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Rate the race: 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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58 comments on “Rate the race: 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix”

  1. Another decent race and this time with mixed conditions.

  2. Bottas jump start lack of penalty proves that he’s the only real threat to Hamilton and FIA can’t allow him to get a huge gap of points to maintain the current championship farce.

    Lewis took 4 seconds in the first lap from the 2nd one, then managed the gap again like he’s been doing since 2014, and still managed to lap all but two (on a different car).

    Time to “ban” Mercedes as they did with F2004

    1. I mean, Bottas didn’t cross his grid box before the start and was stationary on lights out. Not a jump start, just a poor one.

      1. What if that move put others off, it should be treated like a twitch in athletics and a straight drive through penalty if you move after you’ve stopped in your box.
        Race was okay, a solid 6 although top 2 was boring.

        1. It looks to me like it affected Perez’s start.

        2. Yes, that’s possibly something I agree on, but with the current regulations Bottas was correctly not penalized.

  3. Hard to see any other team winning a race this year… is it bad to hope for at least 1 repeat of Spain 2016? Lewis looking pretty bulletproof yet again.

  4. Needed more rain or a safety car to bunch up the field.

  5. DAllein (@)
    19th July 2020, 15:54

    10 from me

    Hectic start, steady nice race afterwards, plenty of pitstops, different strategies. Love it

  6. Loads of tension, but nothing to watch.
    Mercedes are 1s+ quicker than everyone, it seems. Lewis deserves his title, but quite boring to watch, honestly. Hope RB can take the fight to him.

    If overtaking was a bit easier, races would be fun to watch, considering how tight midfield is, hopefully they can borrow a few things from Formula 2.

    1. YankeeF1 (@)
      20th July 2020, 15:17

      ^this. There was lingering tension of “oh let’s see what happens when it rains in 10 minutes”, but honestly the result was never in doubt. Their pace gives so much of a cushion that it’s borderline impossible to screw up a strategy

      Safety cars, rain, unforced driver errors (e.g. Valtteri’s false start)…it really sucks that we have to pray for these random circumstances to happen, because without them we just have an inevitable Merc 1-2, and they’ll be 30+ secs clear of the field.

      It’s much more interesting to watch the midfield battle at the moment.

  7. I wonder if Merc are getting bored of there own dominance…


    1. Yup the way Bottas cleared the field to get up into second was like a knife through butter.

  8. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    19th July 2020, 15:55

    The only good thing I’d say from that race was Magnussen grabbing points for Haas. Apart from that it was exceptionally boring.

  9. This race depended on rain coming in the middle, unfortunately it didn’t but the start was good so a 6

  10. Never entertaining again since 2015.

  11. A solid 7, I would say…shame that the threat of rain didn’t materialize, but certainly more entertaining than the Styrian Grand Prix.

  12. 5/10.. maybe Mercedes can try to win all the races in a season and set a new record.

  13. Didn’t find it very exciting, Lewis lapped everyone except for Max, Bottas and Stroll. Wasn’t too much of interest happening in the midfield either for the majority of the race.

  14. As mediocre as a wet-dry race could possibly be. No battles at all for the top 3 (although Bottas would’ve challenged with one more lap). The only unpredictability was whether rain would come again. It didn’t.

    Shame to see almost no drivers on the lead lap.

    3/10 for me.

  15. Incredible hats off to Mercedes and their team. This car is a phenomenon, should win every race. VB just isn’t consistent throughout a weekend to beat Lewis & im not sure how he can rectify that. Good job from Verstappen, but anyone that thinks RBR are a threat needs a reality check. Ricciardo did well as did the RPs. A dark day for Ferrari, major talks will have to happen at the Scuderia. 6.5/10

    1. I don’t really think Mercedes needs Bottas to be better than 2nd fastest to Lewis. They want him as a wingman and Bottas is really good at that. Lewis Hamilton wins races and championships, Bottas a solid number two in the standings, Mercedes winning the WCC. It’s perfect harmony at Mercedes.

      1. I understand that from Mercedes standpoint. But Bottas is in a car that will win the championship, from his point of view he surely has to extract 110% out of himself every weekend because he’ll never get this opportunity. I just want more from him to give us a close championship

  16. Does it have any point watching races? It’s like watching football matches with one team going 4-0 up by the 15th minute. Okay, behind Merc there are battles etc but is F1 all about watching drivers battle for 6th every time? I don’t think so.

    I now more than understand those cheering for “anyone but Schumacher” back in the early 2000s. But now it lasts at least twice as long.

    At least no dominant Merc and Hamilton win next week. (no race)

    1. @f1mre Ferrari had ample opportunity to break the Mercedes stretch in 2017 and 2018 though. If they had had a driver capable of of not crashing/spinning when put under the least bit of pressure that is.

      2019 Ferrari also had a car capable of winning in Bahrain, Baku, Canada, Austria, Russia, Japan and Mexico. Yet they tripped, spun, stumbled or whatever in all those races.

      It’s not the cars that made seasons “boring” from 2017 to 2019.

      2020 looks like Mercedes domination again yes, but on the other hand, Albon could have won the first race.

      1. Come on…

      2. Don’t agree with you on some of those points, namely 2018 and driver errors – it was a failed upgrade from the Singapore Grand Prix which has written Ferrari off from the title fight. And let’s not forget their questionable strategy from the Monza qualifying. Yes, Vettel did mistakes, but they started to mount after the team began to repeat procedural and strategic mistakes and Vettel had suddenly more than just Hamilton to fight.

        1. Exactly. Vettel was driving very solid until his team started messing things up, and when he felt he had to overdrive the car because they weren’t quick enough. This goes unmentioned a lot. Vettel made a wrong choice going to Ferrari. He should have stayed at Red Bull or should have gone to Mercedes.

          Ferrari is way too unstable of a team.

      3. @f1osaurus
        This again, 2019 Mercedes had superior Race Pace
        In Belgium which was all in Ferrari’s favour, it still took Vettel holding up Lewis and Leclerc still won by a small margin. One more lap he’d have been toast.
        Monza, a power track absolutely suited to Ferrari’s low drag powerful engine SF90H and Leclerc still had to work for it
        And note in both of these races there were no strategic errors or pitlane errors.
        I read your comment, sigh, type a few words and move on.
        If you believe that, good for you everyone has beliefs and they are all different and we believe them to be facts
        Maybe you’re right maybe I’m wrong

  17. It wasn’t a bad race, it was the result and the way it was achieved that’s very frustrating. Lewis is so much better than Bottas, and the Mercedes is so much better than the rest that any kind of excitement has to come from midfield drivers battling it out.

    And to top it off, you see cringy screenshots of Nico Rosberg being excited and raising his fits, and those ridiculous AWS graphics… Sigh…

    1. Not bad, but not good either. It was a traffic jam, basically.

  18. I thought the race was pretty fun.

    Some good racing through the mid-field & a couple very good from miles back late braking overtakes into T1 & some good side by side racing through T2/3.

    Yeah Lewis ran off into the distance & was never challenged but there is more to a race than what’s going on at the very front & I look at the full field & the racing going on throughout it rather than simply P1.

    1. I also still really don’t like this point for fastest lap as I still think it’s largely an irrelevant stat that I really don’t think is deserving of a point. Especially when you can pit for fresh tyres with a few laps left & basically get it by default.

      1. I agree that the race was pretty decent @stefmeister. Hardly any time I had a feeling of being bored. Certainly better than what we could expect after qualifying. Bottas did us a bit of a favour with his almost false start, it gave Max the chance to jump ahead into 3rd quick enough to build up a gap that Bottas wasn’t able to get back to after he had picked off the guys that got ahead of him at the start.

      2. It does mean instead of all cars cruising to the end there is a mad dash from some to get the fastest lap.

  19. The FIA doesn’t care about the core fan base. They only care about Hamilton and Max. Jump start doesn’t even get investigated, merc sabotage Bottas strategy, Max changes the car under parc ferme rules, they must check if they did not do it on purpose and regardless there are rules, because nobody would think of it if there was a penaly for it. I’d crash too if I had the set up all wrong. DRS is for wwe not f1. FOM I’d like to see the cars race to the flag, then the radio, feel like fom is trying to get me sold on something, not f1 definitely not f1.

    1. @peartree

      Max changes the car under parc ferme rules

      You are allowed to repair damage as long as you use parts of an identical spec.

      There have been a few occasions in the past where teams have changed parts on the grid due to damage.

      1. @stefmeister yes that is correct, but since components from the front suspension were changed it begs to question, what set-up, what values were used for the front suspension? We know that the parts should be as close as the originals but the set up is completely unknown to the fia.
        @f1osaurus what misunderstanding? yours, must be. By core fans I meant people that watch f1, not phenb0yz, I don’t care for one particular team and decide that the championship is perfect. I don’t know if you realised this, but I criticized the transparency of f1, not merc not RB nor the drivers. Again I repeat, the max shunt is questionable, race direction was silent on the false start and fom kept Lewis’ car live when in my opinion we were better off watching the rest of the race to the line. I made an argument, you did not.

    2. @peartree Actual “core fans” would understand the actual rules though and not complain about their own misunderstanding of said rules.

    3. How do you know what is or isn’t F1 if you don’t even understand the basics?

  20. … processional and predictable, Formula 1 will never be what it once was. Formula 1 best days, well behind her now –

  21. Another almost good race, if you ignore the Mercedez and if you don’t really care who is going to win the race and watch the midfield battles it was a race that was nearly a good one with a few good fights. But for the year to be a fore gone conclusion already after such a long wait for it to start is another nail in F1’s coffin, given these cars are going to be the same next year I think its time to save a bit of cash and cancel the sky package.

    1. hahaha that F1’s coffin must be running out of wood for nails.

  22. Race seemed promising at the beginning even though Hamilton already had pulled 3 seconds away before the first lap was over. But it turned out to be another dull race with some bits of poise by some drivers.

  23. A race without a fight for the win, I will never rate higher than 7. There were great battles everywhere. Great driving by Sainz and Verstappen. Dared call by Haas! So I rate this a 7/10. Too bad there was no rain. Could have spiced it up even at the front.

  24. 8/10 for me, interesting first few laps with the damp conditions and then the last laps were interesting to see if Bottas could get 2nd.

  25. I enjoyed the race (7/10). Why any Formula 1 fan would complain given it’s lucky we have a season this year beats me. But anyhow, defocus from the fact Mercedes have won both titles already, and the racing is really pretty good. Aside from the top 3 being more or less pre-established, the rest is a big unknown and it was great to see the likes of Norris and Leclerc racing each other with style.

    1. Complaining is what F1 fans like to do most.

  26. I actually thought this was an entertaining race. Yes Lewis always had it in the bag, there was no question. But throughout the field there were lots of good battles, involving most teams.

  27. Got to see Ferrari and McLaren fighting like in the old days though.

  28. Average 5/10. Frustrating that apart from the prerace rain, the predicted rain turned out to be the usual “it’s coming in x laps or x minutes” and never shows up.

    Hungaroring is turning out to be a pretty decent race track at times, T1-4 combination works pretty well quite often.

  29. I don’t understand how a race so lopsided that the winner led from start to finish, lapped all but 2 cars and would have won by 30 seconds had he not pitted to get fresh tires to win the fastest lap award gets more than a 2.

    I understand there was some action among the “rest” but hardly exciting. I now record the race and skip through hoping there will be some action up front other than between HAM and BOT, which rarely happens.

    Hopefully potentially great drivers will be able to compete for wins soon but it won’t happen before 2022 as Merc has got the field covered.

  30. Great build up with mixed conditions and watching RBR fix a care that should not have been able to start. But then rapidly turned into a snooze fest for me.
    After lap one it was clear of who wins and with rain not returning i litteralky fell asleep around midway through the race of boredom.

  31. 6/10 for me. The same as last week. There was never any doubt about the winner after 1000 metres.

    A bit more rain would have helped of course. Then there were some interesting mid-field battles but not hugely exciting. Good drive by Verstappen.

  32. 4 for me.

    By current F1 standards I’d give it a 5 or 6, but when compared to F2, Indy and MotoGP the racing nowadays is a joke.

    F1 will always be my favorite sport, but I can’t wait for 2022!

  33. Fun race, verstappen managed to stop at least the mercedes 1-2, I’m giving it 8, however there’s still the performance differential in favour of mercedes, which would bring me to give it less, but there was a lot of action in the midfield, was interesting to see the different performance levels (apart from mercedes which were way too fast), with red bull, racing point and ferrari as probably the 2nd, 3rd, 4th fastest teams in the race, considering what both drivers did.

  34. It was a decent race. Shame we will remember it as Lewis driving to Victory unopposed.

  35. playstation361
    21st July 2020, 14:09

    Nice one. Not a lot of rain.

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