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Perez and Gasly in, Bottas and Ocon out for Virtual Azerbaijan Grand Prix


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Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly have been confirmed as new additions to the latest round of Formula 1’s official Virtual Grand Prix series.

The arrival of the Racing Point and AlphaTauri drivers will mean more than half the current F1 grid has now appeared in the series. Eight will race on Sunday.

They will join Charles Leclerc, George Russell and Alexander Albon, who are all previous Virtual Grand Prix winners, and Antonio Giovinazzi, Nicholas Latifi and Lando Norris on the grid.

However Esteban Ocon and Valtteri Bottas will not return for this weekend’s race after making their debuts in the Monaco round. Ocon dropped out of his first appearance two weeks ago while Bottas finished 11th.

Renault confirmed junior driver Oscar Piastri and footballer Aymeric Laporte will represent them on Sunday. Esports commentator Jimmy Broadbent will return to partner Perez at Racing Point.

Virtual Azerbaijan Grand Prix entry list

MercedesEsteban Gutierrez
MercedesAnthony Davidson
FerrariCharles Leclerc
FerrariEnzo Fittipaldi
Red BullAlexander Albon
Red BullMatthias Walkner
McLarenLando Norris
McLarenBen Daly
RenaultOscar Piastri
RenaultAymeric Laporte
AlphaTauriPierre Gasly
AlphaTauriGianluigi Donnarumma
Racing PointSergio Perez
Racing PointJimmy Broadbent
Alfa RomeoAntonio Giovinazzi
Alfa RomeoThibaut Courtois
HaasPietro Fittipaldi
HaasLouis Deletraz
WilliamsGeorge Russell
WilliamsNicholas Latifi

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    1. Happy to see Jimmy Broadbent back, but still a shame he was denied the chance to go for that Virtual Triple Crown in Monaco.

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