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Hockenheimring confirms it won’t hold an F1 race in 2020

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The Hockenheimring, which was previously under consideration for a return to the F1 calendar this year, has confirmed it will not hold a grand prix in 2020.

As RaceFans revealed yesterday F1 is expected to confirm a race elsewhere in Germany this year, at the Nurburgring.

Hockenheim held the German Grand Prix last year but did not agree terms to hold a race in 2020. It was considered by F1 as a potential venue when the championship was forced to reorganise its calendar because of the Covid-19 pendemic.

But the circuit has now confirmed Formula 1 will not return to the Badem-Wurttemburg facility this year.

“We can confirm that in 2020 no Formula 1 race will take place at the Hockenheimring and we are also aware that Liberty Media has been in contact with the Nurburgring,” Hockenheimring general manager Jorn Teske told RaceFans.

“However we are unable to state what level the negotiations [with the Nurburgring] are at.”

Teske pointed out differences in Covid-19 restrictions between the different German states explain why it has not agreed terms following its discussions with with F1.

“Since the beginning we have played totally open cards. In other words, we have regularly stated that we are unable to stage a race if there are any financial disadvantages. In the present crisis during which we have lost millions due to Corona it would be irresponsible towards the company and our employees to do anything else.

“We have made clear that we also need to adhere to the Corona regulations of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg and therefore we cannot stage an event with spectators. This is not a federal-wide ruling and this could be a major reason for any decision taken by Formula 1.

“During the last weeks we have remained flexible and have engaged [with Formula 1] but in the end it was clear that it was not viable as the requirements for a race within Germany are different [from state to state]. For the Hockenheimring the most important thing is to ensure that we can emerge from the crisis in a stable condition.”

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19 comments on “Hockenheimring confirms it won’t hold an F1 race in 2020”

  1. Not a pity.

  2. Shame.
    It’s a good track and generally promotes good races. Certainly better than other venues that F1 will be attending.

  3. In the world of “what if” it would have been so cool, if they staged the race with long configuration (or even the ultimate full length).

    But we are left with no Hockenheim instead.


  4. love to see the Kimi looking sharp in that picture

  5. i miss hockhenim

  6. As far as I’m concerned Hockenheimring hasn’t held an F1 race since 2001!

    ‘Diet Hockenheimring’ (only half the calories) will not be missed by this F1 fan.

    Yes I’m not as young as u once was, and yes I have been in Lockdown too long…

    1. F1oSaurus (@)
      23rd July 2020, 20:19

      @unicron2002 Yawn. Like it was so great to wait for a minute for the cars to come out of that forest. It’s just a few boring straights that they cut out.

      1. Maybe I liked the boring straights! I did. They weren’t boring to me. I thought they were awesome. I looooved the forests. Then they were destroyed to make way for the new Ring. Now there is no adventure into the forest, no view of the cars bursting out into the sunlight round a stupidly quick right-hander and straight into a stadium section. A unique circuit, replaced by a homogenous Tilkedrome.

    2. As much as I originally thought that in 2002 and would love to see the old ring for it’s uniqueness, there’s no question that the quality of racing is far better since the rebuild. Chicanes were never good places to pass and from memory it was always about who could out-drag who on the straights, rather than any skill or ability in needed in passing.

      That said ripping up the old track was definitely unacceptable, even if they weren’t planning on maintaining it (pretty sure that Silverstone, despite leaving the old Bridge layout in place, isn’t actively maintaining the tarmac).

  7. Too young to remember a Nurburgring race. Is the track known for overtaking and good racing?

    1. Not really; although it has only hosted two races (2011 and 2013) with the current-ish rules of DRS and Pirelli tyres. In terms of overtaking, it has two long-ish straights followed by a slow corner (=DRS passes nowadays), and a stadium-type section that might see cars going side-by-side for a few corners. Otherwise it is pretty narrow and short straights followed by medium corners.

      1. The 2013 race was really good. Looking forward to it! The 2 straights offer decent overtake potential. Much higher than say the Hungaroring.

    2. @wpinrui Well it sits at the No.1 spot on our rate-the-race poll as the best track since 2008, with only 3 races nonetheless, but still…
      From the last 3 races there (and the only ones i’ve watched there),
      2009 was a great one with Webber’s maiden victory after he overcame a drive-through penalty,
      2011 was an epic 3-way fight between Hamilton-Alonso-Webber for the win, and
      2013 was a quite good battle between Vettel-Raikkonen.
      Generally speaking a more ‘old-school’ circuit than modern Hockenheim (which feels a bit Tilke-ish), with gravel run-offs and elevation changes and narrower track. And if this goes ahead in October there will be a high chance of a wet race!

      1. Will never forget this classic ar Nurburgring


        As dramatic as it gets.

  8. Nürburgring became the chosen one.

  9. Seem to remember reading that they had to rip up the old circuit and plant trees in order to acquire planning permission due to amount of forest they needed to clear for new layout.

    The old circuit was certainly distinctive, but I actually think it’d make for a boring race these day. My memories of watching the old ring in 90s was more about the spectacular engine blowups and it was as much as question of engine reliability as well as drive skill. With today’s insane reliability levels, I think it’d be be of a procession.

    1. old hockenheim is better

      1. If it was that much better, why did they rip it up?

        Old Hockenheim was dull. Just a bunch of dragstrips with chicanes at each end.

        1. That’s what made it exciting and different. Drivers flat out over 200mph with skinny wings braking at the very last minute and dancing through the chicanes.

          Back when many tracks used to have unique characteristics, before the copy paste clones that make up most of the current championships.

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