Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, Circuit de Catalunya, 2020

Raikkonen not interested in Virtual GPs, Grosjean cools on joining in

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In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen says he isn’t interested in joining the Virtual Grands Prix while Romain Grosjean is having second thoughts about entering.

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Comment of the day

Arrows deserved an F1 win as much as Derek Warwick did, says Steve:

I feel its quite common to reflect on driver’s careers and say they deserved better or with better luck they could have been race winners. But this article reminded me it could also be said for some teams like Arrows.

They produced some beautiful cars over the years (some absolute dogs as well) and could easily have had a win to their name, like in ’89 with Warwick or ’97 with Hill.
Steve Rogers (@Yossarian)

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  • 14 comments on “Raikkonen not interested in Virtual GPs, Grosjean cools on joining in”

    1. Obvious pump and dump from aston martin/papastroll.
      Why else would they be doing PR about an f1 team, while others are laying off employees.
      Watch that man, he’s on his way out, make sure he doesnt grab anything!

      As a Force India fan, i would hate to see this stain their legacy.

      1. As a Force India fan, i would hate to see this stain their legacy.

        The stain IS their legacy

      2. If it wasn’t for Lawrence Stroll that team probably wouldn’t exist.

    2. The 1 point-video, though.

      1. Luckily the gate had been open this year.

    3. Force India deserved a win too (Brazil 2012 flashbacks)
      1 sad boi here

      1. I think it was Brazil 2003 in the wet where one of the Minardis was fuelled to the end and lapping faster than those in front, before aquaplaning off. Stoddart reckoned they would have won that race where it not for that.

    4. Just saw now Vettel is also joining esport races. The list of drivers joining the fun is increasing.

      1. Really? That is nice to hear. I hope he too keeps an open mic, his sense of humour is enjoyable.

        1. Yes, Autosport had posted it on twitter. Even I hope he is uses mic to join the fun with his fellow drivers.

        2. William Jones
          25th April 2020, 15:04

          Ooh, yes, I would watch that over a Norris or Max stream – as fun as they are, they are so much younger than me – a Vettel stream would be brilliant, and you’re right, his sense of humour is very enjoyable!

        3. There is also entertainment value in hearing his uncontrolled outbursts as well.

    5. Sergey Martyn
      25th April 2020, 17:52

      Leave Kimi alone – he knows what he’s doing!

    6. The comments by Romain and Kimi highlight the need for Codemasters and F1 to be working to upgrade the game for next week’s virtual Dutch Grand Prix. I suspect a lot of the “like to have” upgrades are very difficult, especially as it has to all work seamlessly and reliably.

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