RaceFans image: How Sebastian Vettel could look as an Aston Martin driver

Vettel tipped to join Aston Martin F1 team for 2021 season

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel has been linked to a move to Racing Point for the 2021 F1 season, when it will become Aston Martin.

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Comment of the day

Phil isn’t optimistic Vettel will be in F1 next year:

I feel a little sorry for Vettel. I cannot really see much of a future in F1 for him though, even if he takes a year out.

I guess there might be a vacancy at one of the slower teams come the end of 2021. I mean possibly Haas or Alfa Romeo. Raikkonen cannot go on forever. But then would Vettel really want to take one of these? 2022 does bring a huge change in regulations of course so I guess there might be an opportunity for these teams to show sudden improvement.

If he wants to keep racing though he is likely to have to look outside of F1. A bit of a sad way to end his career.
Phil Norman (@phil-f1-21)

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Main image: RaceFans impression of how Vettel could look in Aston Martin overalls.

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  • 78 comments on “Vettel tipped to join Aston Martin F1 team for 2021 season”

    1. That photo of Seb is edited TOO well.

      1. ikr, usually in these edits the shoulder width always feels odd. Here it’s looks exactly like Seb’s.

      2. @saturnvf1 @sravan-pe The color of his Ferrari racing suit is changed. Why would his shoulder width change?

        1. Ah didn’t think about that. And here I was stupidly wondering where they got those green overalls from *facepalm*

      3. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        15th July 2020, 11:47


        I would say the 100% black background makes the edit look, well, edited. You can tell that this picture probably wasn’t originally taken with this background. In terms of the suit, that has indeed been done perfectly.

    2. Will you be sponsoring the team?

      1. Not sure if the Racefans marketing budget complies with current F1 caps.

        1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
          15th July 2020, 1:19

          Maybe Lawrence Stroll has added another brand to his portfolio.

      2. ah damn it, didn’t see your comment and made the same joke below

        just glad I’m not alone in this boat

    3. It would be frustrating in the extreme to see Perez kicked out of F1 while Stroll remains in his seat. For that reason alone I very much hope Vettel instead decides to retire or take a sabbatical.

      However… if he does indeed sign, then – Perez to Red Bull? Surely an upgrade on Albon, who needed more time at Toro Rosso really.

      1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
        15th July 2020, 1:05

        Perez to Red Bull, now that’s a thought…

        As brilliant as Verstappen is, he does seem a little isolated (for want of a better word) with such inexperienced teammates as Albon and Gasly. I don’t see how Max gains anything from having slow, angst-ridden young teammates preoccupied with just keeping their seat for the short-term future.

        1. It could be said Vestappen and his ego likes it this way, him having the undisputed top position in the team and being unchallenged. I think this is a massive mistake if he really wants to be a WDC, you cant do it alone.

          This is where Merc and Ferrari (In the past) have shined and win the WDC multiple times. They have drivers that can both win, one just gets a further ahead in points winning the championship. This is because the no.2 driver has the ability to win as well and the two of them control the front of the grid. The quali, the starting positions, the blocking, pitstop timing, strategy….etc; all this greatly increases your chance of winning the WDC and its proven. Verstappen is instead trying to do it alone and it will simply not work. They simply don’t have the absolute dominant winning car to gobble up all the points, no one has for many years.

          Verstappen is no doubt a brilliant driver capable of winning and people ripping Albon is unjustified, its just Verstappen is that much better than most of the drivers. Putting in Perez may yield some better results but seriously doubt he can put in the same timing and finishes that Verstappen has or even come close and Perez is a good driver; so is Albon just greener.

          Verstappen and Red Bull will never win a championship or even come in 2nd without finding someone who can challenge Verstappen and also win races. Verstappen needs to cool the ego and work on finding an excellent 2nd driver for the team and then work with him.

      2. I would like to see Norris at Red Bull. I’m sure Norris would be very close to Verstappen – or even vice versa!

        1. No…Norris needs to stay put and get a Merc engine! Now that will be some race up front with Max, Norris, and Hamilton. Given everything that’s going on in the world, I guess it wouldn’t be strange to have Alonso and Vettel fighting in the midpack.

      3. @tflb, Perez and Verstappen at Red Bull would be a really tasty driver lineup, in my view! I don’t realistically think it could happen, but would love to see how the two stack up against each other—and how “nicely” they would play together.

    4. Albon is doing totally fine. I don’t get what’s with the “needs more Toro Rosso time (Alpha Tauri, I guess)”. He’s been scrapping with Hamilton regularly, and is clearly the *kind* of risk-taking, aggressive driver Red Bull is looking for.

      It *sucks* that Vettel to AM means Perez, who saved the team, is likely out. That’d be a huge injustice. Still, I can’t imaging Stroll booting Stroll. :/ my only other hope is that Stroll’s pockets are deep enough to also poach Newey, and that Perez finds a seat at some team that’s capable of a 2022 surprise performance.

      1. Yeah, fine, never on the podium while driving the second best car on the grid. Besides, he’s regularly half a second slower than Vestappen. We barely see him fighting for top positions, which is pretty bad considering he’s a Red Bull driver. I don’t think he’s much better than Gasly was, but at the same time he faces no critic at all from the so-called pundits. I suppose his ties to the UK help there.

        1. He almost won 1.5 weeks ago and finished 7 seconds behind his highly rated teammate on sunday. When he gets on the podium or wins you will find something else to complain about.

          1. pastaman (@)
            15th July 2020, 5:01

            7 seconds after Verstappen was able to make an extra pit stop…

          2. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
            15th July 2020, 5:42

            Almost won after lucking into a safety car window which erased the 14 second gap built by the Mercs.
            Finished 7 seconds behind after Max made an extra pitstop.

          3. kpcart firstly, you’ve got the gap wrong – it was an 11 second gap, not 7 seconds.

            Secondly, and more importantly, that was only after Verstappen made a late pit stop to put on soft tyres for a fastest lap attempt – something he could afford to do because Albon was so far behind that Verstappen could pit and still comfortably hold onto his place.

            In the first stint alone, Albon dropped 22 seconds behind Verstappen in 24 laps – at it’s maximum, the gap between Albon and Verstappen was about 40 seconds. Furthermore, if you look at the lap times, Albon spent most of that race lapping at the same speed as McLaren’s and Racing Point’s – if you do a more detailed analysis, his pace was awful for about 57 laps of that race and only became competitive when Perez started pressuring him for position.

          4. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t really matter if he gets on the podium that much, though it is required if RBR ever wants to win a WCC over other teams. But currently that’s not really a thing they should be worried about. What is a problem, with Albon’s current pace is that it makes Verstappen completely vulnerable to pit strategy of Mercedes. Since Hamilton and Bottas both don’t need to worry about falling behind Albon after their pit-stop because Albon loses so much time they’re well ahead of him coming out of the pits, they can easily opt for an undercut on Verstappen whenever it’s needed were Verstappen to lead a race. It could even lead to situations like Hungary last year, where Gasly’s slow pace made it easy for Merc to put Hamilton on fresh and fast tires, making Verstappen a sitting duck. Had pitting Hamilton put him behind Gasly, the tactic might not have worked (disregarding how easy an overtake Gasly was at that point in that car) and they wouldn’t even have attempted it.

            This is the real problem for Red Bull, Max can win races on his own, but it would be a lot easier for him if he had a good second to back him up and currently, Albon is not that.

        2. I think he’s seriously better than Gasly was at handling the pressure of being at Red Bull. He’s been finishing races at higher positions than I remember Gasly doing.

          1. Of course he’s better than Gasly, but that still might not be good enough.

          2. @JeroenJ 4th is the highest both have achieved thus far while at Red Bull Racing (Gasly finished 4th in Silverstone). Overall, though, Albon’s finishing-positions have been more consistent over his races at RBR than Gasly’s in the first twelve races of last season, and add to that, he’s also struggled less in traffic and getting past slower cars than his predecessor. Finally, he also struggles less with adjusting to different cars as was evident last season with the in-season swap. He got to grips better with the RB15 than Gasly despite doing his first race in that car without having had a chance to test it beforehand as his predecessor had with the pre-season testing, as well as, full off-season worth of preparation. If Gasly were to be put into the RB16 now, I doubt it’d be any different from him starting last season with the team following full off-season and pre-season testing. Kvyat is a bit less clear about how it might be for him if he were to change teams with Albon now. Nevertheless, changing drivers during a season is very easy, maybe too easy unless nothing else would change. Doing a driver-swap wouldn’t automatically guarantee the desired outcome, so better to keep all three in the teams with which they started the season, and did pre-season testing, etc.

    5. We’re only 2 races in but is the 2020 season the season of no team orders for any team? There have been quite a few instances where team orders would have helped a team but none have been given. Week 1 If HAM was swapped with BOT, HAM might have finish 3rd. This past week if RIC was given a pass, his finish could have been different.

      1. McLaren gave team orders for Norris to pass Sainz. But the lack of team orders has been good for battles like we saw at Renault for instance.

      2. @jimfromus Hold on to that thought.
        I am pretty sure we’ll get some entertainment with team orders at Renault and maybe AlphaTauri.

      3. @jimfromus don’t forget Sainz let norris past and it really made his race and benefited the team. I’m sure their apparently good personal relationship helped make this happen more easily – a salutary lesson for team bosses.

      4. Jack (@jackisthestig)
        15th July 2020, 12:46

        Mercedes and Renault aren’t bothering when they’re racing for wins and strong points finishes but Haas are using team orders multiple times in a single race to secure 12th and 13th place.

    6. Regarding Vettel to AM. People seem to think Perez would be the sacrificed driver, but is he really? Let see some facts:
      1.-Perez has a current contract until 2022, with an exit clause that must be executed prior to July 31 of this year.
      2.-If RP wants to sack Perez they must: either buy him out of a contract ($$$) OR find him a more competitive seat (in this case no payout occurs). No better seats are available as far as I know…
      3.- Vettel knows this, so in order to increase the chance of RP giving him a better deal $$ he leaks info to German media to put pressure on Lawrence Stroll.
      4.-Vettel is not cheap. RP/AM will need to pay good money to get his services. AND also they would need to pay Perez a generous buyout.
      5.-Stroll has to report to a Board of Shareholders (he is not the only owner nor has absolute power), so needs to find what would be a better economic interest for the business: pay Vettel + buyout Checo + pay Checo for 2020 + lose Checo’s sponsorship money for 2021-2022 VERSUS paying to find a seat elsewhere for Lance for the next 2 yrs (Williams or Hass) ?

      Im not sure its Checo the driver in jeopardy.

      1. How do you know perez’s contract and exit clause dates? Are you his manager?

        1. @kpcart Perez signed a three year contract last year. the exit clause info is news to me too.

          1. @webtel The exit clause is central to the Bild article.

            1. That’s new to me, @f1osaurus.
              Bild is not known to have any ‘central’ part to their clickbait stories.
              Weird indeed they are still referenced here (and some other more respected media not).

            2. ˙(ʇou ɐᴉpǝɯ pǝʇɔǝdsǝɹ ǝɹoɯ ɹǝɥʇo ǝɯos puɐ) ǝɹǝɥ pǝɔuǝɹǝɟǝɹ llᴉʇs ǝɹɐ ʎǝɥʇ pǝǝpuᴉ pɹᴉǝM
              ˙sǝᴉɹoʇs ʇᴉɐqʞɔᴉlɔ ɹᴉǝɥʇ oʇ ʇɹɐd ’lɐɹʇuǝɔ‘ ʎuɐ ǝʌɐɥ oʇ uʍouʞ ʇou sᴉ plᴉq
              ˙snɹnɐsoƖɟ@ ‘ǝɯ oʇ ʍǝu s’ʇɐɥ┴

            3. @coldfly Ha, ha, ok.

              Maybe a better phrasing is the claim that this clause exists in Perez’ contract is the “thumb” (or ass?) they sucked/pulled this story out of.

      2. MB (@muralibhats)
        15th July 2020, 4:40

        After writing all this .. you say that you are not sure ? :)

      3. Also Vettel won’t be better than Perez. BMW let him go because they considered him, although extremely fast in a clear track, unsuitable to drive in traffic which he will have to do in an Aston Martin. How is that 13 years later (and with ample evidence) people and teams still don’t get it?

        1. @J_Oliver BMW didn’t ‘let him go’ as he only ever was there on-loan by Red Bull. He did some Friday sessions and that one race substituting for Kubica, and later that season became a regular Toro Rosso-driver.

        2. “BMW let him go” thank God, now he’s 4x WDC and No 3 on all time win list, I bet vettel doesn’t sleep bc of that. You’re a clown.

      4. just for a bit of context, ‘Bild’ is probably about the German equivalent of ‘the Sun’ so i’d call this unreliable at best

      5. As with Williams, it would be much better if nepotism wasn’t part of F1. I can’t remember there being a worse time for it. Say what you like about tobacco sponsorship, but they supported talent.

      6. With that, and how good Perez is, it seems odd that Vettel would be considered, unless it’s only for prestige (having a multiple champion in your team).

      7. I seem to recall that the reason Perez was able to start the financial proceedings that got rid of Mallya was because he was owed millions in back pay, and so could be counted as a creditor to the team. I wonder if the team has actually paid him that money yet, or whether they’d have to account for that too when terminating his contract?

      8. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        15th July 2020, 15:42

        Maybe Stroll will adopt Vettel and he’ll race as Sebastian Stroll:-)

        1. Still cheaper than dumping Perez. Having two sons racing (one adopted) and let both do practice sessions, the fastest one gets the seat for the qualy and race.

    7. Jockey Ewing
      15th July 2020, 3:13

      But Aston Martin is owned by Daimler even if Mr Stroll buys their F1 team.
      So imo they won’t hire such a top tier engineer to a second team. Sadly there is a point beyond which too much interlinkage of business interests would provide less honest racing. Luckily I can enjoy battles for midfield and lower positions too. Imagine having 2 manufacturer teams and 3-3 supplied teams of them with decided priority
      based on financial interests and having 3 cars per team, most of the strategies calculated on the fly by AI, those battles would be very heavily based on strategy, and many actions avoided.

      Loosing Perez would not look good for F1, i’m not sure at all if Vettel would beat him (although that would be an amazing pairing), because Vettel had too much years without the successes he slightly luckily got used to after Red Bull emerged to the top. Those RB car’s were quite unrivalled, looking like the best Ferraris and Mercedeses. Webber was not as bad at all as many percieve him, his career was the opposite of Vettel, instead of very early successes he beat most of his teammates at weaker teams, and then the first time he got a great car, he got the young and hyper motivated Vettel as a teammate aswell. Likely both career trajecory and opportunities were affected their motivations.
      For Perez if he has to leave, financially and opportunity-wise a top drive at Indycar would not be less than a midfield F1 drive. Indy would get a very good competitor then.

      1. Jockey Ewing
        15th July 2020, 3:14

        I mean +1 to Seppo.

        1. He literally finished second on 2015, 2017 and 2018 to an unbeatable Mercedes. That doesn’t count as success?

          1. Jockey Ewing
            15th July 2020, 17:05

            2017 and 2018 was nice by him, but he still was one of the luckiest drivers of F1 to get into that phantastic Red Bull in his 3rd season, and even if many can accept being 2nd or 3rd for a while he probably not took it as easy as many would. Look at Kimi, he supported him for years without a word in public, and he still loves F1 as a hobby, and still great. I like Seb as a guy, because he seems friendly, and adorable off track (most often), but I think some rest or some new challenge would be better for him compared to loosing Perez to the fans. Perez is younger, never had better than a midfield car, and delivered quite consistently throughout his career. Imo he’s not being signed by a better teams is partially due to those team’s first driver’s will, because he’s too good, and said to be not super easy to get along with. If F1 would become cheaper, it still could deliver nice racing, and could have more teams to be filled with youngsters and should-be-there-guys. I like and respect most of the competitors, because it’s still a very dangerous sport, but it’s a bit too much about brands and money, politics and diplomacy instead of being a bit more obviously honestly :) So as the world, it’s still not heading towards a really good? direction.

      2. Jockey Ewing, Daimler is not even remotely close to “owning” Aston Martin – Daimer’s stake is only 4% of non-voting shares, meaning their stake is a fraction of Investindustrial (an Italian investment company that owns 33% of Aston Martin) or the Kuwait Investor Group (28%) – and those parties, unlike Daimler, have voting rights.

        To put that in perspective, it would be like claiming that Renault owns Daimler because Renault has a similar sized shareholding in Daimler – which I am sure you would agree doesn’t make sense.

        Robert, in some ways you contradict yourself by claiming the Mercedes was “unbeatable”, only to then show it could be beaten. Semantics aside, many would question whether, in 2017 and 2018, the Mercedes was as “unbeatable” as you assert it was. There were races that could have been won by Ferrari with better strategies and more co-operation between their drivers – the 2018 Italian GP, for example – such that there are those who feel that Ferrari could have, with a more co-ordinated effort from themselves and their drivers, taken the chances they had in 2017 and 2018.

        1. Daimer’s stake is only 4% of non-voting shares

          And that is in Aston Martin the road car company (AML); not in Racing Point, which is (still) a totally independent organisation.
          So far AML only confirmed title sponsorship for Racing point from 2021.

        2. Jockey Ewing
          15th July 2020, 16:10

          Ty I only read a bit about that, and misjudged that they bough up much higher share based on the size difference of the obviously giant Daimler and the much smaller Aston Martin. Aston Martin makes very pretty cars, but do they have more financial power than for example McLaren? I percieve those two’s opportunities quite similar, they output similar amount of at about similar road cars, and both will be supplied with Mercedes engines. So nice but they will not be the independent and still very strong entires that they could had been decades before. Unless F1 will have less manufacturer teams in the future. I would like to see factories only suppliying engines and gearboxes. Although Ferrari always built their own cars, so that never been simple or easy to regulate in that aspect.

    8. Paul Villanueva
      15th July 2020, 5:53

      I really dont’t think this Sebastian could do better than Checo in a Midfield car. I would love to see Checo in RedBull. Lets see maybe it is only a rummor. Or is Lance going out?

      1. I agree with this. Racing Point would have to pay a lot of money to get Perez out of his contract, then a lot more because Vettel would demand a higher wage. They would also lose all Perez’s sponsorship money and all this for a driver who is probably not much better than Perez, and might even be worse in a midfield car. Swapping Vettel for Stroll would make more sense as Racing Point need two good drivers if they are going to be a front running team, but I think this is unlikely.

        1. All drivers lose their touch at some point. Vettel’s time has come. Perez is a better driver. Unless Vettel can bring in a lot more cash than Perez they’ll hang on to what they’ve got.

    9. Lance out? Depends on where they see their F1 business needs and what Daddy’s priority is. Better business would be Lance out, Vettel (Or An Other) in. I like Seb, but I think he is done, time for something else.

    10. Ping-pong battles would ensue.

    11. I would want to see checo in a red bull.

    12. Red Bull aren’t going to take anyone from outside of their pool. Webber & Bourdais were the last non-juniors.

      Felix Rosenqvist won a race at Road America last weekend: let’s put him in a Red Bull (not going to happen for 2021).

      Perez is a good (not great) driver with a sack of cash; he’ll find a place somewhere like Haas or Sauber (Alfa naming deal running out soon?).

    13. Thank you for comment of the day @keithcollantine. It doesn’t seem to have aged very well in 24 hours though ;-)

      The Vettel story is only a rumour though and one that has been previously denied. I think it would be very, very harsh on Perez to lose his seat. If this is true maybe Lawrence Stroll will do a deal with another team to take him though. It’s unlikely to be a step up the ladder though is it.

      I really cannot see Perez going to Red Bull. I think it more likely Vettel went back there than Perez.

    14. RaceFans is going to be a sponsor in the Vettel-Aston Martin deal?

    15. G (@unklegsif)
      15th July 2020, 9:55

      Lots of comments about Checo to Red Bull… however Red Bull are too belligerently stuck to their “Young Driver Programme” to pay money for a driver from the outside. Can you imagine how big the slice of humble pie that Marko would have to swallow? It would be a complete kick in the teeth for him, and effectively render him inadequate to bring in an external driver.
      Ergo, never gonna happen

      The fact that Vettel has openly fallen out of love with F1, never really fitted in with the razzmatazz-a-jazz unless he was winning, and even then sloped off quietly after the balloons had been popped, means I think he is VERY unlikely to start all over again, at a midfield team, big cheques or not
      Ergo, Vettel will retire, and the Checo / Lance pairing will continue

    16. I doubt Vettel would go to Aston Martin for three reasons:
      1) Vettels seems like he needs a break, his driving and interviews seem like his is retired of F1
      2) I doubt racing point would let go of Perez, he is more than capable of winning a championship should they give him such a car
      3) And regarding lance stroll… well he owns the team so i think hes safe

    17. So far Vettel is not doing himself any favors to save face.
      For a driver of his reputation and history he should have either agreed in secret with any team after he found out Ferrari was letting him go, and just anounce it when it was a done deal like Ferrari-Sainz or McLaren-Ricciardo did, and save himself over comments like “hey, i’m available, look me” until every competitive team fill their empty seats and just say politely “thanks but no thanks”… or he should have announce his retirement/sabbatical.

      That being said and irrespective of whether replacing Perez for Vettel is a good/just move from Aston Martin’s/the sport’s perspective, if Vettel does end up there, although it might seem like a desperate move to the midfield at the moment, in the not so long future it looks like a more sensible move than the Alonso-Renault one (the other former champion that is coming back in the midfield).
      • Aston Martin (former Force India-current Racing Point) have a good history with producing good cars with very limited budget, they have some very skilled people working on their aero department and with more cash flow from Stroll Sr. and with the budget cap coming that is starting from next year, they really could become a regular podium-win challenger.
      • They also have Mercedes engines, which after Ferrari were caught doing something ‘shady’ with theirs, it’s now the best of the 4 without a doubt, certainly better than Renault’s works team. The engine formula is going to stay the same for a few more years with Mercedes most likely to stay at the top, so they won’t have to worry about engine woes like Red Bull-Honda, Renault, or Ferrari do.
      • They are rumored to hire some top people to run the team. Wolff is rumored to move there, Newey was also rumored to do the same at some point. Even if none of them do move, i wouldn’t count that Stroll Sr. would lure some key people to join the Aston Martin project and run the team better. It certainly looks a more sensible project to work on than an Abiteboul-run Renault team, bound by what the board in France decides to do.
      • If Vettel replaces Perez and partners up with Stroll, then he’ll get to be the alpha driver like he likes to, most likely unopposed by Lance and thus one less thing to worry about. He has tons more experience in the setup than Lance and could steer the design process of the new car to a car of his style as opposed in Ferrari where they seemed to have made compromises to suit both drivers’ opposing driving styles. He will also get to a more relaxed enviroment like in the Red Bull days, free from the political and emotional nightmare that was/is/will be Ferrari.

      At the end, what seems like a desparate move at the moment, could be a very good and sensible move where he could, certainly not battle for championships, but bring back the ‘old’ Vettel and fight for wins and enjoy his last years in F1.

    18. What’s the deal with Lance Stroll. How long can Lance remain in f1 thanks to Daddy owning the team? Is it essentially a permanent seat? Does this mean he will be on the grid for the next 10-15 years?

      1. Correct. His contract has an ‘indefinite’ term according to SkyF1

    19. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      15th July 2020, 12:38

      Wrong call… Vettel to Red Bull is the obvious choice.

    20. Lance to Mercedes, Perez and Vetel at Aston Martin…

    21. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      15th July 2020, 13:09

      If Vettel was to join Racing Point/Aston Martin in the place of Stroll, a Vettel/Perez lineup would actually be pretty formidable. But if he’s joining in the place of Perez, a Vettel/Stroll lineup is very underwhelming and given who owns the team, it’s probably the more likely option. Perez’s shown a lot of loyalty to that team and if stories are to be believed if it wasn’t for him that team might not even exist now. Kicking him out would be a pretty bitter thing to do.

      Got to admit I find myself disliking Stroll even more. The guy’s in his 4th season of F1 and has barely improved. I have no ill will to Vettel joining the team – in fact I think it’d be great, but at the expense of Perez? That’s not good at all.

    22. Highly doubt there’s anything to this rumour.

        1. It’s being reported my multiple journalists ATM. Mind you, nothing signed yet, but still…

          ESPN Mexico also now reporting Perez’s agents have been in contact with Haas and Alfa Romeo lately.

    23. No more pictures of drivers getting penetrated, please!

    24. Perez in a Red Bull would be fantastic I reckon, but would he get near Max? Im not sure many drivers would

    25. playstation361
      16th July 2020, 12:25

      I hope Vettel takes a good decision.

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