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Hungary’s new Covid-19 restrictions on UK citizens no concern for Hamilton and Norris

2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says new restrictions which will be enforced on visitors from the UK at the next race in Hungary, which could lead to a prison sentence if broken, won’t affect him.

Visitors to Hungary from the UK and other non-European Union or European Economic Area countries will only be allowed to visit the race venue and their hotel accommodation during F1’s stay in the country.

No other movement within the country between these two places is permitted other than that involving their arrival and departure. Anyone caught breaking the rules could be punished by imprisonment or a fine of up to €15,000 (£13,400).

However as Hamilton has chosen to base himself in a motorhome at the track, the restrictions will have little consequence for him.

“I was only made aware of it before qualifying,” he said in today’s FIA press conference. “Naturally, it doesn’t really affect me because I stay at the track. But obviously there will be protocols, I’m sure, for the team.

“I think the team have been fantastic in how they’ve managed it in their bubble, during this time. I don’t anything about how their set-up there will be. Obviously, they’re not fortunate like us, to be able to stay at the track.

Lando Norris, McLaren, Red Bull Ring, 2020
A week of Neflix, Call of Duty and room service await Norris
“But it is a challenge, it is challenging times, we can understand it so we definitely need to make sure we take it very, very seriously which I think everyone is.”

McLaren driver Lando Norris said he would be happy to stay in his hotel room when not at the track.

“We either have to be at the track or we have to be in our hotel, that’s it,” he said. “I’m very happy with having room service every day, watching Netflix and playing [Call of Duty]. That’s right up my street in many circumstances.

“Of course there’s limitations to it and some risks. I can’t go out for a cycle or run from what I know. But I don’t know I haven’t looked into it enough because that’s for next week.”

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7 comments on “Hungary’s new Covid-19 restrictions on UK citizens no concern for Hamilton and Norris”

  1. I wonder if the drivers could run or ride their bike at the track to replace the usual run or bike ride around the hotel.

    1. On Wednesday I am sure they can, but on days when there are sessions (from Thursday), I suppose they just have to be early, well before preparing the track for that, or later in the day after all sessions are done.

    2. The track in Hungary is pretty tight. Run-Off areas may be too small.

  2. After that qualifying session, perhaps only a stint in jail can stop Hamilton this year.

    1. Ki Chi (@kichi-leung)
      12th July 2020, 5:33


    2. There is also Verstappen in P2.

      Red Bull are fighting for Victories and have orders to be pretty aggreasive around Lewis.

  3. Netflix and Call of Duty.

    Who knew my life, and the life of these athletes, has so much in common …

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