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Norris given three-place grid penalty for yellow flag violation

2020 F1 season

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Lando Norris has been penalised three places on the grid for the Styrian Grand Prix for overtaking Pierre Gasly’s car under yellow flags.

The McLaren driver overtook the AlphaTauri approaching waved yellow flags approaching turn five during the first practice session. The flags were being waved because Nicholas Latifi had stopped his Williams on the grass verge at the edge of the circuit due to a technical problem.

The stewards stated they “heard from the driver of car four (Lando Norris) and the team representative and have reviewed video evidence.”

“On-board footage clearly shows that driver of car four passed car 10 [Gasly] while yellow light panels were clearly visible and yellow flags were shown,” they ruled.

The event notes for this weekend’s race state: “Drivers should not overtake any car in a single waved yellow marshalling sector unless it is clear that a car is slowing with a completely obvious problem, e.g. obvious accident damage or a deflated tyre.”

Norris was warned about the yellow flags at turn five as he approached the preceding corner. He was alerted to them again as he passed Sergio Perez and Gasly while approaching Latifi’s car.

In addition to his grid penalty, Norris has also been given two penalty points on his licence, which are his first two he has received during his F1 career.

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8 comments on “Norris given three-place grid penalty for yellow flag violation”

  1. Shame. At least it’s good to see the rules enforced.

    1. I agree. Stupid mistake by Norris. Good to see the stewards make it clear that they will not tolerate ignoring yellow flags.

  2. penalised three places on the grid for the Austrian Grand Prix

    That would be the Styrian Grand Prix I think Keith.

    1. Everyone is making that mistake.

  3. C’mon man!
    It’s open season to the English drivers from the stewards…?
    After Lewis last week, now Lando….
    What they should do was penalize Leclerc & Bottas for breaking the Covid-19 Quarantine and went playing around in Monaco….

    1. Perez changed his nationality?

    2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      10th July 2020, 16:18


      If you look closer into it, Bottas didn’t really go against it as he stayed with people he had previously been with and in his bubble. Leclerc went to multiple different places including visiting a museum and having a party in a restaurant… They were both with a lot of people outside of his bubble.

      Basically, I don’t think Leclerc’s and Bottas’s actions are comparable. Those still, I don’t really see why either had to do what they did.

  4. This penalty was slam dunk. No need to bring nationalities into it.

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