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Rate the race: 2020 Styrian Grand Prix

2020 Styrian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Styrian Grand Prix.

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47 comments on “Rate the race: 2020 Styrian Grand Prix”

  1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    12th July 2020, 15:40

    To be honest, apart from the last lap, that was quite dull.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      12th July 2020, 15:41

      Feel the same way. Awesome finish turned it from a 3 to a 6

    2. Not really @rocketpanda, @fullcoursecaution, though just like last week the win wasn’t ever really in doubt from the start, but the midfield being so close together and, especially with the Racing Point and the McLaren having good speed at different times in the race (and McLaren great strategy like last week, RP missing a bit there I guess), third till 14th was a race-long battle.

      And Ferrari featuring not just a non-score, but their official social media also ‘lights on’ tweet at the starts and an apt ‘liiights out’ after Vettel was back in at lap 2 – so at least social media there doing their job, small positives :)

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        12th July 2020, 17:45

        I think the fact that the win wasn’t ever really in doubt is part of the problem really. The midfield is actually great as the last lap showed, but the race for the podium, win & championship is total sleepytime.

  2. Another decent race. What an ending.

  3. 7/10. A slow burner but the last lap was amazing. If the race stopped one lap earlier I’d rated it a 3.

  4. 7/10.. all because of the midfield.

  5. 6/10
    Few battles throughout but quite boring passes, apart from the last 3 laps

    I’m a fan of Lewis, but it gets boring to see him beat teams a few tenths short of Merc. Perez was quicker than Albon, Max had damage, and VB was nowhere. With no Ferraris near the front, the only good races will either be wet or have a LH who drops a ball.
    Good stuff for lando!

  6. Didn’t Hamilton own a victory to Bottas?

    1. Yeah, from 2018! Things degraded so much in general in this world that, in 2020, makes one wonder what was about all that ”stuff” from 2002 Austria, and why lasted for yeaaaars… although Schumacher gave the win back. Stuff like that now when it comes to Mercedes and HAM it’s a natural thing to do. Anyway, it won’t win BOT the champ, no doubt about it.

  7. Another solid race. Not as dramatic as last week or qualifying yesterday but a solid race with plenty of action. A shame none of that was really for the top 3 but we had overtakes and some great racing in the mid pack. Solid 7/10

  8. Thank you DRS “gimmick”.

    1. F1oSaurus (@)
      12th July 2020, 15:54

      It’s called tyres.

  9. Magnificent pole in rain and deserved winner.
    2nd place contested throughout the race with differing strategies, lighting up with a 2 lap fight and change of place.
    Multiple drivers going for fastest lap.
    Keystone cops at Ferrari again.
    Those who complain really shouldn’t – Villneuve Arnoux was for second place too.

    1. Really exciting, best trace in a long time with plenty of overtaking (yes, drs, tyres blah blah) . Some artist performances from a few drivers.

  10. Norris really seems to have found another gear this year.

  11. Job well done for McLaren.

  12. Austria was entertaining, Styria…not this time.

  13. 7, as it was not as good as last week (which I rated at 8) but pretty exciting due to the last lap.

  14. Best Styrian grand prix

    1. @wench I disagree. I think it’s really quite the worst Styrian Grand Prix.

  15. I’ve gone with a 6 purely because Perez and Norris spiced it up plus decent drives from Ricciardo and Stroll.
    Other than that a bit dull really. Ho Hum.

  16. Qualifying was a 10. Race was a 5. Finish was exciting. So glad they didn’t cut to the top 3 finishing for a long stretch which they do from time to time. Quick shot of the checkered flag and the leaders.
    The key to this season will be to show more of the mid field battling and less of the Mercedes running ahead of the Red Bulls. Ferrari will be part of the mid field battles this year so we will probably get that coverage anyway.

  17. 4/10 Generally dull, with some exciting bits. Great defence by VER, another nice last lap effort by NOR. Perez was on fire today, good fun to watch. I’m amazed how things get worse and worse at Ferrari, but I gotta say, it was funny as hell.

  18. F1oSaurus (@)
    12th July 2020, 16:02

    Great race really.

    The fight for the podium lasted up until the end of the race. Verstappen running out of tyres too early again made that fight a bit of an anti climax perhaps, but still.

    Verstappen just can’t seem to get his tyre management on point. I get that Re Bull were got psyched by Mercedes urging their drivers to push. They took the bait hook line and sinker. Still, Verstappen needs to learn that his tyres have to last the distance and manage accordingly instead of pushing on like there is no issue.

    Mid-field battles were great too. Norris was having fun. Lots of drivers coming all the way from the back to the front. Excitement at the start.

    Not sure what more you can expect really. Well I guess people would prefer Hamilton didn’t win, so that will cost it 2 points of course.

    1. Did you actually watch the race? Max had to drive hard to prevent Bottas from overtaking him during the pit stops.

      1. Front wing damage would likely have made tyre wear worse, didn’t see where he picked up that damage but presumably running over the kerbs too hard.

  19. 6. Was ok, the Perez vs Albon and Stroll vs Ricciardo battles were interesting to follow. And quite a fun late charge from Lando spiced it up a bit at the end, but no excitement with regards to who the podium sitters were going to be.

  20. 6, maybe 7 up until 2 laps to the end.

    Lando makes it an 8.

  21. 5/10 quite a dull race.

  22. Well I quite enjoyed the race looks like Merc have the advantage, with the midfield being very close. When I say that I mean McLaren, RB, RP and Renault chasing.

  23. 6/10 overall

    Mercedes = 10/10
    Red Bull = 8/10
    Ferrari = 0/10
    McLaren = 9/10
    Renault = 5/10
    Alpha Tauri = 4/10
    Haas = 5/10
    Racing Point = 7/10
    Alfa Romeo = 5/10
    Williams = 4/10

  24. 7, only because of the midfield battles which were super fun (and the coverage not cutting away at the end to watch HAM wave, but kept focus on those battles).

    The front was tedious. Podium was basically a foregone conclusion after Bottas’ pit stop.

  25. This was a great race to witness the dominance again and to see so many pass attempts. All great stuff.
    Witness greatness

  26. F1oSaurus (@)
    12th July 2020, 16:19

    @nanotech “Foregone” conclusion in hindsight yes.

    Only because Verstappen damaged his front wing while pushing and he ruined his tyres a few laps to early again did he lose P2. Which all happened well after the pit stop really. So hardly “foregone”.

    If Verstappen had held it together it would have been a foregone conclusion that Verstappen would take P2.

  27. Solid 7 for me, about as good as it gets when the podium isn’t really in doubt.

  28. Turned out to be as dull as one could predict with the same track hosting races back-to-back. With the nature of F1, optimising everything becomes much easier if you have a decent baseline from 7 days ago, and I think at one point during the race the teams ran pretty much in order, apart from two or three cars; something even the somewhat mixed grid produced by the wet quali could not prevent.

  29. A 4/10, and maybe I am being too generous. The race was extremely dull. Nothing happened basically, until lap 70. Seeing the “fight” between Max and Bottas was interesting, but we knew he made no chance to hold the position against the much faster Merc. It wasn’t a fair fight.

    I hope Hungary can bring more.

  30. Admittedly nowhere near the excitement levels that we received last week, but it was still a fascinating race that will set in motion some interesting events for Formula 1.5 going forward and it still kept me hooked through the race. Yes I know the main focus is the winner but we a huge amount of thoroughly excellent battles throughout the field between positions 4-18.
    a generous 8/10

  31. 6/10 for me. A bit dull compared to last week. Never really much doubt over first 3 for a lot of the race.

    The last couple of laps redeemed it and there were some good intra-teams battles e.g Perez-Stroll and Ocon-Ricciardo.

    Another great drive by Lando and McLaren generally look the most improved team.

  32. It would have been a 5 from me if not for those last 2 laps.

  33. Lots of action, especially in midfield, I liked it but I just can’t rate a 1-2 mercedes high, think in normal circumstances 8, here 7.

  34. The last 6 laps were 10/10.

  35. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
    13th July 2020, 11:00

    I went for a 7. Quite an enjoyable race I thought.

    Although there was no serious challenge for the lead, there was a fight for 2nd which I thought would be a stale-mate until the final few laps – good battle there (however ruined slightly by DRS).

    The midfield was exciting and I really enjoyed seeing several team-mates going wheel to wheel (Ferrari, Williams, Renault, McLaren, Racing Point and possibly Alpha Romeo?). Some great battles for points and whilst I did find the DRS too powerful after turn 3, it did allow cars to move up the field quicker and meant for some great racing in the final few laps. Both Racing Points charging through the field was great to watch as well as Norris on the move at the end.

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