaren team members quarantined in Australia return home”

  1. “Following all that’s happened in the last few weeks and the advice we have received from the UK Government, we have decided to postpone the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, to later in the year.”

    I am chuckling at them slipping in a sponsor mention even in this notice.

    They could’ve gone a step further: “For COVID-19, there is no cure. For everything else, there’s Mastercard”.

    (Yeah, I get that for contractual reasons they probably have to refer to it as such.)

    1. LOL! @phylyp. Also…. too soon. Waaay too soon.

      1. @jimmi-cynic – If I got you to say “too soon”, I probably crossed a line :)

        1. @phylyp – No worries. It’s only an imaginary social distancing line…

  2. I think some racing series are now hoping they had been more open and active trying to get their cars and championships into racing sims. Now that e-sport is getting its moment in the spotlight it also means that only those series in motorsports can do e-sport which have their cars in a simulator. Or better yet a game that is actually built around their racing series. F1 has pretty good representation in that many games have f1 cars and tracks from various eras in almost every simulator and racing game. Indycar was lucky it had iracing and some other smaller games. Especially lucky considering its track list only exists in iracing. Nascar is also well represented in that game.

    But some other series don’t have anything really to do with games or e-sports. Supergt for example has only gran turismo with some cars but not the tracks. Which could be more than great for it tho. Formula e has pretty much nothing. Most have something in some games but not really one good package. Maybe something worth thinking about when the next big racing game comes out. Maybe it is good to have your series be out there. The cars, the tracks the championship.

    1. @socksolid – very nice point, particularly the example about Formula E.

      1. It just occurred to me – apart from the powertrain, is there something that sets FE apart (i.e. that would make it relevant in a game)? Tight kart-like tracks might not have much appeal to gamers, there isn’t much aero either, so there’s no fun to be had in blasting around a corner at speed.

        1. Formula E used to have rFactor 2 right?

        2. @phylyp The enduring appeal of Mario Kart and the like suggests that tight, twisty tracks have some appeal in the less serious end of the market ;)

  3. I agree with the COTD. It indeed probably would’ve come to people’s knowledge sooner or later anyway.

  4. Happy birthday Gregor, we’ll always have 1989!

  5. Born on this day in 1965: Gregor Foitek, who wasted a season failing to qualify the hopeless 1989 EuroBrun, and fared little better at Brabham and Onyx the following year

    And he caused the F3000 crash in 1988 that nearly killed Johnny Herbert…

  6. 2014 Bahrain gp is an absolute classic. There was something so visceral about it at the time – admittedly the excitement has probably mellowed with age – particularly when the safety car pulled in and the mercs let rip with their true pace. The racing was absolutely superb too, bar one or two dodgy moves. At times I was literally on my feet watching on tv.

    With hindsight, it was the race where rosberg truly learned just how tough Hamilton was going to be as a title rival. If rosberg had been a bit more forthright in some of their battles in 2014 (and more comfortable on the brakes), I think the title race could have been even closer. He certainly had at least comparable, if not superior raw speed that year. Having said that, when he went aggressive in Spa, it backfired hugely and set him back for a while. So perhaps it was just one inherent weakness of his.

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