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Lando Norris will make his debut in IndyCar’s iRacing Challenge this weekend in a packed 33-car field racing on Circuit of the Americas.

He will be part of a four-strong McLaren SP driver line-up for the fifth round of the series. The previous races have been won by Simon Pagenaud (twice), Sage Karam and Scott McLaughlin.

Also this weekend NASCAR’s official iRacing-based series will resume. There are already 38 drivers confirmed for the race on the Talladega superspeedway, renowned for producing spectacular crashes, and series star Jeff Gordon has indicated he may join in.

Following its test event last weekend, Formula E will hold the first official round of its Race at Home Challenge. The series will have 23 of its regular drivers in action – almost its entire field, though Nick Cassidy will substitute for Sam Bird.

Details of how and when to watch those plus all the other major esports races this weekend are below.

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Date Series Organiser Event Game Track Format Start time (UK) Start time (US Eastern) Watch
25/04/2020 Race at Home Challenge Formula E Round one rFactor 2 Hong Kong Elimination race 15:30 10:30 YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on Formula E’s website and Twitter account, and TV channels
25/04/2020 All-Star Series Torque Esports Legends Trophy rFactor 2 TBC 17:00 12:00 YouTube Eurosport
25/04/2020 IndyCar iRacing Challenge IndyCar Circuit of the Americas iRacing Circuit of the Americas Qualifying, race 19:30 14:30 NBCSN (US), Sky Sports F1 (UK)
25/04/2020 All-Star Series Torque Esports All-Star Battle rFactor 2 TBC YouTube Eurosport
26/04/2020 E-Sport GT Series SRO Silverstone Assetto Corsa Competizione Silverstone Races 12:45 07:45 YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on some television channels
26/04/2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series NASCAR Talladega iRacing Talladega Two-lap qualifying, 70-lap race 18:00 13:00 Fox, FS1, Fox Sports app (US)

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    9 comments on “How to watch this weekend’s top esports races”

    1. You mean Where to watch them.

      1. Presumably you will watch from home. How you connect is shown by Keith.

    2. The SRO European GT World Challenge by AWS are having their first weekend in Silverstone on the 26th, apparently with factory drivers and Jenson Button.

      And a response to some of you out here. Yes, it’s not racing. No, it’s not like the real thing. But no, it’s not here to take anything away from you. Whenever we emerge from this, we will go racing.

      This is what is out there now, and I can’t see the point of complaining about it every day everywhere. Just don’t watch, simple as that.

      I won’t watch it but I’m more than happy for anyone who does

      1. Man, the last two races (WeatherTech Raceway and Misano) were loads of fun! With great drives at the lead and a couple of guys coming thru the field in both races.

      2. @uneedafinn2win Good call – those have been added now.

    3. iRacing will be holding its 24 Hours of Nurburgring race starting Saturday afternoon. It’s one of the biggest events in simracing with many thousands of drivers taking part across all the ranked races. Verstappen and Kubica amongst others have been practicing for it, also a Radio Le Mans commentary for the broadcast:

    4. Giving the times in UTC would be helpful.

    5. A shame there’s no way to watch the indycar race bar in two countries. I’d have thought there would be a bit more openness in these times but it seems the usual unwatchable event.

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