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“Spectacular” Mugello deserves to hold F1 race – Vettel

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel enjoyed getting reacquainted with the Mugello circuit yesterday, for the first time in eight years.

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Comment of the day

Almost no one seems to think F1’s new television graphics are going to add anything meaningful to the coverage:

I don’t like any of these AWS graphics. It’s just more clutter on an already cluttered screen that is producing information that isn’t really needed & doesn’t really tell you anything you can’t already see and/or don’t already know.

The 2018 graphics are bad enough to begin with and everything else they have layered on top of them over the past year has just made them worse.

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  • 16 comments on ““Spectacular” Mugello deserves to hold F1 race – Vettel”

    1. The other thing about the graphics is I don’t see it making the sport more accessible for casual fans. How confusing to see a graphic ranking a current driver to one you’ve never heard of. Without context, the comparisons are meaningless. I love the throwbacks to historic drivers and all but the pre and post race coverage is the time for that. Not the middle of races. But as with all these things, I guess we’ll see how it works before being too critical I suppose…

    2. Regarding the COTD, some of the previous graphics (tire performance in particular) were pretty bad. However I see value in their intention. In Rob Smedley’s words, they want to “unlocking previously untold stories and insights from behind the pit wall.” and I for one don’t think we are well-exposed to the what happens behind the pit wall and I’m kinda interested to see how pit wall measures things like driver performance.

      1. What would be refreshing is a streaming service where you can turn these graphics on or off at will.

    3. Before say anything about the graphics I will wait to see how these are used by FOM.

      The cornering performance, for example, would be very interesting to be displayed during the qualifying while there are no cars on track. I would like to watch some kind of graphics that helps me to understand the amazing work that is done by the drivers. On the other hand, it may not be nice to see it during the GP where, I think, to understand the big picture is more important and, at the same time, it is better to leave some uncertainty to the spectators.

      1. If anyone has been watching the classic races on YouTube, they will know that a lack of graphics makes little difference to enjoying the race. The only thing I felt I was missing in some of the older races was the time gaps but they did have the facility to show this, just there was a slightly poor director/producer team in place. I think that problem is largely solved now (recent seasons have generally been quite good at capturing the best of the action from all through the field).

        In short, we don’t need all the silly guesswork graphics, just the occasional relevant time gaps and well framed shots of the track.

    4. The AWS graphics are all just the Amazon marketing team looking for ways to brand the screen in ways they pitch in those excessive corporate meetings as ‘exciting and engaging’ for the fans, without actually bothering to ask, understand, or more importantly, care.

      I’ve dealt with enough marketing people to have a complete disdain for them and their methods.

      1. Yeah, that seems to pretty much get exactly to why we are going to get these graphics @selbbin

    5. Do the #WeRaceAsOne’s chequered flag had the same 10 teams colours as the icon?

    6. I worry about the new graphics, because I find they tend to use them in place of useful ones. Last season there were times where they removed the order from the screen for laps on end to show us useless tire stuff. Or during a tense chase down they neglect to show the times between the drivers. After a couple of laps it becomes really hard to know what’s going on, especially if the next time they put the graphics up the order has changed. Please just show me the order, and the live gaps between the drivers AT ALL TIMES! Anything else might be useful for newer fans or to keep excitement up during lulls in the race, but they should never distract from the basic information a fan needs to follow the race. For me this is particularly important as the midfield has epic battles these days, but the race director seems to always prefer watching a Merc drive around by itself so the only way to follow these battles is on the timing screen.

    7. This whole Amazon AWS branding being plastered all over the screen has dark omens all around it. I’ll try to keep an open mind personally but I have never seen this kind of excessive branding lead to anything good. This particular corporation has never showed that it much cared for it’s employees or customers, only visibility and logistics.

      I personally have serious doubts Amazon gives two hoots about F1, the fans or that they provide usable info to the viewer.

      They just want their logo on the screen.

    8. Canadian GP in October? No, thank you.
      Yes, last year the highest ambient temps achieved on the equivalent days of October may have been 16, 18, and 20 C respectively, but 20 degrees (or something close to it) in October within that climate zone is just an exception to the rule rather than a norm. The inaugural Montreal-race took place on October 8, and it was only 5 degrees, and in general, the daytime temps in Montreal at that time of the year tend to be around 10 degrees max 15, which aren’t ideal for F1 and getting the tyres up to temperature. Worse than Montmelo in February, and people have complained about using Circuit de Catalunya as the pre-season testing venue because of the temps. Better to just let it go with Montreal for this year and have two races at Sochi Autodrom on both September 27 and October 4 (assuming Mugello would take September 13) followed by maybe Shanghai (if it gets rescheduled) on either October 11 or 18, and after that maybe Portimao and or Jerez in case USA, Mexico, and Brazill all lose out.

      From Ferrari’s test-report:
      ”He last drove at Mugello with another team, back in 2012.”
      – I like how the team avoids using the name of Seb’s previous team on their website. ‘Another’ team instead of with Red Bull (Racing) back in 2012.

      1. I didn’t notice I typed the letter ‘L’ twice in Brazil.

      2. I was supposed to add but forgot so here it is: The article also claims it would take in spectators along with Sochi, but I still doubt any race this year would happen this way. I still expect every single race within this year to happen without spectators in attendance.

      3. jere??????????? col in montreal?what?????montreal also been in calndar in autumn 1978 1979 1980 1981,, we need tha circiut,,, mugello is not good circiut 2 race in sochi oh my god,,,shangai no way thisyear or brasil mexico,austin also,

    9. I for one can’t wait to see a competitive F1 race in rarely-seen conditions.
      These are the most talented race car drivers in the world! (Babby-Stroll excluded ofcourse)

      As long as there is no risk of black ice or snow (or an outright monsoon in a tropical setting), put them in the car, tell them to quit complaining, and go win.

    10. But I don’t know how Mugello would do with ping-pong.

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