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FIA issues new Austrian GP results after correcting Kvyat error

2020 Austrian Grand Prix

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The FIA has issued a revised final classification for the season-opening Austrian Grand Prix after discovering Daniil Kvyat had been credited with the wrong number of completed laps.

The original final race classification was published on Sunday evening following the race. However an updated classification was issued on Thursday with Kvyat’s lap total recorded as 69 instead of 67.

Kvyat retired from the race with two laps to go after suffering a tyre failure due to suspension damage. He is officially classified 12th because he finished at least 90% of the race distance, which was already the case before the additional two laps were credited to him, so his final position remains unchanged.

The confusion arose as Kvyat had a total of five lap times deleted during the race for exceeding track limits at turns nine and 10. For the two violations at turn 10, the final corner on the lap, both the time for the lap he was on and the subsequent lap time were deleted. This is standard practice, as exceeding track limits at the final corner can confer a lap time advantage on the subsequent lap.

The stewards issued the revised classification under article 11.9.2.a of the International Sporting Code, which states the “may settle any matter which might arise during an event, subject to the right of appeal provided for in the code.”

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5 comments on “FIA issues new Austrian GP results after correcting Kvyat error”

  1. I mean i get it and all but this has to be the most pointless bit of news since HRT?

    1. @mrboerns Indeed, and especially since it makes zero difference to the finishing-positions.

  2. I think someone has asked this before, but how can you delete a lap(time) in a race? I get that something like this must be in place especially with the point for the fastest lap on offer, but if you delete a lap, then by my logic, the car should be a lap behind. Or if a lap is not deleted, then the car has gone round the circuit in the least possible time, and should be a lap ahead of the rest. Or just have some kind of asterisk next to the deleted lap times to invalidate them (and update the timing software to support this ‘non-deleted yet invalidate laptimes’ feature).

  3. I thought qualification is only tomorrow?

  4. I can’t find this updated classification on FIA’s site though…

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