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Silverstone says it has agreement to hold two F1 races this year

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Silverstone says it has reached an agreement in principle with Formula 1 to hold two rounds of the championship this year.

The races are expected to follow the opening two rounds which are due to take place at Austria’s Red Bull Ring.

“Silverstone and Formula 1 have reached an agreement in principle to host two races behind closed doors this summer,” said the circuit’s managing director in a statement released on social media.

“These races will be subject to government approval, as or priority is the safety of all involved and strict compliance with Covid-19 regulations.”

The British government said earlier this week it may allow “sporting events to take place behind closed-doors for broadcast, while avoiding the risk of large-scale social contact” from June 1st. The British Grand Prix was originally scheduled to take place on July 19th, two weeks after the Austrian Grand Prix.

“I would like to thank all our fans who have been so supportive throughout this and to assure them we are determined to do all we can to help Formula 1 put on a show this summer,” Pringle added.

As spectators will not be able to attend the races, Silverstone has previously announced fans who purchased tickets for this year’s race will be entitled to refunds.

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2020 F1 season

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45 comments on “Silverstone says it has agreement to hold two F1 races this year”

  1. There’s still the upcoming required 14-day isolation for people entering the UK to sort out. Unless F1 can get exempted from it, July 26 isn’t possible for the first Silverstone-race, but August 2 at the earliest.

    1. It was reported a few days ago that F1 is working with the government to get such an exemption, @JereJJ.

      1. But that’s not just a one time thing for the British GP, the team personnel (and organisers etc) need to return after every race. Getting such an exemption for essentially every week seems like a stretch in this form.

      2. @coldfly Yes, but I wonder how that’s going to pan out.
        @hunocsi Brings up a valid point, though.

        1. Those discussions are about valid for the other races more so than racing at Silverstone. @JereJJ.
          The Silverstone race might actually be more difficult as FOM cannot control the personnel of the ‘foreign’ teams outside of the racing weeks.

    2. If they get an exemption then no problem.
      If not they can run Austria on Sunday July 5 and the second race on Wednesday July 8 … +14 days isolation = July 22 … and have the first race at Silverstone on Sunday July 26 and then the second one on Wednesday July 29
      And repeat the same procedure for all the upocoming races.

      1. @black The Wednesday-race option would only be needed ahead of the Silverstone-races, not after them.

        1. @jerejj They might need it also for the rest double headers if the other countries require 14 days in isolation. We only heard it for the UK but other countries might request it too given the travel restrictions.

    3. jamesluke2488
      17th May 2020, 15:56

      Arent people coming from France exempt? So just send a load of coaches and come via Dover

  2. With the confirmation of two GP’s (potentially) to be held at Silverstone this season, would they both be called the ‘British GP’?
    Has any country ever had two national GP’s in the same year before? Haven’t a country’s second GP alway been renamed? (e.g. the European GP and Pacific GP)
    I know it’s a very minor point and easily overcome with a bit of thought, but could we end up with a British GP and an English GP?
    Or could we end up with something a bit more left-field? As Silverstone straddles two counties, could we have the Buckinghamshire GP and Northamptonshire GP?

    1. GtisBetter (@)
      15th May 2020, 16:03

      Belgium said it could do the GP at the 30th of August

      1. GtisBetter (@)
        15th May 2020, 16:05

        And I was wondering if they will do two too. But most likely borders are relaxed by then. Would love to see 2 at spa

    2. Good question – maybe a British Grand Prix and an English Grand Prix?

    3. I’m expecting at least one European GP. If both Hockenheim and Silverstone get two races, we could have:
      German GP
      European GP
      British GP
      United Kingdom GP

      1. @paeschli We could hold the European GP in Australia after all we are in Eurovision :)

        1. @johnrkh You never know, Azerbaijan hosted the European GP and they won/hosted Eurovision (:

    4. Either they’ll have British GP #1 and British GP #2
      or they’ll have Austrian GP & Spielberg GP, British GP & Silverstone GP, German GP & Hockenheim GP etc…

    5. I was thinking that too. 2 at Silverstone could be:
      British GP
      English GP

      2 at Germany:
      German GP
      European GP

      2 at Austria:
      Austrian GP
      Alpine GP?

      1. Or…

        British Ghost Racing GP
        Brexit Ghost Racing GP

      2. I really like the idea of Alpine Grand Prix, that sounds great.

    6. @gumbidave I believe that no country has officially held two national Grand Prix that both had championship status within the same year, though the race weekends for the 1967 and 1968 South African Grand Prix did technically occur within the same calendar year.

      The 1967 South African Grand Prix was held on the 2nd January, whilst the 1968 South African Grand Prix was held on the 1st January. The race weekend for the 1968 race did start in the last days of 1967, so technically the practise and qualifying sessions for the 1968 race did occur within the same calendar year as the 1967 race did – but that’s about the closest I can think of.

      1. I’m just guessing, but perhaps when the Australian go moved from adelaide to Melbourne? Didn’t it go from one of the last to the first?

  3. It’s one of the worst places to have two races, but I guess we don’t have a choice.

    1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      15th May 2020, 16:44

      Why one of the worst?

    2. @huhhii How? I’d argue the opposite.

      1. @jerejj The track’s flow was ruined in 2010. That slow mickey mouse section at the end and at the start of the lap completely kills it. And while Maggots and Becketts combination is pretty nice it’s highly overrated. I’d argue that Copse, Stowe and old Abbey and Bridge are/were even better parts of the track.

    3. @huhhii
      I hate Silverstone 2, so boring circuit
      I love Monaco, Canada, Suzuka and Hockenhaim
      Also would love to see Magny Cours and Imola back

  4. but will the second one be in reverse?

    1. @duali No. Impossible and not even needed in the first place as no two or more races races are ever the same outcome-wise.

      1. I didn’t intend to leave the word ‘races’ twice there.

  5. With all these rather spurious changes to the calendar just to make a grab at TV revenue, it’ll be interesting how the 2020 championship pans out, and how long it will take for someone to start claiming favouritism for one team or another.

    Imagine if it turns out that one particular team turns out to be far and away superior over tight twisty tracks and the calendar is altered to maximise multiple races over those. Same for tracks that have a lot of high speed corners – what if 1 team has a clear advantage on those and only those sorts of tracks are selected for multiple races.

    I’ll be seriously disappointed if an individual or a team end up being the WDC/WCC merely because the calendar has been re-engineered to suit them and their characteristics even of it’s “apparently” because of circumstances.

    1. I’ll be seriously disappointed if it’s yet again mercedes, but not surprised.

  6. Last Grand Prix I was at was Long Beach 1983. So since then everything F1 has come through TV. The current races have become too expensive to attend so I have adapted and only access F1 in the cable system that costs too much period.

    So to see a pair of races at the same track is fine with me. How about a morning race and a later in the day race? Same track but dealing with differences in performance of each race car, mainly because differences from the times of day that races are run.
    The Team costs surely must be better as you are already there for the second race.
    So let’s just get going. The drivers and their teams want to race.
    F1 must figure out a way to operate because the old ways are now the gone ways. Shape the whole package to entertain me better. Give me a better race to watch. Prove to fans that we can watch races from home and with all the technology spice up the show, make it better to watch. Use technology to take Formula One to another level. You think Indycars or WEC are something special wait till you see what the new F1 is.

    Now is the time.
    Raise your game F1.
    It’s time.

  7. I can only hope it will not be the same course both GPs.

    1. There’s no alternative at Silverstone. Both the International and National circuits are too short for F1, and both of those use the old pits complex on the National Pit Straight.

  8. Paul Ricard has an airstrip next door. That would be a logical choice. Plus have sprinklers. One dry, one wet race.

  9. Would be quite an irony if the second Silverstone Grand Prix got called European Grand Prix.

    1. By the way, is there any possibility that the second race would be held on the old layout?

      1. @pironitheprovocateur considering that they have built a permanent grandstand on top of part of the old track, that’s not really possible.

    2. Europe != EU

  10. Old layout is not FIA Grade 1.

  11. Last year we were worried that Silverstone might not be on the calendar……….and this year we got two races there!

    [Of course, we also lost a lot.of not her races for this year :(]

  12. Plenty of parking for those allowed to attend, and short lines at the burger van. Damn it Covid 19.

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