Ferrari sets up Driver Academy division in Australia

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In the round-up: Ferrari is looking for drivers of the future on the other side of the world from Italy.

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Comment of the day

The potential sale of Williams is sad but not unexpected, says Nitzo:

To be fair, most of us expected this to happen last year. It was a well known fact that they were not so comfortable with their financial position.

I wonder what happens now–would another team absorb its operations (highly unlikely) or someone new like Panthera might step in and build from there on.

Interesting times ahead but i genuinely think that F1 will have less than 10 teams on the grid come 2021.
Nitzo (@Webtel)

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Fation Losha, Remco H, Ted Tofield, Wesley, Jonathon and Andy Alexander!

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  • 21 comments on “Ferrari sets up Driver Academy division in Australia”

    1. I really like the Aero success handicap system. Its subtle enough not to be seen as totally artificial racing like success ballast in other series, where the impact is compeletly visible and yet powerful enough to make an impact in the medium to long term.
      Let’s face it, the tighter the pack the more exciting the racing!

      1. @thebullwhipper I don’t necessarily dislike it, but don’t really see the need for it either. The budget cap alone should be enough to make the pack tighter in the long-term.

      2. ColdFly (@)
        30th May 2020, 8:02

        I totally disagree, @thebullwhipper.
        The aero handicap idea is IMO as bad as success weight or the old power equalisation rules. This is the opposite of a level playing field, and not worthy a real sport where you want to find the best team (rather than driver).
        The budget cap and general limitations is the only rules I can accept s as fair to all.

        And what about the possible consequence that teams under perform at the end of the season to ’lose’ a position in the ranking?

        1. The old power equalization was pretty much perfect. Equal engines, what not to like? Allowing ferrari and merc to pull ahead only hurts f1 and has done so since 2014. F1 has a big engine problem that touches and ruins everything it touches. The engines are already insanely heavy, complex and expensive and favour manufacturer teams massively. Never been this bad. Little step getting the performance of the engines closer will only help f1 a little bit. But unless f1 introduces standard fuel and lubricants and standardizes everything the hybrid is the perfect platform for constant cheating and inequality.

          1. @socksolid in that formula, you then make aerodynamics the only performance differentiator between teams – given your previous complaints about increasing reliance on aerodynamics as a significant cause of cost inflation and also complaining that it makes for worse racing, you are then advocating for a formula that emphasises the very thing that you complain about.

            1. You are simply misinterpreting my ideas and opinions on purpose. All I said was that more engine performance parity is a big positive for f1. More balanced engines is a proven concept that works. It improves the competition and brings teams little closer each others. All you need to do is read:
              “Little step getting the performance of the engines ”
              does not mean
              “make aerodynamics the only performance differentiator between teams”.
              Which is totally untruthful and misleading statement even then. Like you are hinting the system is really good now. Plot twist. It isn’t. F1 is 80% aero, 15% and 5% engine. Later years with the v8 it was more like 81% aero, 17% and 2%.

              You even get such basic concepts as the amount of downforce and f1 being aero dependant confused. What a total rubbish. F1 could have 90% of the downforce taken away and f1 would still be aero dependant with the downforce being the main differentiator because f1 cars have so much downforce. You are acting like I am presenting massive change when all I want is to at least get that engine from 5% down to 2%. A little change. Little. Obviously you want the engine being a bigger factor. So naturally you also want multiple tire manufacturers in f1 as well. Obviously. After all otherwise you are advocating for a formula that emphasises the very thing that you complain about. Being too aero dependant.

          2. Equal engines, what not to like?

            That view is only valid for ‘fans’ who don’t understand that an F1 team is a chassis-PU entry.
            You want to make half the entry ‘spec-like’, @socksolid.

            1. @coldfly

              That view is only valid for ‘fans’ who don’t understand that an F1 team is a chassis-PU entry.

              F1 is 80% downforce, 15% driver and 5% engine. Making that 5% into 3% will only make things better. After all only people who are not true fans disagree with my valid opinion.

            2. Thanks for quoting part of my comment, @socksolid.
              Next time try to understand it as well.

              And interestingly the percentages you present (although I assume made-up ones) support the point I’m making.

            3. @coldfly
              If you would understand my post you’d not present it in misleading way.

    2. Bernies idea of having 8 teams running 3 cars each starts to become nice!

      1. @joac21 Easier said than done. Running three cars per team I mean.

      2. ColdFly (@)
        30th May 2020, 8:08

        Tough times indeed.
        But after the historic decisions by the sport this week it is less likely that we will lose a team. When Liberty delivers the more equal profit distribution model, and if they are successful in driving revenue, then there is no reason for a professional team to run at a loss.

        Even I know investors who are interested in stepping in right now. Buying a team now might be one of the best investments.

    3. Is Scott Young the guy responsible for trying to get rid of Ted on Sky? If so, hopefully this is a good sign.

      1. Brogan (@brogan-fraser)
        30th May 2020, 7:54

        Couldn’t agree more, why would you ever get rid of Ted! Karun definitely, but never Ted!

      2. Didn’t know that, ted can be funny but he says a lot of …Ted is a grenade in 2020 world. Next “knobby” vettel joke and innocent jokes are over.

    4. Thanks for the COTD @keithcollantine

      1. ColdFly (@)
        30th May 2020, 8:21

        Congratulations @webtel.
        I’m more optimistic though after this week’s decisions that we will have 10 teams on the grid next year.

        1. Thanks @coldfly
          With regards to this week’s decisions, i was optimistic too at first but then i added the complication of Covid-19 and its repercussions. It certainly makes sense for a potential entrant to take over Williams. But with so much uncertainty around and enterprises desperately trying to stem their losses, i wonder if one would be willing to infuse funds straightaway. Perhaps, buy now–then wait for the new normal to set(maybe a few months)–kickstart operations by funneling in resources.
          After all, F1 landscape is changing from 2022.
          All this assuming Williams arent able to support their operations for another year and a half.

    5. Now that there is a clear pathway from Australia to a race seat for Ferrari in F1, does anybody know where I can find some talent?

    6. Start within 10km of Barbagallo raceway seems to work so far.
      Seriously though why is Ferrari’s website such a mess?

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