Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Zandvoort, demonstration run, 2020

F1 needs “really old-school” tracks like Zandvoort – Kvyat

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In the round-up: Daniil Kvyat is looking forward to returning to Zandvoort.

What they say

Speaking in an Instagram interview with Pirelli, Kvyat talked about the Dutch circuit where he won in F3 seven years ago:

I love the track, it was amazing. I think was probably the coolest because it was so old-school, so nice. It’s different, you know, that we need tracks like this a bit now, really old-school.

I think now they also changed the bit to adapt to modern standards of safety. We’ll see how it is in Formula 1. I still think in qualifying we’ll be really cool track.

In the race, let’s see. The straights, if I remember right, they’re quite short. Maybe with DRS and everything we can still have some good racing. So let’s see.

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Comment of the day

@Stefmeister thinks F1 is making a mistake by trying to squeeze in as many races as it can this year.

I feel like trying to cram so many races into a relatively short period of time would be a mistake.

Like many others I’ve been stuck inside for about two weeks and when I’m finally allowed to go out and things start getting back to something close to normal I then don’t want to be stuck indoors every weekend watching F1 so having a race virtually every weekend for five to six months isn’t something I’m that looking forward to.

And consider everything else is also going to be starting up again in that time. Are people really going to want to stay in every weekend having spent weeks/months not been allowed out?

I love F1, I love Motorsport I really do but the prospect of three weekends on with one off for five to six months isn’t something I’m looking that forward to even though i’m looking forward to getting things started.

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On this day in F1

  • 70 years ago today Juan Manuel Fangio won the non-championship Pau Grand Prix in a Maserati

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12 comments on “F1 needs “really old-school” tracks like Zandvoort – Kvyat”

  1. Old school tracks are important, but I’d rather F1 stayed away if it means sanitising them. I was very relieved, for example, that Donington didn’t get ruined for F1 a decade ago as was originally planned. I watched the rerun of the 1997 Jerez race on youtube the other day. The layout itself is not that special, but it’s surrounded by grass and gravel. That track has now had the tarmac treatment in many places and is immediately less interesting.

    If anyone wants a laugh, check out this video about Ricciardo and Verstappen’s crash in Baku

    1. @Jamie B But Baku City Circuit is a street track, so concerning run-offs, it isn’t directly comparable to permanent tracks.

    2. Thanks for sharing that video here. I’d seen it earlier on reddit, and it was truly amusing. I guessed the patriarch wrong, though, I thought it’d be Helmut Marko.

    3. Tommy Scragend
      10th April 2020, 8:14

      If there had been tarmac runoff on the outside of Dry Sac in 1997, Schumacher might have got away with it.

  2. Regarding the COTD: The probability of that format is quite low. The season could solely consist of triple-headers, there’d have to be double-headers and also standalone-events for that to work realistically.

    There’s a good number of old-school tracks in F1 at present. I’m happy with the overall variation in what types of circuits there are in F1.

  3. Re COTD, does anyone think they will bother holding any races of there is no chance of enough (8) being held for a championship? I’d be happy with just a handful and they could just count as race wins i.e. official GPs but no title would be awarded.

    1. Tommy Scragend
      10th April 2020, 8:16

      If there weren’t enough races to count as a championship, individual race wins wouldn’t count towards a driver’s total either. The win tallies of Fangio, Moss, Clark etc. don’t include non-championship wins.

  4. Wasn’t for the music that would be the most impressive trailer I have ever seen in my life.

  5. This might be a good opportunity to revisit spec engines, or at least seperating engine manufacturing and team ownership and having FIA be able to regulate so we can have engine equality.

    I know, I know, “it’s not real F1,” but boy would it be a ton more fun if we didn’t have to watch almost a decade of one manufacturer-team winning both championships year in year out. Perhaps they could even loosen the aero rules a bit if they had engine equality and the new rules reduce dirty air issues to an acceptable degree. I’d love to watch that F1.

    1. I think it might be one of the options this decade, manufacturers’ involvement is seriously threatened under current circumstances. And it wouldn’t be a bad thing for a few transitional years before F1 finds out what technology should it be about in the future.

  6. Re COTD – am I the only person who records sports, avoids the results, and then watches when convenient?

    1. Not only.

      But this season the PVR cupboard is bare. Only Hungary & Silverstone 2019 survived my pre-season purge. If only I had waited a few weeks…

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