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Formula E to hold six races in eight days to end 2019-20 season

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The FIA has announced Formula E will conclude its disrupted 2019-20 season with six races in eight days, all held in Berlin.

The series will use three different configurations of the Templehof airport circuit to conclude its championship in August.

The three double-header events will all be held behind closed doors. The FIA said “amicable arrangements” have been put in place to minimise the number of staff required to hold the races, and that the total number of people on-site will be fewer than 1,000.

“The health and safety of all involved will continue to be priority number one, with the FIA and Formula E having a robust and detailed plan to ensure races maintain the highest level of safety with strict social distancing procedures in place,” it said.

“To avoid any large gatherings, most of the meetings – such as the administrative checks, driver and team manager briefings and stewards’ hearings – will be held remotely via video conference.”

The original Formula E schedule include races in China, Italy, France, South Korea, America and Great Britain, all of which have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The latter was to be a new event based at the Excel centre in London, which has since been converted into a temporary hospital for Covid-19 patients.

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Revised 2019-20 Formula E calendar

122/11/2019DiriyahSaudi Arabia
223/11/2019DiriyahSaudi Arabia
415/02/2020Mexico CityMexico
605/08/2020Berlin Track Layout 1Germany
706/08/2020Berlin Track Layout 1Germany
808/08/2020Berlin Track Layout 2Germany
909/08/2020Berlin Track Layout 2Germany
1012/08/2020Berlin Track Layout 3Germany
1113/08/2020Berlin Track Layout 3Germany

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Formula E

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  • 13 comments on “Formula E to hold six races in eight days to end 2019-20 season”

    1. I get that they want to replace 6 cancelled races with 6 more races, but this is ridiculous. Who’s gonna have time to watch all 6 in one week?
      These alternative layouts better be half decent, but considering they’re being designed less than a month on advance, and need to be setup in one off day, I’m not holding my breath.

      1. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to NOT watch the sanctimonious, pious waste of time that is Formula E …

        1. William Jones
          17th June 2020, 12:37

          Stop sitting on the fence and tell us what you really think!

          For me, racing is racing. I like racing and I don’t particularly care if it’s fueled by dinosaur rot, booze or quantum particles. I just like seeing people guide machines along a course as quickly as possible.

          This will be a chore to get through in real time, but I’ll pace them out to weekly and hopefully we can avoid seeing the results in a headline. Hint Hint :)

      2. It isn’t about racing or the fans. It is about checking enough boxes to meet the contracts.

      3. Who’s gonna have time to watch all 6 in one week?

        The races are 45 minutes long dude.

        Some people will watch a 24 hour race in a single weekend, imagine that!

    2. Based on previous races in Berlin, this is probably good news for Audi:
      2018-19: Lucas Di Grassi passes Buemi for the lead early in the race and wins comfortably.
      2017-18: A one-two for Audi as Daniel Abt takes pole position, race victory and fastest lap, while Di Grassi finishes second.
      2016-17: Felix Rosenqvist wins race one and Sebastien Buemi wins race two, but Di Grassi is on the podium in both races.
      2015-16: Sebastien Buemi wins, but Audi take a double podium with Abt in second and Di Grassi in third.
      2014-15: Jarno Trulli is on pole, but Di Grassi overtakes him on the first lap and dominates the race. He is later disqualified and the win is handed to Jerome D’Ambrosio, but it is still a dominant performance from Audi.

      This means that Lucas Di Grassi now has a good chance of winning the championship, although Techeetah and BMW have seemed quicker so far this season, and Daniel Abt will be even more annoyed to have lost his drive.

    3. With all the debate in F1 fandom around what constitutes a ‘worthy’ championship win and the advantage of double headers for track-dominant teams, this is going to be interesting. Especially with the historical advantage of Audi as @f1frog mentioned.

      1. It’s been across (more than 3) continents and will have (more than 8) races, so for me it’s fine.

    4. The 2020 German Formula E Championship.

    5. You mean the 9 day Berlin Formula E World Championship ( although personally I’m loving the fact we get 6 races in 9 days )

    6. *facepalm*

      Irrelevant series making it even more irrelevant.

      I suggest they just throw a d20 dice six times and assign results to each driver, will make much more sense. And cost a penny for a single d20 dice

    7. Formula E never shied away from ridiculousness, but this is beyond their usual gimmicks. 6 races in 8 days sound more like a cycling tour.

    8. I hope they’ll have enough spare parts available…

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