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Lundgaard continues F2’s run of new winners

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Christian Lundgaard became the fourth different first-time winner of a Formula 2 race in today’s sprint event at the Red Bull Ring.

The Renault junior driver passed Williams-backed racer Dan Ticktum with a superbly-judged move, and edged out a two-second lead by the end of the 28-lap race. His ART team mate Marcus Armstrong, whom Lundgaard also passed earlier in the race, completed the podium.

However Armstrong would have finished fourth had a bizarre incident not forced Mick Schumacher out shortly after the Prema driver had passed him for third place. Schumacher’s fire extinguisher went off as he approached turn nine, and the quick-thinking driver made for the pits, aware that an empty extinguisher would mean disqualification.

This doubled Prema’s disappointment on Sunday morning, as race one winner Robert Shwartzman had already spun out exiting the first corner as the race began. That triggered a Virtual Safety Car period and ended his chances of extending his lead in the championship.

Shwartzman joined race one pole-winner Yuki Tsunoda and Marino Sato in retirement, both drivers stopping with apparent technical problems, Tsunoda’s car smoking at the left-rear.

Guanyu Zhou resisted a late-race attack from Virtuosi team mate and Callum Ilott to secure fourth place. Jack Aitken, Sean Gelael and Mikita Mazepin completed the sprint race points-scorers.

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    2 comments on “Lundgaard continues F2’s run of new winners”

    1. Emil Krejberg
      12th July 2020, 11:44

      There is some serious talent in this years f2 field. Really great drive by Lundgaard. Unfortunate for Schumacher

    2. Schumacher has had a lot of bad luck so far in f2

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