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Leclerc and Vettel “will pay more attention” to Covid-19 rules – Binotto

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In the round-up: Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto says his drivers will respect Formula 1’s Covid-19 protocols after both were warned for violating them.

What they say

Charles Leclerc was photographed attending a party in Monaco and not social distancing, while Sebastian Vettel was seen speaking to Red Bull team members without wearing a mask:

Obviously the instructions are for Charles and Seb. I think the entire team we need really to pay attention. We knew how important it is to be here and to race for the entire circus.

So I think that being distracted on the protocol is not great. We need really to be strict. So let’s really raise our concentration, our attention, really paying attention. I think both drivers understood that they did something wrong. I’m pretty sure that will pay more attention in the future.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

The FIA should treat drivers who flaunt the Covid-19 rules much more severely, says Ben:

I have to say I was a little bemused at a number of points during last weekend’s grand prix. There was the socially distanced podium ceremony, then the three came together to hug around a “End Racism” t-shirt. I admire the sentiment, but what was the point in the different podium ceremony if they’re going to pose together afterwards; whatever the reason?

I feel a little annoyed by it all. Drivers have been at home for the best part of four months and now can’t stomach two to three weeks away? The team members aren’t allowed to fly home in between, so why the drivers? It smacks of disrespect and disregard for rules and health.

Honestly, as much I like Leclerc (and Bottas), I’d be giving them a ban or serious financial penalty to dissuade anyone doing similar. The rules are in place for a reason.
Ben Needham (@Ben-n)

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19 comments on “Leclerc and Vettel “will pay more attention” to Covid-19 rules – Binotto”

  1. I agree with the COTD. It’s futile to be saying “We need really to be strict” and then not following through with that.

    1. ColdFly (@)
      11th July 2020, 7:41

      When stricter with track limits than quarantine rules, then your moral compass is off IMO.

      1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
        11th July 2020, 10:28

        Ha ha, very true. The lack of distancing at times over last weekend are understandable, honest mistakes but Leclerc attending a party back at Monaco deserves a lot more than just a light telling off.

    2. Agreed, great COTD. I feared the sport would just pay lip service to its Covid controls and it seems that has been the case for some people. There’s a collective responsibility that is rather lacking right now. All participants have a moral duty to do better both to protect people’s health and, secondarily, to promote a good image for the sport.

  2. RP (@slotopen)
    11th July 2020, 3:44


    It’s seems like a poor way to treat your team too.

    The drivers are the most visible members of the team. They should lead by example.

  3. Talking to someone without a mask can be an honest mistake or distraction.

    Going back to Monaco and attending a party should get Leclerc banned fro the rest of the season.

    Its maddening when normal people have to sacrifice so much and those rich jet setting stars can’t even behave for 10 days.

    1. I’m not sure about banned for the rest of the season but at least he should be isolated/quarantined for 14 days.

      I can’t understand why a much stronger stance wasn’t taken given everyone had been made aware of the requirements.

      I’ll absolutely bet that if it had been a Grosjean or Magnussen or one of the “lesser” drivers, the penalty would have been far different.

      1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
        11th July 2020, 10:35

        In football, three Watford players were caught doing a similar thing and were dropped from playing straight away even though Watford are in a relegation fight at the bottom of the Premier League table.

    2. A whole season sounds a bit extreme, but definitely Valtteri and Charles should have been told to go straight home and the team would discuss this after this GP is over. Now, infected or not, they were allowed back into the bubble. If they are infected then they could easily infect others too. Unfortunately the precedent has now been set, so all and sundry know they can wander out of the bubble, stay away several days, then wander back and treat the whole thing as a joke.

  4. NeverElectric
    11th July 2020, 5:16

    I’m imagining the number and tone of comments on this article if it had been Lewis Hamilton that was photographed at a party in Monaco and not social distancing….

    1. Or Lance Stroll.

      1. @drycrust He doesn’t reside in Monaco, but I see what you mean.

  5. David Schumacher… probably not a son of Michael, though it would have been funny if he had named one of his children after DC.

    1. Martin Nash
      11th July 2020, 6:32

      David is Ralf Schumacher’s son.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with the COTD.

    As for the article about Monza: I doubt it. I still keep on with my prediction or expectation that every single race this year is going to have to happen without spectators in attendance, and I even more so doubt the Brazilian GP could go ahead even without spectators in attendance despite the words in that article. Too risky for this year due to how out-of-control the virus has been over there. Still regarding the Dailymail-post: It states (as have some others) that two races have been added, even though, technically, the other one (Sochi) has remained as F1 was always supposed to go there this year to begin with, so the wording
    ”Two new races have been added to the calendar — the Tuscan Grand Prix in Mugello on September 13 and the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi on September 27, also with fans. In all, at least 15 races are planned”
    – is misleading, especially since it’s also still on its original day. The Russian GP has remained, etc., is a more precise way of saying/writing it.

  7. Bruno Verrari
    11th July 2020, 9:26

    Webbo was right! “Not bad for the #2 driver” to step in and win races, when the #1 fails.
    I’d go as far as ssying: it’s the #3 drivers’ jobs (e.g. Albon, when MadMax fails, or Leclerc, when Vettel fails)…loyalty and respect are important!

  8. Vettel’s short, unkempt beard sticking out from beneath a flaming red mask looks a bit like pubic hair visible at the edge of red panties.

  9. Why is ‘Pirelli’ taped over on Vettel’s shirt?

    1. COVID proof

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