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Vettel looking beyond teams’ current performance to decide F1 future

2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel says he is considering more than just how certain teams are performing at the moment to decide his future on F1 after he leaves Ferrari.

The four-times champion has been linked to a move to Racing Point, which will become Aston Martin next year. The team has made an impressive start to the season, sweeping the second row of the grid last weekend at the Hungaroring.

However Vettel said he is considering teams’ future potential when weighing up his options for the 2021 F1 season and beyond.

“At the moment you look and it looks probably great,” he said when asked by Sky about a potential move to Racing Point.

“But I think I’ve been around for such a long time that you try to obviously look beyond that in terms of seeing what might form up and what might not form up along the grid.”

Vettel made it clear he does not want to be confined to the midfield when he leaves Ferrari.

“I want to win,” he said. “So I know that. And I think we all know that at the moment you need to be in a certain car to be able to win.

“That’s probably not in the cards. And then obviously I have to sort of evaluate whether there’s anything that comes close to that.”

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24 comments on “Vettel looking beyond teams’ current performance to decide F1 future”

  1. So, could we get an Alonso – Vettel pairing at Renault? Or is it a message to Wolf that he will sign with Aston Martin now, if he then gets the chance to move to Mercedes once Lewis bows out?

    1. @bascb The first one, no. As for the latter: I don’t think so.

  2. His interview with Martin Brundle was charming to watch:
    “Sebastian, let’s start this conversation in the right tone, with the right amount of respect…”
    (SV): “You’re enormously good looking.”

    As for his future, I think he’s making an insight into what Aston Martin is planning for the future, but he seems to be inclined to go there.

    1. I really like Seb’s character…. he’s often witty and fun in interviews. I find my support of the drivers is split 50/50 with how much I like them on a personal level. It shouldn’t be, but it’s hard not to factor personality into it for individual sports like F1 and tennis….. as a result my favourite drivers are Seb, Ric and Norris. I just wish they were as good as Lewis, Max and Fernando.

      1. Actually make that a 70/30 split between personality/ability

      2. @f-wn
        Why shouldn’t it be? I find it alot more sensible to factor in the personality rather than ability alone or common nationality. They aren’t just soulless drivers but role models who inspire millions of people on a global stage.
        That’s why I also support Vettel. He may not be as good as Hamilton or Alonso, but he is a guy I would actually like to know. Decent, humorous and seemingly proper views. Ric and Norris are also enjoyable, especially the later is growing on me.

        Since you mentioned Tennis, are you a fan? Just curious of who you might support there? :-)

        1. Yeah, I suppose you’re right. There’s no reason one’s support shouldn’t be based on personality. It’s certainly better than nationality. I’m British, but I couldn’t really care less where a driver comes from, unless it’s some real underdog country like….. I’m not sure….. Greenland, perhaps! :)

          It’s a weird one with Vettel. I feel like his in-car personality does his out-of-the car persona an injustice…. but I live in hope that that might change… I also liked Button for his character back when he was racing.

          As for tennis, my favourite is far and away Federer. He combines both personality and talent. I also like Del Potro, and although he’s completely out of it, McEnroe (love his commentary).

          I’m not really a fan of Djokovic, nor Murray. Although I have to say that I do like Murray a lot more since he returned from his injury. He’s much lighter and more fun in interview. But again, although British, I’ll always cheer on Fed.

          1. I personally can’t rule out the nationality factor entirely, as I am German and Schumacher was my childhood hero. But at some point the hyper biased F1 coverage of RTL actually had the opposite effect and I started questioning the whole nationalty thing and didn’t bother about Vettel until his late Red Bull days. But I somehow have a weakness for Japanese drivers.

            Anyhow, picking up on your statement on Vettel. It is the same guy on and off track. But in interviews he is usually in control, and to some degree it’s an act. Recently he emphasised alot on being honest with himself, but he appears to be in some sort of denial when it comes to his driving.

            Ah Federer, is there anybody who doesn’t like him? The guy is a joy to watch and listen to, not in Swiss-German though. :-) I also like Murray alot, but more for his personality rather than his playing. Dominic Thiem is also great on and off the court. But my favourite is Rafa.

  3. playstation361
    21st July 2020, 8:27

    I wish things remain the same in terms of current scenario.

  4. It’s fair that Vettel is not looking just at current performance when evaluating a team to join… I’m pretty sure he’s looking for a team that won’t judge him on current performance either.

  5. Max wants Mercedes, Mercedes may not be able to oppose it. Red Bull needs to keep Max, F1 wants Max to stay at Mercedes so RB is happy. If Max goes to Merc, Vettel goes to RB, if that does not happen, Vettel might brage into RP even though RP does not want him. Vettel may end up barging into Renault.

    1. What lol

      Max is under contract until 2023(iirc) rn – and Vettel is reported to already have signed with RP. All of RP’s comments point toward them having contact with Seb. Especially after Alonso let the cat out that he had been in talks with RP

  6. Seb talks like he is the one in the box seat (so to speak). Is it only me that sees that his options for a drive next year are extremely limited?

    1. I don’t think you’re in a minority. His options are extremely limited and his current form and attitude are also not helping his case much.

      If he wants to leave his legacy further, take the risk with RP, assuming that they will be getting enough funding, and use his experience and help them build a car that can contend for podiums and wins. Similar to what Lewis did in 2013 and Alonso tried in 2014. If can pull it off, he can get more championships in the next era and take his place as one of the legends.

    2. I don’t think you’re wrong but I don’t think you’re right. Realistically the only options Vettel would consider are RBR RP and Merc next year – and right now I think there’s only 1 realistic option of the 3.

      But I do think Vettel is alluding to his other options – sabbatical, retirement etc

    3. Aston Martin is interested, Red Bull could be another option

  7. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    21st July 2020, 14:20

    I don’t see him having anywhere realistically to go if he wants to stay in F1 and not just ‘make up the numbers’. None of the teams that potentially have an open slot are going to be fighting for wins or championships. I don’t think there’s even a team that he can ‘build up’, either – as none of them have the financial or technical clout currently to do so. It’s a shame to see him leave but I’d rather he left than tell us how hard he fought and how proud he is of 11th place.

    1. RP is building up huge investment though. And as a team, RP have always been F1’s budget-killers. Usually their points per investment are far cheaper than any other team’s, which bodes well for the budget cap coming in next year

  8. I think Vettel is still alluding to Red Bull when mentioning the “future potential” of teams.

    I still think he’s hoping Albon’s seat opens up, before taking up that alleged Racing Point contract.

    1. Or waiting to see if Renault’s protest will amount to anything… if it doesn’t, Aston Martin could have even more Merc parts next year despite the reg freeze.

    2. And alluding to the new factory that RP is building, I would surmise

  9. Aston Martin with a budget cap in place surely has strong potential for him. They have done exceedingly well on little over the years. With more resources for them and less for the top teams… Aston Martin will have to be a real consideration.

    Red Bull and Ferrari have been hit and miss over the past 6 seasons despite their budgets so betting on either of them (generally speaking – not Seb specific) with less ability to spend would make me cautious. Though, Adrian is a legend, never count him out.

    1. I think Ferrari especially. Their CFD and WT has had correlation issues since forever… and they’re used to using their massive budget as a band aid to the car.

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