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2020 Styrian Grand Prix championship points

2020 Styrian Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2020 Styrian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 Styrian Grand Prix

3Red Bull27
4Racing Point22
8Alfa Romeo2


The finishing positions of Racing Point drivers Sergio Perez (sixth) and Lance Stroll (seventh), and therefore the points they and other drivers have scored, are provisional following a protest by Renault.

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2020 Styrian Grand Prix

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22 comments on “2020 Styrian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Overglorified midfield team back where it belongs.

    1. Not their fault their driver get stupid once they join the team.

      1. Internal politics and interference from management makes for toxic environment. Todt/Brawn era is long gone and seems like its gone for good.

  2. Verstappen is already over a race win behind in points… He’s done for the championship.

    So are both Ferrari’s… and Bottas is good but Hamilton is an absolute legend. I have no doubts whatsoever Hamilton will beat his teammate over 10-15 races.

    So, yeah. The championship is basically an open book after 2 races…. I can’t help but feel disappointed.

    1. 1 Ham DNF and championship is wide open. Not to mention we’ve only seen Merc on this track, lets see how it performs elsewhere before saying it’s unbeatable. Ferrari is surely done though, we’ve seen enough.

      1. Same with Bottas. With unknown length any no of points are good.

      2. You have doubts Mercedes will perform on the rest of the tracks?! Hmmm……

      3. No oil burning and look where ferrari ends up.

      4. wouldn’t count too much on that, in the last 69 races HAM had 1 dnf

    2. OK, I’m a Hamilton fan, but in some ways it’s good for Formula 1 that he matches Schumacher’s 7 titles and matches or beats his number of race wins this season before the new regulations kick in. It clears that story and allows more of a focus on the new. Also I’m finding the battle between the midfield teams, which is just about everyone aside from Mercedes and Verstappen, really fascinating and good to watch. Racing Point, Red Bull, McLaren, the Renault drivers battle, and Ferrari adding the light entertainment. All good.

      1. Yeah the midfield battle is great. It’s like last year’s but even spicier. However, I just wanted the main dish to be a great championship fight.

        Also, realize that whatever we see this season is also what we are going to see next season because of the chassis freeze. Sigh..

        1. @jeffreyj I guess you’re right about next year too. This year is going to be closer surely between Bottas and Hamilton, just because there are fewer races and less competition from Ferrari. But sure, nobody is really that interested in a Mercedes interteam battle even if it happens. Even so, I think this should be an enjoyable season still in terms of racing.

  3. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    12th July 2020, 16:09

    Think it’s fair to say the 2020 constructor’s championship belongs to Mercedes, and the driver’s title is a straight fight only between Hamilton/Bottas. I’m hopeful Bottas can stay ahead just for the difference but I rather expect a Hamilton world title. Yet again. F1 really needs to do something about that – I’m not even sure what anymore but the strength of those cars compared to everyone else is almost obscene.

    1. They have done something about it. 2022 regs and cost cap.
      All good moves in the right direction for closer racing

    2. @rocketpanda I doubt Hamilton would have given Verstappen a chance to counter like Bottas did today @rocketpanda, and while Bottas is very fast and solid, but both that and days like yesterday make that a very narrow ledge to stay on for Bottas, but, let’s see whether he can come back strong next week.

    3. @rocketpanda
      Lol i feel your disappointment. But what else can F1 do. Ferrari gets paid the most and still cant utilise the extra funds.

      The only way to change the results is to kick mercedes out of F1.

  4. McLaren looking inspired out there and its nice to see that effort rewarded. P2 in the WCC and 2 for 2 on fastest laps as well!

    Fighting off Red Bull for the full season will be a tall order but i think holding P3 over Ferrari and Racing Point is possible. Should be a fun battle to watch

    1. Lando is the driver just trailing the Mercedes drivers… who would have thought. If Mclaren can finish this season in front of Ferrari, that would be fantastic.

  5. Giovinazzi is currently the 2nd best of the 6 Ferrari drivers :)

  6. Could we just finish now while McLaren are 2nd in the WCC? I’m sure that’s fine with everyone.

  7. @keithcollantine – I know there is a lot on, but does this need an update?

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