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Slight chance of showers in earlier-than-usual Hungarian GP weekend

2020 Hungarian Grand Prix weather

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Due to the disruption which has affected the 2020 F1 calendar, the Hungarian Grand Prix is being held earlier than originally planned.

It’s only been moved forward by two weeks, which shouldn’t mean dramatic changes in the weather. While the weather should be warm as usual, there is a risk of showers over the upcoming three days of action.

But if rain does arrive, the conditions should be nothing like as severe as the deluge which poured on the Red Bull Ring last Saturday.

The weather conditions will get progressively hotter over the three coming days at the Hungaroring, consistently in the low-to-mid twenties, peaking at around 23-24C on race day. This is only a couple of degrees cooler than last year’s race, though it translated into track temperatures in the mid-40s on the dark asphalt recently laid at this track.

Most forecasts indicate Friday’s running is likeliest to remain dry. A few showers are possible on Saturday and at the moment Sunday has the highest risk of precipitation. As these will only be light showers, and the conditions will be otherwise warm with patches of sunshine, whatever rain does fall is likely to dry up quickly. The risk of rain will be highest at around midday.

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2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

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5 comments on “Slight chance of showers in earlier-than-usual Hungarian GP weekend”

  1. A little bit of rain could spice things up nicely!

    I was at the Hungaroring in 2014 when rain led to Magnussen at turn 1 in qualifying. The changing conditions caught him and a few others it big time!

  2. (Crashing at turn 1!)

  3. The tarmac was resurfaced back in 2016, but was it resurfaced again later to clarify? I don’t recall it getting another one more recently. Silverstone got re-laid both for 2018 and last year, and Circuit de Catalunya for 2018, and Interlagos for 2014. These are examples of this type from the hybrid era.

  4. playstation361
    16th July 2020, 12:28

    I dont want things to get worse.

  5. Not that it means much at the moment but the forecast for Sunday says about 50% chance of rain during the race, hopefully this will increase as we get nearer to the race.

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