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Netflix crews filming McLaren and Red Bull at Austrian Grand Prix

2020 F1 season

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Netflix filming crews will be embedded with McLaren and Red Bull at this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix.

The opening race of the 2020 F1 season is going ahead behind closed doors with strict limits on the number of staff who may attend. However room has been found at two teams to accommodate small crews filming the new third series of “Drive to Survive” for the popular streaming platform.

In order to limit the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 coronavirus teams are limited to a maximum of 80 personnel and operating within their own ‘bubbles’, avoiding contact with staff from rival teams. The Netflix crews following the two teams are being counted as part of their allocation and will remain within their bubbles.

A two-person crew is filming McLaren, and a third Netflix camera operator is embedded with Red Bull for the race at their home circuit. Among their rival teams some but not all are taking the full allocation of 80 staff available.

Netflix also recorded footage for its upcoming new series during the lockdown. Williams driver George Russell mentioned in a social media stream he was using a camera gather material for them during the Virtual Grand Prix series.

A reduced number of television broadcasters are attending the opening round of the championship, with many choosing not to travel to Austria and present coverage from their home countries. Formula 1’s broadcasting team will supply live images from the track as usual for the season-opening race, which has been delayed by more than three months due to the pandemic.

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2020 F1 season

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10 comments on “Netflix crews filming McLaren and Red Bull at Austrian Grand Prix”

  1. So much for having a bare minimum number of people in the paddock…

    “F1 takes the virus very seriously, but we take money making aspect even more seriously than that.”

    1. Hakk The Rack
      2nd July 2020, 8:46

      Nothing shocking here, as this is exactly how the whole world operates now.

    2. ColdFly (@)
      2nd July 2020, 8:57

      Why would F1 race if they cannot show it to the world or cannot make money, synonymous?
      I think indeed that F1 is taking this extremely seriously and involves the minimum amount of people with the maximum precautions whilst opening up again.
      The alternative would be keeping F1 shut and thousands of people being out of a job.

      But I guess there are some people who will always complain.

      1. You think a Netflix ‘documentary’ is a vital component right now? All things considered…
        A TV crew, yes. Multiple TV crews and a docu-drama?… No.

        F1 certainly still operates on a level above everyone else – and I don’t mean that in a positive way.

        Aussie supercars ran last week with only skeleton crew, less crew in the pit lane, team bosses not permitted to keep crew numbers down, reduced data and telemetry, restrictions everywhere, and regular testing.
        That’s taking it seriously.
        And a circuit change was just announced due to a virus flare up – with less than three week’s notice until the event.

        1. Yes it is. Netflix pays for the footage. And it seems to have garnered quite a bit of attention and extra interest in F1. Both are pretty critical for the sport

  2. DAllein (@)
    2nd July 2020, 9:03

    OMG, no!
    Let’s get rid of them already!

  3. DtS 3rd season episodes:
    1) Pre season test: Ferrari’s nightmares/ Williams and Renault comebacks
    2) Norris playing games at home
    3) Leclerc playing at home
    4) Raikkonen’s Ferrari home deliver (sponsored by DHL :-))
    5) Vettel out Sainz in
    6) Ricciardo out ??? in
    7) Hamilton’s social network activities
    8) Racing in Europe
    9) Checkered flag

  4. Awesome news, I had been wondering about whether Season 3 would go ahead.

  5. I really hope the third season is done with the actual F1 fan in mind. More depth, higher focus on strategy and meaningful details than simply the trailer-level of battles and “suspense”..

  6. Mark Thorpe
    3rd July 2020, 4:36

    All I’m interested in is if there’s a camera permanently glued to Guenther Steiner form Haas. He’s the pit lane Rock Star!

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