“Being antisocial is my jam” – Norris happy to spend two-month lockdown alone

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Lando Norris says he’s happy to stay on his own throughout Britain’s pandemic lockdown, which has now lasted almost two months.

The McLaren driver, who has gained a large social media following in recent weeks by streaming his simracing and gaming on Twitch, told the In The Pink podcast the lockdown has made little difference to his personal life.

“I just enjoy spending time alone and doing things that I love to do,” he said. “So if I was at home, say, I would still spend the whole day in my room painting or designing or something like that.

“It’s not the fact that I’m away from everyone else, it’s the fact of just being alone and listening to my music and doing things I enjoy whether it’s designing or playing on my simulator or chatting with my friends or something.

“As long as I still get to do the things that I love to do and like to do then I’m happy so it doesn’t really matter where I am in the world. If I still get to do those things, then I’m still happy with what’s going on.”

Asked whether he finds it easy to get on well with other people, Norris said “quite the opposite”.

“Obviously I have laughs and stuff. It does come across that way on TV, not because it’s not something I am because when it’s me and Carlos [Sainz Jnr] joking about and having laughs, that I love doing as well.

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“But then I hate the crowds – not the crowds, I love the fans and everything of course – but I hate big groups of people. My worst nightmare is dinners and having to sit next to someone and getting forced to speak to them. I really don’t want to speak to anyone. That’s what I just don’t like.

Lando Norris, McLaren, and Carlos Sainz, McLaren
Sainz is moving on from McLaren
“But everyone’s different, some people love being social whereas I just love being antisocial. It’s my jam.”

Speaking ahead of the announcement that Sainz will leave McLaren next year, Norris said he’ll miss the camaraderie between them. “I hope that we still get to have some races this year at least.”

“We’ve got along really well and had a lot of good laughs and it’s made it very enjoyable for both sides, for him and also for me,” he added. “It makes it quite a nice environment to work in at the same time between both of us, we come in and we help each other, but we’re still competitive and want to beat each other, everyone knows that. I’m going to miss that.”

Sainz’s place at the team will be taken by Daniel Ricciardo. “He’s a really funny guy and we’ve had a lot of good laughs,” said Norris.

“We don’t speak all of the time but in the few times that we’ve spent time together in press conferences and track parades and stuff like that we’ve had some really funny moments together.”

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13 comments on ““Being antisocial is my jam” – Norris happy to spend two-month lockdown alone”

  1. In a way, he’s like me as I don’t really like being in crowds either and or speaking to random people just for the sake of it, etc. In that sense, I’m also a bit antisocial.

  2. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    19th May 2020, 7:58

    If I had his setup, 2 months would seem like 2 minutes.

    As anyone who has taken part in e-sports knows, the last thing you feel is alone when some random idiot is roasting some other hapless soul and you “e-friends” are punting you into the gravel.

  3. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    19th May 2020, 8:02

    Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

    I think he may have a little objectophilia going on with his rig…

    1. @sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk he said on one of his streams recently that he didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. Of course, he then received about a hundred marriage proposals over the chat!

    2. If he had a boyfriend he wouldn’t be able to sit in that seat for two hours running.

  4. Neil (@neilosjames)
    19th May 2020, 14:28

    Wasn’t a huge fan of Lando pre-F1 but I’ve definitely warmed to him since. I don’t have ‘favourite’ drivers, just drivers I like due to their talent, but based on out-of-car persona (what we see of them, anyway) he’s become one of my top drivers, in the Ricciardo-Raikkonen zone.

  5. RocketTankski
    19th May 2020, 18:58

    Norris’s Gooseberry Jam? The perfect topping for toast

  6. Anti social? This guy has spent the last 3 months streaming… Typical millenial, trying to pretend words mean things that they dont… in that regard, I guess the haircut fits?

    1. You know, there was society before all this, before the internet, before ‘social media’. In fact it’s what gave social it’s name…

  7. Cool haircut!

  8. You don’t say. Is this news? Suit yourself Lando.

  9. the guy is extremely active on the virtual circuit, or whatever it is called.
    i don’t play it, but i got slightly scared when shown the amount of races he took part of. can’t remember now, but it was borderline unbelievable.

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