Lando Norris, McLaren, Circuit de Catalunya, 2020

Norris accepts invitation to enter IndyCar iRacing Challenge


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Lando Norris has accepted an invitation to compete in the IndyCar iRacing Challenge.

“I guess that means the practice starts now then”, Norris posted on social media after being invited to join the series.

The IndyCar iRacing Challenge is the series’ equivalent of Formula 1’s Virtual Grands Prix. It has held four races so far on a mixture of road and oval circuits.

Norris’ appearance in the series follows a public suggestion from Pato O’Ward who drives for McLaren SP, the sister team of Norris’s F1 outfit, which has entered IndyCar this year.

Saturday’s race on the Circuit of the Americas would be an opportune event for Norris to make his debut in the series, as it is a track he is familiar with from Formula 1.

Lando Norris, McLaren, Albert Park, 2020
Norris explains why real-world drivers prefer iRacing to F1 2019
Norris is an avid player of iRacing, which he recently said racing drivers tend to prefer over the official Formula 1 game.

Simon Pagenaud won the last two rounds of the IndyCar iRacing Challenge on the Michigan and Motegi ovals. The opening race on the Watkins Glen course was won by Sage Karam, and Australian Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin triumphed at Barber Motorsports Park.

Norris is the latest F1 driver to join a rival series’ esports competition. Last week Max Verstappen raced in the Australian Supercars series’ iRacing-based championship. While Verstappen has snubbed the official Virtual Grand Prix series so far, Norris has entered every round, but has been plagued by connection problems.

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  • 12 comments on “Norris accepts invitation to enter IndyCar iRacing Challenge”

    1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      21st April 2020, 21:23

      Can’t say I’ve been overly excited to watch any E Racing events until now. I’m actually excited for this.

        1. Me too. I hope his gear works this time!

          1. He never had connection problems on iracing so i expect a good showing. Going to watch how he goes…

            I had hoped Max was also invited on this circuit but maybe he will join yet.

    2. Very cool! Get Verstappen too.

    3. Love it. Yes get Verstappen too. I’d love to see this crossover in real life. Alonso proves it’s good publicity for both series.

    4. Pretty sure his connection is gonna work perfectly if it’s iracing…

      1. Since he has been doing iRacing events for years, you’d sort of expect that to be the case really Ipsom

    5. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      22nd April 2020, 13:05

      Yesss! Was hoping this would happen

    6. Excellent news !!! Looking forward for this 5th e-Indycar event !!! A bit more effort and indycar will absorb F1, at least in the virtual world :D

      1. IndyCar has done a great job with this. A bright spot with all the gloom of the virus.

    7. IndyCar ‘races’ have certainly brightened weekends up, NASCAR too, something to look forward to, nice to see Lando in and hopefully Dale Jr will show up.
      Round of applause to all concerned.

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