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While one top motor sport series resumes real-world racing this weekend, others are taking a break from the regular esports events.

IndyCar’s iRacing Challenge has finished and there’s no Virtual Grand Prix this weekend. However there is a selection of other esports races you can watch. Details on when and how to catch them all are below.

Date Series Organiser Event Game Track Format Start time (UK) Start time (US Eastern) Watch
16/05/2020 Race at Home Challenge Formula E Round four rFactor 2 TBC Elimination race 15:30 10:30 YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on Formula E’s website and Twitter account, and TV channels
16/05/2020 All-Star Series Torque Esports All-Star Series rFactor 2 TBC Races 17:00 12:00 YouTube
17/05/2020 E-Sport GT Series SRO Nurburgring Assetto Corsa Competizione Nurburgring Races 12:45 07:45 YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on some television channels
18/05/2020 Esports WTCR race WTCR Malaysia RaceRoom Sepang International Circuit Qualifying, race 18:30 13:30 YouTube Facebook
20/05/2020 All Star Eseries Australian Supercars Round seven iRacing Daytona and Talladega Races 10:00 05:00 Facebook Twitch Fox Sports 506, Kayo, 10 Play, Sky Sports NZ

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