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Formula 1 has assembled its biggest field of current drivers so far for this weekend’s Virtual Monaco Grand Prix. Here’s how to watch it and other top esports races this weekend.

Eight current F1 drivers will take part in the half-distance race around the virtual streets of Monte-Carlo on Sunday. But some of their rivals will have a chance to do some extra practice as they are also taking part in the virtual Formula 2 race an hour earlier the same day.

Formula E’s virtual series also continues this weekend, while IMSA and Australian Supercars are holding events in their usual slots next week.

Formula Renault has confirmed the first details of its four-round championship which will began one week from today. They will use the iRacing platform and compete on a series of grand prix circuits.

Major esports races: May 23rd-29th

DateSeriesOrganiserEventGameTrackFormatStart time (UK)Start time (US Eastern)Watch
23/05/2020Race at Home ChallengeFormula ERound fiverFactor 2TBCElimination race15:3010:30YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on Formula E’s website and Twitter account, and TV channels
23/05/2020All-Star SeriesTorque EsportsAll-Star SeriesrFactor 2IndianapolisRaces17:0012:00YouTube
23/05/2020Not The GPVeloce EsportsMonacoF1 2019MonacoHead-to-head20:0015:00YouTube
24/05/2020Virtual F2 and F3F2/F3MonacoF1 2019MonacoRace16:0011:00YouTube Twitch
24/05/2020Virtual Grand PrixFormula 1MonacoF1 2019MonacoQualifying, 50%-distance race18:0013:00YouTube Facebook Twitch
27/05/2020All Star EseriesAustralian SupercarsRound eightiRacingImola and InterlagosRaces10:0005:00 Facebook Twitch Fox Sports 506, Kayo, 10 Play, Sky Sports NZ
28/05/2020IMSA iRacingIMSATBAiRacingTBA90-minute race22:0018:00YouTube Facebook Twitch
29/05/2020Formula Renault Esport SeriesFormula Renault EurocupInterlagosiRacingInterlagos2x 25-minute races18:0013:00YouTube Facebook

Find out when and how to watch this and other esports races here:

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    4. Didn’t think I would, but I’m going to miss the glamour of Monaco… the real one.

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      Porc…er… F1. There is no substitute.

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