2020 Virtual Monaco Grand Prix

Full driver line-up confirmed for Virtual Monaco Grand Prix


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The final driver line-up for this weekend’s Virtual Monaco Grand Prix has been confirmed.

Eight current F1 drivers, former grand prix racers Esteban Gutierrez and Vitantonio Liuzzi, and a group of junior drivers are among those who will take part in the 39-lap race on the Monte-Carlo circuit on F1 2019.

Arthur Leclerc, who will join brother Charles at Ferrari, and Haas’s Louis Deletraz will also take part in the virtual F2 race which is due to begin one hour before the Virtual Grand Prix.

Racers Nicolas Prost, David Schumacher and Pietro Fittipaldi have also been confirmed for this weekend’s race, in addition to a selection of celebrities and competitors from other sports.

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MercedesValtteri BottasFirst appearance
MercedesEsteban Gutierrez
FerrariCharles Leclerc
FerrariArthur Leclerc
Red BullAlexander Albon
Red BullKai LennySurfer
McLarenLando Norris
McLarenPierre-Emerick AubameyangFootball player
RenaultEsteban OconFirst appearance
RenaultNicolas Prost
AlphaTauriVitantonio Liuzzi
AlphaTauriLuca SalvadoriMotorbike racer
Raing PointDavid Schumacher
Raing PointLuis FonsiSinger
Alfa RomeoAntonio Giovinazzi
Alfa RomeoThibaut CourtoisFootball player
HaasPietro Fittipaldi
HaasLouis Deletraz
WilliamsGeorge Russell
WilliamsNicholas Latifi

Find out when and how to watch this and other esports races this weekend here:

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6 comments on “Full driver line-up confirmed for Virtual Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. On what lap is Lando expected to rage-quit the race?

  2. Why isn’t Max Verstappen in the line-up?
    His pal Lando isn’t afraid to take a beating.

  3. He appears to be “too pro” to take on Codemaster’s F1 game. It is too childish for him.

  4. They replaced Jimmy Broadbent with Luis Fonzi…

    Know your audience!

    1. Simon Jackson
      24th May 2020, 20:13

      Agreed – idiotic move! Bring back Jimmy!!

  5. 76 y/o race fan
    24th May 2020, 18:37

    This might be a good way for drivers to pass the time until “real” racing starts up again.
    BUT, this is NOT real racing. I think the graphics suck, hell, I can tune into any race and tell within 3 seconds whether it is live or computer generated. There is no way that a video game can contain the complexity and random events that occur during a “real” race. If this mindless crap takes over from “real” racing, I’m going to go watch the ACA (American Cornhole Association) events instead.

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