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NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has revealed he plans to race a livery showing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement in today’s race.

Wallace, the only full-time black racer in the series, revealed a rendering of the car in a social media post. It bears the legend ‘compassion, love, understanding’ on the bonnet with an image of black and white hands clenched together. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ hashtag appears on the car’s flanks.

He intends to race the livery today at Martinsville. “Proud of everybody’s efforts in getting this scheme worked out,” said Wallace. “Let’s change the world.”

Wallace wore a T-shirt showing his support for the movement at last weekend’s race in Atlanta. NASCAR also observed a “moment of listening” in response to the turmoil which has gripped America, and spread to other countries, since the death of George Floyd two weeks ago.

In April one of Wallace’s rivals, Kyle Larson, lost his drive and was suspended by NASCAR after he used the n-word during an esports event. A recent documentary about Willy T Ribbs, who raced in NASCAR during the mid-eighties, also shed light on the series’ previous problems with racism.

NASCAR instituted its Drive for Diversity programme in 2004 to bring more competitors from non-traditional backgrounds into the series. Larson, who is of Asian-American descent, was one of the programme’s graduates.

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14 comments on “NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace to race Black Lives Matter livery”

  1. Is it safe to let a narcoleptic drive race cars?

    1. I must admit that moment was hilarious. There are some old and fat drivers in nascar therefore I was surprised to see Bubba struggling like that. A bit careless of him. he needs better results as well.

  2. If NASCAR takes a stance, I am officially hopeful for ‘Murica.

    1. @eljueta NASCAR also went ahead and banned the waving of the Confederate Flag at all of its events. The sport is making every effort to move being its past.

      1. @dragon86 yeah I also read that. All good news.

  3. Happy for any race that feels oppressed to be uplifted but they really, really need to address the elephant in the room. The race killing black people overwhelming more than any other is fellow black people.

    1. Elephant in the room? Yup, time for a bit of gun control.

    2. That goes for white people too. Not sure why these would be elephants. Pretty sure this is not the place to discuss it though.

    3. Shouldn’t you be on this site?

    4. Why don’t you try www . dailymail . co . uk ??? :-)

  4. Black Liveries Matter…
    All Liveries Matter!

  5. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    11th June 2020, 9:52

    Bubba is a 2020 marketing dream, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him land in the #48 next year now that Larson is out.

  6. Good job Bubba.
    Impressed that Nascar is listening to him.
    Black Lives Matter.

  7. And NASCAR has banned the confederate battle flag at events, a timely and noble gesture for any organization, if made in 1861.

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