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Perez says he wouldn’t attempt the same move on Albon again

2020 Styrian Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez admitted he was too hasty with his attempted pass on Alexander Albon at the end of the Styrian Grand Prix, which led to contact between the two.

Perez had risen through the field from 17th on the grid to challenge Albon for fourth place. He attempted to pass the Red Bull at the inside of turn four but he touched his front wing on Albon’s rear tyre.

The wing sunk on its mounting, costing Perez valuable time over the final laps. That allowed Lando Norris was able to catch and pass the wounded Racing Point car at the final corner.

“We tried everything,” said Perez. “I went for it. I was pushing Albon the last 10 laps very close but I couldn’t get him.

“I saw the room and I went for it. Unfortunately, right at the end, we clipped and I broke my front wing, which cost me quite a lot of rhythm later on.”

Perez narrowly beat team mate Lance Stroll and Daniel Ricciardo to the finishing line, the trio separated by a tenth of a second as they took the chequered flag

“One more lap [and] we may have been out of the points,” he admitted. “Luckily we managed to get the result.

“If I were in that situation again I would have not gone for it,” Perez added. “I’m happy that we gave it all.”

“I think we were once again in the race very unlucky. We should have been in fourth, not fifth. But I think it’s a good recovery. Good amount of points for the team. And now it’s game on for Hungary.”

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10 comments on “Perez says he wouldn’t attempt the same move on Albon again”

  1. He nearly did a Lewis Hamilton there, LOL.

    1. copying a Mercedes!

        1. It wasn’t as bad as Leclerc’s one but still he almost ruined his race. As he said one lap more and he would have been outside of the points.

  2. Albon just drives like this.
    Of course Horner will shout how all other drivers are at fault, but the trend is obvious here.

  3. Excellent race nevertheless, relentless from start to finish

  4. My driver of the day. Well done cheko.

  5. schumi_alonso
    13th July 2020, 9:00

    he was one of the better drivers of the day. but i recall him being overtly aggressive in Monaco 2013 at the Nouvelle Chicane.

  6. Someone you love said if you don’t go for a gap then you ….

    1. Brundel’s WOW where hilarious even Sky does not allows competitor brands be claimed or air

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