Lance Stroll, Racing Point, Silverstone, 2020

Pictures: Stroll drives Racing Point’s 2020 car in preparation for F1 season start

2020 F1 season

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Racing Point ran their RP20 at Silverstone today in preparation for the delayed start to the 2020 F1 season next month.

Lance Stroll covered 100 kilometres at the wheel of the team’s current car on the National circuit in what was officially designated a promotional event.

Teams are permitted to perform two such events, commonly known as ‘filming days’ per season. Demonstration tyres were used for the run.

Racing Point say they “left no stone unturned in ensuring that safety remained top priority for all team members trackside.

“As part of stringent safety protocols, the event took place behind closed doors with no public access and all relevant precautions taken in terms of PPE [personal protective equipment] provision etc…”

Mercedes and Renault have run their 2018 cars in the past week to prepare for the start of the season and to give their staff the chance to practice running their cars while wearing PPE and complying with new safety restrictions.

Pictures: Lance Stroll drives Racing Point RP20 at Silverstone

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2020 F1 season

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  • 9 comments on “Pictures: Stroll drives Racing Point’s 2020 car in preparation for F1 season start”

    1. He looks good in his pink fake Mercedes.

    2. I know they don’t normally release lap times for things like this, but any one got a rough idea of a laptime for a modern F1 car around the silverstone national circuit?

      1. @eurobrun I doubt they even officially clocked any lap times, so nothing to release in the first place.

      2. Based on a few simulation videos (like this one), I’d say laptime could be around 45 seconds.

    3. Daddy’s money doesn’t make the driver better. But it’s worse, he should be.

    4. It’s great to see Racing Point in action on the track. Sadly, they’re only allowed to do 100 km, which could mean the session was over in less than half an hour. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do in Qualifying … if we get that far.

    5. How goods the Mercedes in Pink! Looks fast

    6. Please add a navigation function to the galleries. I have been begging for years. Even sending an email. This site is a good site the difficulty to slide through photos its one glaring weakness.

    7. Jockey Ewing
      19th June 2020, 18:29

      I used to left click->open in new tab for every gallery picture that might interest me, and then watch them one by one. A bit of memory required, although a not really bad PC can handle 20-30 tabs for those minutes, especially because those gallery pages are not heavy. Imo it’s the most convenient method for now, actually doing so is likely better user experience than what many online galleries offering. I also think these nice pictures would deserve a well functioning gallery.

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