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Monza also considering two F1 races on consecutive weekends

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In the round-up: Monza may also hold two Formula 1 races this year as the championship seeks to schedule as many races as possible following its disrupted start to 2020.

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@Balue wants to see Fernando Alonso commit full-time to another series:

It’s time Alonso went to Indycar. He will knock the field, be in the news, become popular and his star will rise more than seen to be waning. It would be like Mansell before.

For the remote chance that Ferrari or someone would want him back, he can just do single-year contracts.

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  • 15 years ago today Kimi Raikkonen put his McLaren on pole position for the Spanish Grand Prix

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21 comments on “Monza also considering two F1 races on consecutive weekends”

  1. Monza without the Tifosi is something I just don’t want to think about as that crowd bring so much to that race.

    The only place that has a crowd create that similar sort of atmosphere is Indy although that is primarily down to the size of the crowd. At Monza you can feel the passion of those fans & that passion helps create such an amazing feeling thats honestly like nothing else.

    1. Señor Sjon
      7th May 2020, 16:12

      Yeah… I have tickets for the first chicane there. All these rumours every day get on my nerves. If not for the race without public, but the ticket salesman could go bankrupt as well as almost zero sports have audiences these days.

  2. Two rounds of Monza or a round at Mugello and Imola too?

    1. @F1gpmoto Most likely only Monza to minimize travelling.

    2. Imola and Mugello are not that far from Monza (about 300 km). Maybe the teams can be located in the middle of the road (Parma?) and have back to back to back races in Italy.
      If I’m not mistaken Mugello is owned by Ferrari so Liberty doesn’t hace to pay a fee to an extra race.

  3. Why stop at two races per circuit? Surely they can fit in 3 or 4 in the same week, particularly without those pesky fans making a mess everywhere.
    Its not like we need to worry about other sports or racing series, lets just have wall to wall F1 racing – Its the only show that matters.

  4. I sort of knew about this before or had thought about Monza as a possible venue for racing on two consecutive weekends, but so have I thought about the same for Circuit de Catalunya, Hungaroring, Spa, and Zandvoort. The key point, though, is would it be suitable to hold an event the size of F1 GP on Italian soil at all this year even without spectators in attendance given which country is in question?

    1. That is the real question isn’t it @jerejj. Personally I doubt it will happen

      1. @bascb Indeed. The reference is, of course, to the fact Italy is the country that has been hit the hardest by the epidemic in Europe, hence, I’ve had doubts about the viability of holding any big or big-ish events there within this year even in September be it Monza, Imola, or any other circuit.

        1. i have the same doubts. The same goes for Spain, and even for places like Spa or Zandvoort etc.

          1. @bascb You say that most teams are in the UK but they could all be returning from Austria and it seems there is a strong possibility that the UK government will impose 14 day quarantine for all entering the UK.
            Most countries are now easing on lockdown and it looks like there will be some national sports events behind closed doors but international sporting events is another matter. Countries have paid heavily to try and contain the virus and are now keen to get vital services and industry back to boost the economy. I wonder how they will consider an international sporting event which is after all only entertainment?

        2. You do realize that the UK now has the highest death toll in Europe so in line with your thinking Silverstone must be in severe doubt as it is the second proposed venue on the Calendar.

        3. @jerejj

          The reference is, of course, to the fact Italy is the country that has been hit the hardest by the epidemic in Europe

          Not anymore, UK has surpassed Italy in terms of deaths and Spain in terms of total cases. If you look down the numbers, Italy has already reached its peak with regard to the pandemic. The number of people that have recovered from the virus is increasing day after day contrary to the infection/death rates which are decreasing.

          1. @tifoso1989 @feral @bascb
            Good catch. I didn’t bring up the UK nor Spain before even though I’m aware that they’ve also been hit pretty badly because I didn’t really think they’d become worse than Italy. China getting rescheduled for later in the year could also prove a near-impossibility given that’s where this all started, and the numbers are also very high in the US, although both are one of the largest countries in the world by area, hence, mightn’t necessarily be as bad in the Shanghai and Austin-areas respectively.

          2. @tifoso1989 @feral @bascb
            I forgot to add: I also wouldn’t be surprised if Singapore were to become a casualty.

          3. I would actually be highly surprised if Singapore actualy took place @jerejj.

            As for the UK – I think the fact that most of the teams are close will mean a lot of pressure. A bit of how it is possible that Austria can happen because of Mateschitz wanting it and pulling strings.

            I don’t think Ferrari has that much influence in Italy currently, nor even the Agnellis (if they would be inclined to push for it currently)

          4. @tifoso1989 it is a bit complex, because whilst the UK may have overtaken Italy and Spain in terms of the total number of fatalities, the UK does also have a larger overall population than both of those nations (about 66 million for the UK, versus about 60 million for Italy and 47 million for Spain).

            Although the overall number may be higher, as a percentage of the overall population of that country, the situation potentially reverses and Spain and Italy would still be higher, albeit with all those nations in a different point in the outbreak.

            It could also be noted that there are other factors at play, as factors such as population density and the overall demographics of those nations will also have different impacts too, as well as where those cases are concentrated.

          5. anon,
            Thanks as usual for the explanation. I recognize that a pertinent conclusion cannot be made by just reading the numbers as they are. As you have mentioned, many factors do have important impact and I believe testing strategy is one them.

            The point I was trying to explain since I am closely monitoring the situation in the surrounding countries (Italy is one of them) and according to the numbers provided by the Italian civil protection that Italy has already reached the peak with the current waves of the coronavirus and the situation is slowly getting better contrarily to the UK which is far from that at the moment.

            The thing is and even though the situation is getting better in some parts of the world many experts believe that a second wave could actually trigger due to the start of the lock-down ease.

  5. i wanzt thic calendar only europan races
    1 austria
    2 slverstone
    3 hungaroring
    4 hockhenheim
    5 spa
    6 monza
    7 imola
    8 paul ricard
    9 barcelona
    10 estoril
    11 valencia street circiut
    12 turkey
    13 zandvort

  6. Let us get this straight. We will see double Monza, double Austria, double Silverstone, can we have double Spa? This season is getting better and better. And 0 Pay-Race tracks?

  7. Question… isnt Monza the most difficult track as matter the engines? i mean its not the same to do 2 races in A1 ring and in Monza… do they considering that in their calculations? because teams count that in their engine planning.

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