Romain Grosjean, Haas, Silverstone, 2020

Sainz criticises “very dangerous” Grosjean and rues late puncture

2020 British Grand Prix

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Carlos Sainz Jnr condemned Romain Grosjean’s driving as “very dangerous” following a run-in between the pair on the Wellington Straight during the British Grand Prix.

The stewards showed Grosjean the black-and-white flag for the defensive moves he made while trying to keep the McLaren driver behind him. He was later summoned to the stewards for another incident involving Daniel Ricciardo.

Sainz said he had a “race of two halves” at Silverstone. “A lot of attack in the first few laps, during the Safety Car period, and having to go through a very dangerous Romain Grosjean.”

He was running in fifth place when a tyre failure dropped him out of the points places.

“[I did] a lot of management in that middle part of the race. We knew it was going to be tight on the tyres. So it was proved that it was tight when I obviously had the puncture.

“In general I guess luck hasn’t been with me during these first three or four races. Today we lost a lot of points so I’m disappointed. But at the same time everything was done correctly up until the two laps to the end so I cannot be too hard on the team or myself.”

His team mate Lando Norris took fifth but said he had a “very difficult race.”

“I don’t think we had the best pace today,” said Norris. “Compared to yesterday I think the Renaults were definitely quicker than us and it just made our lives very difficult having to push more than we wanted to and having to push the tyres more than we wanted to.

“It was not terrible really. I made a couple of mistakes, one on the first lap, I let Carlos by. But then after that I wasn’t too bad. I think we had a good strategy with the pit stop, we both came out in decent positions.”

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7 comments on “Sainz criticises “very dangerous” Grosjean and rues late puncture”

  1. I really hope RG gets some form of penalty – he was consistently out of order.

    1. He will. But sainz is already getting ready for Ferrari it seems, lots of moaning.

    2. @sham on you and the fia, Romain left space, it is such a wide track, suits these cars perfectly. Want auto overtakes too, nobody earns nothing in f1 these days, they want the results thats it. Right guy won? Yes, that is what matters, doesn’t matter how.

      1. I can’t make up my mind if you think it’s ok to move over on the attacking driver AFTER the attacking driver moves to attack and during braking, or if your post is meant to be funny…

        Either way, you’re wrong.

  2. He indeed went overboard today. Even weirder was when he still did that one more time after having received an official warning.

  3. Really Romain? Really?

    1. What makes Romains move dangerous is that its a fast track with fast corners. Braking at hi speed. Which could easliy have gone awfully wrong if sainz or ric did not have the car in control. We couch critics realy dont understand the speeds and or sensitivity of f1 cars.

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