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Kvyat unhappy with Ocon after race-ending suspension failure

2020 F1 season

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Daniil Kvyat says the suspension failure which put him out of the Austrian Grand Prix began after Esteban Ocon forced him wide.

However he admitted he could have tried to pass the Renault driver elsewhere on the track when he caught Ocon late in the race.

“Everything happened very suddenly,” said Kvyat, who pulled out of the race with four laps to go. “It was disappointing day.

“It’s not great from Ocon’s side to push off people like this to be honest. But I could have been more patient as well.”

AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost said Kvyat “could have scored points today, but the collision with Ocon compromised his race due to a suspension failure, which we need to investigate.”

However Ocon said his rival had made a “risky” overtaking attempt.

“I’ve just rewatched the action, for sure it was a close, very close battle between us two,” said Ocon. “He was on fresh softs, I was on old hards so there is a slight difference in grip there.

“But getting a move around the outside of turn six, it’s something difficult. It’s a risky move, definitely.

“I think it came close but we didn’t touch. Daniil did touch the kerb and both kerbs aren’t forgiving, unfortunately. So it probably made damage to his front wing or something after that. So it’s unfortunate. But I enjoyed the racing with him before that.”

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2020 F1 season

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  • 6 comments on “Kvyat unhappy with Ocon after race-ending suspension failure”

    1. Would love to see a video of the incident. It wasn’t broadcast on the live feed.

      1. @OOliver Yes, it was never shown on the world feed, so hopefully, the top-10 onboard upload on YT tomorrow or the day after would included this incident.

        1. If you have F1TV watch Kvyats onboard and skip to 1:28:00.
          It was nothing special. Kvyat was clearly behind and was run out of road. Very unlucky to get a puncture a few laps later, though.
          Maybe Kvyat was unhappy, when Ocon defended very late a bit earlier.

    2. It isn’t the first time Kvyat messes up late race. I think we’ve watched his last season with AT.

    3. A lap prior to Kvyat retired, it was Vettel who pushed him wide into turn-3 and Ocon was nowhere near him.

    4. Does anyone know why Kvyat is classified as 4 laps down and not 2? All lap charts show him has crossing the line on the 69th lap which means he should have been 2 laps down, but all official classifications on FIA.com, F1.com and even the results graphics broadcast by F1 after the race show him as 4 laps down…

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