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Mercedes and Ferrari to conduct tests next week

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In the round-up: Mercedes and Ferrari will hold separate tests next week as part of their preparations for the resumption of racing.

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Has the FIA superlicence arrangement made it harder for teams to appoint reserve drivers?

I guess one of the issues teams face is that not many drivers have a current superlicence. Reserve drivers used to mainly be the ‘new’ young up and coming guys/girls but the FIA changed the rules to make it much more difficult to obtain said license and the ‘reserve’ role is an area that has suffered.

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21 comments on “Mercedes and Ferrari to conduct tests next week”

  1. So Mercedes and Ferrari are running 2 day tests so that they can get their personnel ready for the new protocols that will be in place.

    From a safety perspective that’s a good thing, ensuring each team member knows what to do, how to work in PPE etc.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the teams with the money and FOM did something great and funded ALL teams for a 2 day practice test for all of the new protocols and procedures so we can ensure that safety protocols can be maintained easily for the whole field.

    After all, we’ve entered a new era of cooperation haven’t we?

    1. Are these legitimate “filming days” or have they been given some special dispensation to do additional testing?
      Or are they just using older cars, as that would be legal?

      But yes, it would be good if all teams could benefit from some sort of shakedown.

      1. says in the article they’re using the 2018 cars

        1. Thanks. Gotta be honest, was being lazy over lunch :)

    2. Wouldn’t it be great if the teams with the money and FOM did something great and funded ALL teams for a 2 day practice test for all of the new protocols and procedures …

      The F1 article says Mercedes will be doing their test at Silverstone, while Ferrari haven’t made up their mind where they’ll be doing their tests (probably a race track in Italy).
      While it would be nice if Mercedes and Ferrari opened their tests sessions to allow other UK based or Italian based teams (respectively) to bring along a 2018 car and do their own testing, isn’t this something F1’s administrators should have organised? It certainly isn’t either Mercedes or Ferrari’s responsibility to fund those other teams, and if they don’t offer an invitation to other locally based teams to bring a car so they too can do similar testing then that’s their business. Mercedes and Ferrari are paying for these tests themselves, so they don’t have any obligation to let other teams in. Those other teams can organise and pay for their own test sessions (or offer to help Mercedes or Ferrari pay for their use of the respective race track).
      Those running F1 have had months to work what the safest way is for teams to be changing wheels and front wing units. In fact they should already have done this, and they should have organised race tracks suitable to the location of the teams where tests could be done using their suggested protocols. The fact Mercedes and Ferrari want to do these tests leaves one with the impression F1’s administrators haven’t even thought about how races should be conducted in the downtime. If they haven’t then it isn’t the responsibility of either Mercedes or Ferrari to provide solutions to such obviously important problems, it is the fault of those administrators.
      Maybe if Mercedes and Ferrari were asked nicely they’d be prepared to share some of their findings with the other teams (and F2 and F3 teams), but they are also quite entitled to say something like “Sorry, but our results aren’t relevant to how other teams operate.”

  2. About Austrian GP , really curious how Mercs perform there. Last year they had problems with overheating and this year we have 2 rounds over there and hopefully the Mercs have gotten on top of cooling.

    1. @Chaitanya Although, it isn’t a given that the temps would be similar this year. Last year’s case was extreme, hence, probably an exception to the rule.

  3. I thought testing was limited to the specific arranged test days – which we have already had??

  4. I’m sure there are contractual factors in place that stop Ecclestone investing in Williams, but that would be fun. Or Ron Dennis…Or Roger Penske seems to have been spending up big around the globe of late… please not a faceless investment group.

    1. Imagine the Captain getting involved – he doesn’t go into anything half hearted. Williams-Penske racing sounds good. A dream but a nice one.

    2. It’s going to be Mazepin, isn’t it?

      1. Could be Latifi

        1. That would be great.

          Then we could have two entitled children racing with a guaranteed seat into their 50s

  5. Even though it’d technically and realistically be a European-Championship, but good thing nevertheless for getting at least some leeway so that going to the Americas isn’t a definite must anymore for the season to get classified as a World-Championship season.

    There could be (at least some) truth to what the COTD brings up.

  6. Wow, ecclestone pleasantly surprised me there. I too would not like to see the bame Williams disappear from f1. Now just to get 1 or 2 of my billionaire friends to help.

    1. Yes, if only the old skinflint would use just a few of the thousands of millions he ‘acquired’ from the sport to benefit a team like Williams.

      Remember, when you have 4000 million, a couple of hundred mill is peanuts. However, he would say Why should I? – it’s my money – all mine – I made it all myself – nothing to do with F1. But I’ll help to find you a buyer – shall we say 20% commission?

    2. Is he actually helping, or just using it as an opportunity to get back in the news?

    3. Graham (@guitargraham)
      5th June 2020, 14:18

      Bernie and Sir Frank are extremely close. Bernie organised everything for the Williams family when Sir Frank had his crash and Bernie also saved Williams when RBS pulled out.

  7. “In theory”, Ross hasn’t read the FIAs own rules on what constitutes a world championship.

    1. @eurobrun – it could be “In Theory” until a circuit / team / promoter challenges what constitutes a world championship in court?

      1. Eh, lets be honest, nobody cares. It’s not going to make the slightest bit of difference to anyone if they call it a world championship or not

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