Official British Touring Car Championship game to arrive in 2022


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The British Touring Car Championship, which inspired the popular TOCA series, will have an officially-licensed racing game from 2022

The championship has confirmed a new multi-year deal has been agreed for new games which will appear on PC and next-generation consoles. A mobile version is also being considered.

Motorsport Games, which publishes the NASCAR Heat series, has been chosen as the publisher.

“Finally, I’m proud to say that the huge demand from the BTCC and TOCA game fans is being answered,” said BTCC chief executive Alan Gow.

“Just like the original BTCC/TOCA game, this will be a dedicated BTCC game featuring all the cars, all the teams, all the drivers and all the circuits – not merely some elements partially incorporated into an existing game.

“It is hugely important to me, our teams, drivers and fans that any new BTCC game reflected exactly what everyone loves about our championship; the incredibly close non-stop action, intense competition and great enjoyment.”

The 2020 British Touring Car Championship season is due to begin at Donington Park this weekend following delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nine triple-header rounds will take place over fourth months, concluding at the Brands Hatch Indy circuit in November.

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18 comments on “Official British Touring Car Championship game to arrive in 2022”

  1. Who’s developing the game? I hope it’s not 704.

    1. Worse. It looks like it’s Motorsport Games themselves, the developer (and publisher as the article mentions) of NASCAR Heat. Parsed from the BTCC page.

  2. Game to arrive in 2022 says the headline but game will arrive next year says the article. Which one is it?

  3. Nothing could beat TOCA2 in my opinion. Still the best touring car game ever. Had a great modding community back in the day as well.

    1. Good old memories! Wow that was a long time ago though…

    2. I remember being unbeatable round Oulton Park in the pink cadillac – great game. I hope they make the tank available in this new version (not that I play games any more, I just feel they should honour the classic version of the game…)

      1. Toca 2 had a pink Cadillac?! I don’t remember that

        1. Neil (@neilosjames)
          30th July 2020, 13:04

          @sato113 I think the Pink Caddy may have been on the original TOCA, not TOCA2.

    3. TOCA 2! Man that brings back some memories. Oulton Park was always my favorite track. Such a great game.

      1. Still one of the best racing games to date

  4. Neil (@neilosjames)
    29th July 2020, 23:55

    Still have fond memories of the old TOCAs, especially 2. Probably spent more time on that than any other racing game.

    Just hope the new one lives up to its ancestors.

  5. Yes if they make it like TOCA 2 I’ll be so happy. The AI were really good, overtaking and defending, and they would even have accidents all by themselves.

    Praying for that and good dynamic weather.

    1. Also online and offline coop champ mode! So you can race a season with your friend as teammates

    2. Why does TOCA 2 and GP4 have better AI than racing games released today??

      I don’t get it.

      1. In some cases, it looks like the developers are more focused on online play, particularly those that tend to cater for league racing. There are some where certain AI faults have been known for a while, but have never been addressed by the developer even if the game is still in development and repeated complaints are filed.

  6. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    30th July 2020, 9:34

    What a game TOCA 2 was, you can talk about the AI and the realism all you like, but we all know the best bit of that game is the jazzy menu music.
    And what a time for Touring Cars…. sticking on BBC Grandstand of a Sunday afternoon in 1998 to see 8 manufacturers pack-racing in cars you could more or less go out and buy the next day.
    We didn’t know it at the time but this was as good as Touring Cars would ever get.

    1. I know that we don’t have manufacturer ‘teams’ per say now. but how many different car brands race in BTCC now? bmw, honda, audi (according to the pic for this article!), vauxhall, subaru, toyota? so not a band turn out!

      1. and VW!

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