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First details of F1 2020 announced including special Schumacher edition


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Codemasters have confirmed the first details of the 2020 edition of the official Formula 1 game.

F1 2020 will allow players to create their own team, reintroduce split-screen multi-player racing, and be offered in a special Michael Schumacher edition.

As RaceFans revealed previously, the full roster of 22 circuits which were originally announced for the 2020 F1 season will be available to race, despite the disruption to the start of the championship. Players will be allowed to set calendars of 22, 16 or 10 races, including the new venues at Zandvoort and Hanoi.

“F1 2020 promises to be our biggest and most innovative title to date,” said F1 franchise director Paul Jeal.

“Our core players will welcome even greater gameplay depth with the introduction of our brand-new ‘My Team’ feature, alongside three customisable season lengths which allows them to pick their favourite tracks.

“In the year where Lewis Hamilton is going for his seventh world championship, we celebrate the greatest F1 driver of all time with our Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition, which we know will prove popular with our community.”

The Schumacher edition of F1 2020 will include four classic cars: the 1991 Jordan 191 he made his grand prix debut in, the 1994 and 1995 Benetton B194 and B195s he won his first titles in, and the F1-2000 in which he took his first world championship as a Ferrari driver.

The game will go on sale on July 10th.

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F1 2020 trailer

F1 2020 car models

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  • 45 comments on “First details of F1 2020 announced including special Schumacher edition”

    1. Nice to see split screen bought back, hopefully you can do a whole championship in it. The games in general are pretty reliable fun so I’m looking forward to this for the first time in a few years.

      1. Darran Donald
        15th April 2020, 15:04

        I can’t believe its taken 8 years to get split screens back in an arcade game

        1. Split-screen uses a lot of data and is used by only a small portion of the user base, plus, they don’t believe having split-screen will generate enough additional sales to make it value for money and time.

          1. I wold argue that Mario Kart – another arcade racing game – is played mainly because of split-screen

            1. @paeschli Yes, but games like Mario Kart, Rocket League, FIFA etc. have huge split-screen cultures (if that makes sense), whereas games like F1 don’t really. But hopefully now that it is back, it can develop, although I very much doubt it.

      2. Hallelujah! Me and my mate have been playing the 2014 season on split screen over and over and over again… I’m glad Codemasters have put this feature back in for sociable people.

    2. F1 2020 promises to be our biggest and most innovative title to date,

      Doesn’t say how, exactly …

      Makes me remember Stacy Malibu’s new hat…

    3. The Racing Point is in the game, by the way, just don’t have a suitable picture of it yet.

      1. OK there’s a picture of each of the cars in there now.

        1. Only Racing Point which doesn’t have the side picture.. xD

          1. theyre all the same model, just the livery skin is different…

          2. It’s in there now, Codemasters’ team kindly supplied one.

    4. B194! I’m sold! The only thing is can we enter our team in career mode and create a 24 car grid?

      1. 22 sorry. I’m an idiot.

      2. @bernasaurus Yes, I believe so.

    5. Quite topical as they have introduced reduced length seasons in this for the first time. Will this be F1 2020 The Viral Edition?

    6. June 28, not July 28. Nevertheless, a later release day than last year. Not that I’d really care, but what I care more about is the collection of classic cars. This whole time starting from F1 2017, I’ve wished for a 2005-car, but I suppose it still isn’t going to happen. I prefer the more recent classic cars over the older ones because they’re faster and more comfortable to drive, especially the most recent ones with slick-tyres. I also point out the same thing I did once before. This game shouldn’t feature any track that isn’t going to be driven on this year. Bahrain isn’t on F1 2011 as it wasn’t part of the 2011 championship nor was Hockenheim on that edition, nor F1 2013, F1 2015, and F1 2017, etc., to give examples, so neither should Monaco and Melbourne and or some other present-F1 circuits be on the next edition.

      1. I can’t understand wanting less tracks to drive on

        1. @cduk_mugello It isn’t about that. It’s about being as precise and consistent as possible with real life.

          1. So if/when the season as a whole is cancelled should the current situation not abate, Codies should just cancel the game altogether and take the L to conform to a specious view of accuracy?

            There aren’t 1994 Benettons due to compete in 2020 either, so what’s your point?

      2. @jerejj But how is it possible to know which tracks will be raced on this season and which ones won’t? As of right now, only Monaco and Australia are canceled, but what if another 5-6 races get canceled between now and the release date? It takes a lot of effort with the coding to change all that. And it doesn’t take away from the game in my opinion if those tracks are there.

      3. I’m pretty sure at least sone person pointed this out previously, but Codies could easily add an option to run a season that only features the races that end up happening this season, for people who want the maximum immersion.

        Why in the world would they up and remove tracks that are already ready to go for the game? That’s a terrible idea. YOU may like it, but 99% of the players would be up in arms if Codies were to start cutting content left and right because “realism”.

      4. @jerejj it’s different to those ocassions you mention, because those grand prix were scheduled for this season, but it was a case of force majoure cancelling or postponing them. There are licenses involved too, they probably paid them already, or the tracks are “part of the package”.

        1. @fer-no65 The Bahrain GP was also scheduled for 2011.

      5. I actually hate that they remove tracks on newer editions. The game is no just about the current season as evidenced by the classic cars. It’s about F1. It would really be value for money if it had all the tracks ever include old track configurations (won’t happen obviously). Currently it’s a bit weak IMO. An MSC car with no Nurburgring to drive on, a Senna story with no Imola track or Donington park.

      6. I also point out the same thing I did once before. This game shouldn’t feature any track that isn’t going to be driven on this year.

        Ahm, with that attetude @jerejj we could well end up with a game that mirrors this years situation all too close – ie. we have cars but no tracks available to race on. Sure, it would bring the word “a real sim” closer to the game. But would anyone want to buy that game???

        Personally I think they should just include the “championship” as is (if we actually get one on track this year, otherwise it would have to mirror the “virtual race calendar” going from Australia, to Bahrain etc, I guess). And then give the option for career mode to race on tracks that were part of the championship in say the last 2-3 years, since they are already in the database (i could even accept if those were “extra downloadable content” or would require you to own the previous year’s games)

    7. Last game of gen, codies decide to do something special again. The rp is definitely not the 2020 version.

      1. @peartree To be honest, I think since F1 2016, they’ve stepped up a gear in relation to new innovations and general game development. They sort of peaked in F1 2010, and it seemed to go pretty much downhill between F1 2011 and F1 2015 (with a slight upwards spike in F1 2013), and I never thought they would be able to produce a decent game. But since then, we’ve had a much-improved career mode, plenty of classic cars, considerably better handling and tyre model, and driver transfers.

    8. Does the “Schumacher Edition” include the ability to ram championship rivals? Does the 94 Benetton feature illegal launch control???

      1. And use rascasse as personal parking lot?

        1. @rockgod That was 2006 and 2007.

      2. And will you get black flagged at random as well?

        They removed tabacco and alcohol from the liveries. I wonder if they remove any sugar holding liquids in 25 years.

    9. Does the Benetton B194 feature Option 13?

      1. @kaiie it is worth noting that Benetton was by no means the only team that had the code for traction control on their ECU – Ron Dennis, for example, admitted in an interview at the 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix that McLaren still had the code for traction control on McLaren’s ECU, but claimed it was OK as McLaren had disarmed it.

        1. Philippe Alliot also let the cat out of the bag regarding McLaren using fully auto shifting – unlike what he had in his Larrousse. Benetton were definitely cheats but like as not the top 5 teams were, it’s just that Benetton were quite blatant about it, if you look at some of Schu’s ’94 starts.

          The thing that grinds my gears more than the cheating is the FIA being utterly useless at policing what was a relatively simple thing at the time, letting teams know that even low level electronic gimmickry was far beyond what the FIA could or would deal with. Unfortunately a lack of harsh measures at the time more of less contributed to the spec ECU and whatnot system of today, which is a shame imo.

        2. I guess it makes sense. When we look at how convulted old code still bloated a lot of MS software until now, I guess they found it easier, and maybe safer to just disable it. Since taking it out might have reveiled some other bits of SW seemingly unconnected, suddenly failing!

    10. Anthony Blears
      16th April 2020, 0:08

      Still no VR support…

    11. Will the game feature a minigame where all teams decide to run half of the season (or maybe you can dial it up and down from 0-22 races?) as a virtual race? And open up options to pick alternative drivers for those cars?

      1. @bascb :D also in this edition you get to play an HR manager and you need to balance furloughs versus incomes.

        1. YES @spoutnik! It finally brings the management aspect of the game to the front! Also, it might add a minigame where you are the logistics manager and have to find a way to get the equipment to each race in a planned 7 week 7 races all over the world marathon. With a maximum of 3 sets of over-seas kits :-)

    12. @bascb how about a mini game where you play as Claire Williams and it’s just impossible?

      1. You really want to play Hardcore @bernasaurus!

      2. Jockey Ewing
        17th April 2020, 4:01

        First scene:
        You are 100$ from bankruptcy, and the team has no spare parts.
        Some test drivers shown up to provide some money.
        Who do you choose:
        a) Mahaveer Raghunathan
        b) Chanoch Nissany
        c) Domenico Schiattarella

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