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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton talks about his memories of Sir Stirling Moss, who died on Sunday.

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Hamilton was asked about Moss during the Italian Grand Prix weekend last year, shortly before Moss’s 90th birthday. The pair had driven historic Mercedes cars around the old Monza oval four years earlier:

I’ve had great memories with Sir Stirling. Some of them have been here. But obviously [I] just read about his history because obviously I wasn’t watching when he was racing.

I had the privilege of meeting him multiple times and just saw this great man always walking around with… he had this walking stick that turned into a seat and he would sit on it while he’s talking to you. He always had great stories. The older generation used to talk about women as in ‘crumpet’, I never heard anyone else use it that way, that term.

Really just a great, incredible ambassador for the sport and for the UK.

In today’s RacingLines column, Dieter Rencken looks back at one of Moss’s most unusual race-winning cars.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Formula 1 is being shown up by IndyCar and NASCAR with its virtual series, says Hal:

Such a missed opportunity to both please (a bit) the partners/sponsors, keep the fans in the sport and potentially bring new fans to it. All of these points should be top priority to F1 and Liberty media.

Instead we have barely three to five F1 drivers present, no real TV commentators, and all that using a arcade-ish multi-platform game that does not have a proper online mode (nor technique).

F1 can be complex, with his worldwide organisation, but at the end of the day, it’s a question of willingness, belief and organisation that makes the difference. In in these lock-down time, it’s not like if people were overbooked.

Could you imagine? All F1 drivers plus a few guest stars doing a virtual F1 race on iRacing? And like in Supercars, every weekend you would have two races: one on a F1 classic track and one on a non-F1 track: Nordschleife, Elkhart Lake, Bathurst, Le Mans, Laguna Seca… I mean, come on, sign a deal with iRacing.

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On this day in F1

  • Born on this day in 1922: Graham Whitehead, one half of the first pair of brothers to compete in the world championship. He made a single start in the 1952 British Grand Prix and finished two places behind older brother Peter.

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11 comments on ““He always had great stories” – Hamilton on Moss”

  1. It is a sure sign of the accelerating approach of the eschaton that I agree with Mosley.
    What the heck is going on?

  2. Moss had great stories… about crumpet.

    1. Tomorrow expect a photo special about grid girls.
      Silly season indeed; not even driver contracts we can speculate about.

      1. @coldfly – whet your appetite with this for the moment: https://www.racefans.net/2020/04/15/ricciardo-willing-to-accept-renault-pay-cut-says-abiteboul/

        Not tasty enough for you? Then how about this?

        Asked whether it was a problem if Ricciardo left, the Frenchman replied: “It would be if I had not seen it coming or anticipated it. That’s why we are having discussions and have a driver academy.”

  3. Mosley has a point in there, although I don’t agree with him in that the entire season should now get called off altogether. Yes, making concrete plans for the remainder of the year is very hard, but all isn’t lost.

  4. Re COTD.
    I watched the recent Youtube video commentated by Dan Selby with Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine), and they both had lots of very good points about what F1 needs to do. We need to remember we’ve only had two e-races so far, and there was a big improvement between the first and the second. Hopefully there will be more improvements this weekend. As with many other products, the presence of competition creates a desire to improve a product. So far F1 seems to have stepped up their game. There are lots of improvements that still need to be made to get F1 2019 from being something that was intended to be sold to the average person to something intended for broadcasting a simulated race. Some of those improvements, like getting more current and ex drivers involved, should be a priority. Codemasters should be getting feedback from the drivers: What improvements do they want to see? Also, how difficult would it be to have all the current advertising on each team’s car?
    As a thought, maybe McLaren need to have a backup driver ready to take over if Lando Norris’s computer still doesn’t want to be part of the team.

  5. Duncan Snowden
    15th April 2020, 13:04

    Well said. Although I balk at Codemasters’ F1 series being called “arcade” (it certainly has arcade elements, but it’s a real simulation), it certainly isn’t the best sim out there and sadly FOM’s hands are kind of tied. However the second race was vastly better than the first and, as you say, the feedback from real F1 drivers should be a golden opportunity to improve it.

    And yes, I can’t understand why they can’t be running a patched version with the current liveries. Creating art assets can be the most time-consuming part of game development and it was pretty short notice, but surely it could have been done by now. If Codies don’t have the manpower, send the templates to the teams’ own graphics departments.

  6. Duncan Snowden
    15th April 2020, 13:06

    Oops. That was supposed to be a reply to Stephen Crowsen. (I’m surprised I don’t do this more often, actually.)

    1. I’m surprised I don’t do this more often, actually.

      And there you did it again ;)

  7. Ok, so once again reading about another Weekend being declared as ‘one of the darkest weekends in motorsport’ has stirred a memory.
    so, i recently rewatched the Video to the f1 theme Song and i once again was somewhat annoyed by the ‘senna sequence’. and i Think I now figured out why. the way this Video is presented you kind of get the Impression that senna was the only driver to ever get killed- a sort of ‘F1’s Original sin’. which is pretty disrespectful towards much the sport’s history if you think about it.
    the same goes for All these ‘darkest weekends in history’, be it imola 94, suzuka 14 or belgium 19.
    yes these are tragic. but darkest in history? the Sole reason these are deemed so bad in the first place is that the Sport has come a huuuugely long way. declaring these as the darkest weekends in history disregards both what has been achieved and what the Sport went through to start moving towards safety in the first place.

  8. I agree with the COTD. F1 is being too literal about this. No one saw this coming, this isn’t just a fun idea to have a simulated race with all the drivers, it’s somewhat of a necessity. With that in mind:

    1. Stop assuming a simulated race has to occur in F1 cars. It unnecessarily limits the number of games that can be used.

    2. Do one-make races to make it even and use a make that is not in F1, so as not to get the teams with car company support too concerned. Like a Mazda Miata/MX-5 race or almost anything else.

    3. Put the team’s decals on the cars. Help the sponsors and the teams.

    4. Require drivers to show up.

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