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With real-world racing on hiatus, there’s never been a better time to get into motor racing Esports.

New series are springing up almost daily. Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and more have created virtual series for their drivers to race in while we wait for the 2020 season to begin.

Many fans are discovering Esports for the first time, and so RaceFans has created a new hub where you can reach the key information quickly, find out where you can watch the next major race, and follow live video broadcasts from multiple drivers at once.

While our coverage is primarily focused on series run by real-world racing championships, we will also include selected other series such as the popular races run by Veloce Esports and Torque Esports.

Our calendar of upcoming events already features 20 races coming up over the next weeks and many more will be added. We will continue to publish our weekly guides to the weekend’s top Esports races.

Find everything in our new Esports hub here and via the top menu:

We will be adding more races and feeds regularly, so please suggest any which you would like to see us cover in the comments.

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Video: F1 and IndyCar’s new Esports series compared

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    Keith Collantine
    Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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    16 comments on “Find upcoming races and watch drivers live in RaceFans’ new Esports hub”

    1. Thanks @keithcollantine.
      I am one of the fans who started watching racing Egames (wouldn’t call it ‘Esports’) recently.
      The racing is not that interesting (yet) but seeing and hearing the drivers’ commentary (I focussed on Lando) is very special.

      A few remarks/suggestions:
      – the link to the results crashes (We couldn’t find what you were looking for. Search RaceFans here:)
      – I’d appreciate a reference in the calendar to which type of cars they are racing (F1 vs Indycar vs F-Renaults etc)
      – For me you can leave out the various time zone references, or include all 24+ time zones.
      – and an extra page with links to streams of races already finished would be good.

      1. @coldfly Where’s this broken link?

          1. @coldfly Fixed now, thanks.

            1. Great, now it delivers on the last item of my wish list as well.

    2. This is great @keithcollantine, thank you very much! I honestly thought that last week’s Virtual GP was very entertaining (at times even more so than the real thing!), with great battles so I’m definitely going to start watching more Esports races!

    3. Verstappen has made it clear he will never play the F1 crap game. Many other drivers think the same but keep it to themselves and won’t join either. F1 obviously can’t switch to another sim because of sponsorship deals, which is why the F1 series will fail.

    4. Thank you Racefans!

    5. Duncan Snowden
      9th April 2020, 13:01

      Thanks, Keith. I’ve been looking for something like this after missing, and almost missing, a few races. Nice work.

    6. You might want to add IMSA, for those of you so inclined. From what I’m told, they got it right from the start.

      1. @uneedafinn2win Will take a look, thanks.

    7. iRacing.

    8. Just put all the vidya junk on a differant site, maybe or something.

      I don’t want to watch kids playing games. I’ve got better stuff to do (and that doesn’t say much these days!)

    9. What, no love for the 24 Hours of LeMons?
      Their first race is now.

    10. @keithcollantine Any of creating a online calendar like we have for F1. It very handy to add to my Google Calendar for notifications.

    11. It would be great if you could add FR Americas (formerly F3 Americas) iRacing Championship
      March 24- Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta coverage begins at 7pm E.T.

      March 31- Circuit of The Americas coverage begins at 7pm E.T.

      April 7- Virginia International Raceway coverage begins at 7pm E.T.

      April 14- Barber Motorsports Park coverage begins at 7pm E.T.

      April 21- Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (held in place of Trois-Rivières) coverage begins at 7pm E.T.

      April 28- Sebring International Raceway coverage begins at 7pm E.T.

      May 5- Season Finale Fans Choice (voting held on @framericas Instagram)

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