Everyone should be worried by speed of Racing Point – Horner

2020 Styrian Grand Prix

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says Racing Point’s performance in the Styrian Grand Prix should serve as a warning to all the teams.

Sergio Perez attacked Alexander Albon for fourth place in the closing stages of the race, but dropped back after damaging his wing on the Red Bull. But Horner had taken note of the rate at which Perez caught his car.

“I think everybody would be worried by the Racing Point,” said Horner. “I mean, he was quicker than a Mercedes, Perez, at that point in the race.

“Bearing in mind that Bottas was on tyres that were within one lap of age to the Racing Point, Perez was three or four tenths quicker. So it was very impressive pace that they showed.

“I think Alex drove incredibly well to keep him behind. But also, if you look at Alex’s pace on that tyre versus Bottas, there was encouragement that we could take from that in a car that wasn’t carrying any damage.”

Max Verstappen said Red Bull were “too slow” to keep up with Mercedes in the race. Horner believes they are losing most of the lap time on the straights.

“Their straight-line speed is impressive,” he said. “We’re pretty much there in cornering speeds. There’s some corners we’re better, some that we’re not quite as good. But certainly on this track their straight line speed has been very impressive. So they’ve made a good step over the winter.”

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24 comments on “Everyone should be worried by speed of Racing Point – Horner”

  1. Perez went bonkers on that last stint. He was like on a flurry of 5-6 straight laps doing fastest laps. Nowadays, you could go faster every 2-3 laps. Perez went faster for like 3 straight laps or even more. It is a shame he started near the back of the grid. Perez now at least has a good car.

    I can see Red Bull doing another protest. When will be the question of it…

    1. Perez driving like a man possessed!

    2. Nice point on the protest line. Going by RBR’s recent activities, that wont be surprising at all.

      1. As I’ve said in winter testing, I can see RP copying the car, (they didn’t they bought the “rights” to use that), but, can’t see them building the car, I’m sure they are well covered like Haas and Tauri are, the difference is that Tauri is redBull’s and Haas has a middle men in dallara.
        That car’s brilliant race pace is well documented by now, unlike the 2020 mercs, Perez was pushing, Bottas was not using the kerbs at all, not even on corner entry.

  2. “It is a shame he started near the back of the grid.”
    Not a shame at all, a real bonus for the fans.
    Yes, starting further up would have pitched him into an interesting mix, but the race through the field was brilliant.
    Just have to wait till the next race.

  3. GtisBetter (@)
    12th July 2020, 18:48

    I don’t know. Max seems to be very far ahead. Albon was a bit of the pace, not sure what it was, but he should not be that far behind max every time.

    1. Albon first stint wasn’t fast enough he drops too fast in laptime. His second was better but still RP is mighty in the second stint.
      We will see them on the podium soom (together with McLaren)

      1. soom = soon

  4. I certainly hope they will be disqualified. This goes against what Formula 1 is all about. You design your own car. You take it to the track. And you race it against others who have designed their car.

    I hope other teams, especially Red Bull and McLaren file protest against this too. Because if this is declared legal, it will be the end of F1 as we know it.

    1. Haas have been doing this for years now. Let’s not pretend the idea is in any way new. Some might argue “But Racing Point have taken it to an extreme”, but it’s a bit late now that competitors like Haas have been doing it to a lesser degree for some time.

      1. @mouse_nightshirt Yes. That was Haas’s idea from the beginning. But it’s a bit funny that how much difference does that make if you copy Ferrari’s or Merc’s desing. Haas is almost dead last and Racing Point almost faster than Mercedes.

        1. Haas copy the parts they are allowed to, and outsource the chassis, completely different to a constructor allegedly taking another teams designs across all parts and using as their own.

      2. Haas doesn’t copy the parts that are not allowed to.

    2. It’s easy to discount the fact that reverse engineering another car well also requires really strong designers and design process.

    3. But why? From the info available publicly, it does not look like they have broken any rules.
      There is a reason that RP/FI have been an overachiever over the past decade despite being one of the smallest teams on the grid. In the early 2010s their car was designed with a tight relationship with Maclaren. I remember the 2017(I think) car’s aero was a derivative of Red Bulls car. Now with a bit more money they are able to research the Merc philosophy.
      I feel that RP are a team of real old school team, pushing the limits to get the best results.
      If not then the grid will be filled with backmarkers just there to make up the numbes.
      Looking back in F1 history the greatest innovations have changed F1.

    4. If they are capable enought of copying Mercedes they have the merit of that. Building a car isn’t like people thinks, you can’t just take a bunch of pictures, send it to someone and says “make it like that”, most of really important stuff is well hidden by teams and you can’t just copy it. The only illegal thing to be investigated is if Mercedes gave or sold any part or information to them that isn’t allowed in the rules.

    5. @spafrancorchamps
      Lets add this to the list of things that will end F1 shall we.

      Of all things to end F1? pls!

  5. They are doing a job all b teams should be doing.

  6. Everyone should be worried by speed of Racing Point – Horner

    Sorry Christian but I was excited by it! Nice job Perez !

    1. He meant other teams should be worried not us the fans 🙄

  7. There just aren’t enough people with the kind of money and the desire to create an F1 team from scratch. If they don’t allow the big guys to supplement the midfield, we will be down to 6 cars. Look at what happened when big money bought McLaren. Dennis got the heave and the F1 team got the crumbs. They’ve been at or near the bottom until just this year. Let team RP play with a year old Merc chassis. At least it made for some good fun. If Toto et al were worried, they could have turned the cars back up. Renault is just blowing smoke too. If they were a true factory effort, they wouldn’t be concerned, just spend more money. The mid-field is the best part of the weekend. Let them have at it with anything they can get there hands on!

    1. Utsab Biswas
      13th July 2020, 10:38

      Absolutely aptly put.

  8. What he said ‘Everyone should be worried’
    What he meant ‘We are worried’.

    Yes, Perez had a great stint and the RP has some really impressive pace, but it’s amazing how much extra performance any car on the grid can find, especially over 3-5 laps if they truly turn everything up and use the tyres more.

    See McLaren’s 2 fastest laps in 2 races and Norris’s last 2-3 laps of last 2 races in particular.

  9. Horner should be worried about his own cars performance and his drivers lack of ability in some areas. Another thing all teams copy the best designed part(s) of the opposition. Its been that way for years.

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