Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2020

“The more top drivers the better”: Hamilton and Vettel welcome Alonso back

2020 F1 season

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Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and other drivers welcomed the news two-times world champion Fernando Alonso will return to the sport next year.

Alonso, who last raced in F1 with McLaren in 2018, will drive for Renault in 2021 and 2022.

“Ultimately, I think the more top drivers we have, the better it is for the sport,” said Hamilton. “I’ve not spoken to him so I don’t know his reasons but congratulations to him.”

Hamilton, who made his Formula 1 debut as Alonso’s team mate at McLaren in 2007, was asked if he had any advice for Esteban Ocon, whom Alonso will partner next year. “Keep his head down,” said Hamilton, “keep doing him, don’t get distracted.”

Hamilton’s team mate Valtteri Bottas said “it’s good to see him back.

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“He’s obviously won championships and he’s quite a big name in the sport. Like Lewis said it’s important to have all the top drivers, best drivers in the world in the sport.”

Lando Norris, McLaren, Red Bull Ring, 2020
Norris is keen to face Alonso on-track
Sebastian Vettel, who replaced Alonso at Ferrari in 2015, said his return is “good for F1 – we’ll see how he gets on.”

McLaren driver Lando Norris worked alongside Alonso before making his grand prix debut after Alonso left F1. He said he is looking forward to facing him on the track as a rival for the first time.

“I look forward to competing against him,” said Norris. “Obviously I’ve never done it, I replaced him in some [first practice sessions] and so on. So I’ve learnt a bit about how he works and I know his work ethic and how good a driver he is.

“So I look forward to the challenge of racing him. He’s a good guy, I respect him, I think I get on well with him. So congrats to him on coming back and I look forward to hopefully some good battles next year.”

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2020 F1 season

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14 comments on ““The more top drivers the better”: Hamilton and Vettel welcome Alonso back”

  1. I bet they all just want to see how he will complain every second and then quit in full Nigel Mansell Spain’95-style!

  2. Im sure Lewis and Seb would welcome Fangio and Senna to race against as long as they are racing in somebody else’s Racecars like a Renault or McLaren or Williams.

    1. I’m sure if either Fangio and Senna were back in Formula 1, Hamilton would rather be in the same team and learn directly from them. And perhaps, you know, vice-versa? The cars and racing are now completely different. And Hamilton, they’d instantly realize, must be a special driver too. You think they wouldn’t want to learn from a 6-times current champion?

      1. Join mercedes, get a subpar win driver, win, not much to learn.

        Hamilton is strong, no question, but many, many, many drivers would’ve got 6 titles or more in his place, prost, senna, clark and fangio no doubt.

        1. subpar team mate*

        2. Speculation and opinion. Fact is Lewis IS a 6 x WDC. Hard for some to accept but there it is.

  3. Its funny how things seem to change almost day to day. Obviously nothing was ever confirmed, but we genuinely had the prospect of only one champion on the grid next year:
    – Vettel “potentially” walking away
    – Kimi “uncertain” at a poor performing Alfa
    – Alonso unlikely to return

    Now we might even be back up to 4 champs. Imagine if Bottas won this year to take us up to 5!

  4. Time for JB to return too! I know it won’t happen but I wish he would.

    1. Nah JB needs to go for Brundle’s job.

  5. The more top drivers the better? I don’t think vettel is exactly qualified to call himself a top driver, 4 titles aren’t everything.

    1. That’s 2 more than Alonso. Hard for some to accept but there it is.

  6. Of course I would like to see more world champions fighting on the track, what I don’t like is that they come back from the past.
    …Alonso?, of course, is a great driver, but he already had his chance in F1 and left , …so let’s also bring Nico and Jenson back, and we would see more champions on the track. Of course not, it’s ridiculous.
    The problem is that Lewis has won only 6 championships, I would like to see more champions on the track if those 6 championships were better distributed, that is, that there was more real competition in the F1 championship, more teams with more possibilities of fighting a championship.
    This litter of young drivers, I’m very excited, I think as I did not see for a long time, very capable young drivers, …F1 for the future is in very good hands.
    I do not agree with the return of Alonso, … and if Vettel leaves, I hope he does not return.

    1. what I don’t like is that they come back from the past

      Champions can’t come from the future.

      1. Oh, sorry Mr. Exquisite, I’m sorry I offended your “intelligence” … ha, … but let me tell you something, champions yes, they can also come from the future, just sit down and wait a little, Max and Charles are two champions that the future He’s sending us, … wait a little and you’ll see.

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