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Full driver line-up confirmed for Virtual Chinese Grand Prix


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The full driver line-up has been confirmed for the Virtual Chinese Grand Prix, which will include seven drivers from the 2020 F1 field.

Carlos Sainz Jnr is the only new addition to the grid this week from the current F1 roster, joining McLaren team mate Lando Norris.

A growing number of Formula 2 drivers are also present on the grid. Juan Manuel Correa, who suffered serious leg injuries in a crash at Spa last year, will make his first appearance for Alfa Romeo.

Round one winner Guanyu Zhou will return to drive for Renault. His Formula 2 rival Callum Ilott will join the only other Virtual Grand Prix race winner so far, Charles Leclerc.

Haas will continue to field its two test drivers, while Red Bull Junior Team member Liam Lawson will make his first appearance for AlphaTauri. Three former F1 drivers will also take part alongside competitors from other professional sports.

The race will take place at 6pm BST / 1pm EDT on Sunday and will be streamed on F1’s social media platforms and several F1 broadcasters.

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2020 Virtual Chinese Grand Prix entry list

MercedesStoffel Vandoorne
MercedesEsteban Gutierrez
FerrariCharles LeclercWon race two at Melbourne
FerrariCallum Ilott
Red BullAlexander Albon
Red BullThibault CourtoisFootballer
McLarenLando Norris
McLarenCarlos Sainz JnrFirst Virtual Grand Prix appearance
RenaultGuanyu ZhouWon race one at Bahrain
RenaultIan PoulterGolfer
AlphaTauriLiam LawsonRed Bull Junior Team driver
AlphaTauriCiro ImmobileFootballer
Racing PointAnthony Davidson
Racing PointJimmy Broadbent
Alfa RomeoAntonio Giovinazzi
Alfa RomeoJuan Manuel CorreaFormer F2 driver, injured at Spa last year
HaasLouis Deletraz
HaasPietro Fittipaldi
WilliamsGeorge Russell
WilliamsNicholas Latifi

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    12 comments on “Full driver line-up confirmed for Virtual Chinese Grand Prix”

    1. Having a guy called “Immobile” in a racing team surely can’t be good

      1. @fer-no65
        I’ve no idea who he us, but I can guarantee he will be better than Ian Poulter!

        1. @eurobrun He is an Italian footballer playing for Lazio, and is the highest goalscorer in Europe’s top 5 leagues, ahead of both Ronaldo and Messi. Not too shabby.

    2. Good to see that Jimmy Broadbent is racing again…

    3. I’m a broken record I know but if they don’t enforce cockpit view I won’t watch it.

    4. Hats off to McLaren and Williams. 👍🏼

    5. We really don’t need to see Ian Poulter. I’d hoped he’d gone after missing the last race.

    6. Somebody tell that square Max Verstappen it’s only a little fun for charity.

    7. Bruno Danese
      19th April 2020, 4:06

      They need to get Juju Noda to join the races.
      She’s an amazing young racer.

    8. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
      19th April 2020, 5:35

      They should use these virtual races to promote a few female racing drivers.

      1. That’s a good idea. I could see Jamie Chadwick getting the call if one of the Williams lads can’t go. She was impressive in the head to head tournament last night…beat Lando once and almost knocked him out.

    9. Is the top picture a Where’s Wally and do we have to try and find the only driver taking part? ;)

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