Todt: FIA must protect championships from budget cuts after hiatus

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In the round-up: FIA president Jean Todt is concerned about the effect falling budgets might have on championships after the pandemic.

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Comment of the day

Let the drivers talk to each other to add interest to the Virtual Grand Prix, says Baasbas:

I can’t be bothered. Unless they make a microphone and headset mandatory for all drivers and make them join a team-speak channel and broadcast that. Live taunting, swearing, shouting, banter… that would bump up entertainment value a lot. Maybe enough to actually watch.

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  • 19 comments on “Todt: FIA must protect championships from budget cuts after hiatus”

    1. Das Boot puns? does it get any lower? *Chuckles in german*

      1. @mrboerns I promise just eight more months of DAS puns, then I’ll call it quits.

    2. Keep pushing guys, you are the stand-out site for daily F1 news and insight by far.

      From my point of view, I would prefer less articles on daily news that isn’t really news (ie exactly what most other motor sports site do…) and more of a focus on features. I appreciate these take more time however there is so much historical content that would be great to revisit during these times.

      And with the sudden exposure of eSports and sim-racing, some in-depth features in this space would be welcome also.

      1. @aussierod Thanks very much – hope you liked the Perry McCarthy feature yesterday. Got an interview for the next one scheduled today.

        1. +1 @keithcollantine. Stig-approved.

        2. That was a great read, keep it up @keithcollantine!

    3. Neil (@neilosjames)
      3rd April 2020, 1:38

      Been a supporter for a long time (I forget exactly when I became one), a tiny price to pay for my ‘home’ F1 site. I had wondered about the impact on visits/advertising revenue, with no big events to bring in traffic… hope you guys get through it, the F1 world wouldn’t be the same without you.

    4. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for continuing to bring us such great content.

      Can I raise a point about the banning of DAS.

      If we use the argument that it will be too expensive for the rest to copy in 2021 then shouldn’t the same be applied to ANY unique innovation that any other team has brought in for their 2020 cars that may not yet have been seen/identified because it wasn’t visible?

      It seems that Mercedes is being penalised for something because it was easily seen. Others may have spent just as much on innovations worth the same or more in terms of performance and they get to keep theirs because they’ve not been seen. Isn’t that a bit unfair?

      1. @dbradock I don’t disagree with that, but it’s the nature of the beast. After all there may be (and surely are) other unseen gizmos on the W11 as well as on Mercedes’ rivals’ cars.

        1. It would certainly be amusing if DAS turned out to be just a distraction so teams didn’t look to hard at everything else on their car, particularly if there is a new gizmo that gives a significant performance boost.

          Maybe Ferrari should have had it on their car last year to explain all that extra speed down the straights :)

          1. @dbradock it seems Ferrari did have a device on the SF90 in the latter part of the season that, whilst not quite the same, did take advantage of the same loophole that Mercedes have (in their case, they used it to vary the ackermann geometry on turn in to the corner).

    5. He should go for full bald.

    6. Ecclestone’s wife Fabiana Flosi is expecting their first child together, which will be Ecclestone’s fourth

      That’s some strong sperm! Ecclestone won’t die of COVID-19, he clearly is fine form right now!

      Thanks Bernie for showing us that love has no age!

      1. I’m reminded of Kenneth Williams’ famous line from “Carry On Cleo”.

        “Infamy, someone’s had it infamy”.

      2. Maybe just a good freezer or new pool boy, @paeschli.

    7. totally agree with COTD to the extent that this would be the main reason to watch, and not the useless (to me, my opinion) virtual racing

    8. Quit being a supporter when the bias became too much, but there’s no doubt this is a top site with top people (haven’t seen a better discussion anywhere), so I’ll sign up again to help out now.

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