Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Silverstone, 2020

Failed tyre which caused Kvyat crash sent to Pirelli’s Milan base for study

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In the round-up: The tyre which caused Daniil Kvyat’s huge crash in the British grand prix has been sent back to Pirelli’s base in Milan for close analysis.

What they say

Pirelli’s head of motorsport Mario Isola said Kvyat’s failure, on his right-rear tyre, was not related to the front-left punctures seen on other cars at the end of the race.

About Kvyat’s tyres it is obviously a completely different situation, probably a slow puncture. But again we want to investigate deeply.

The tyre is going to Milan because it was not possible to understand exactly what happened on that tyre. It’s probably something that is not related to the tyre or is a slow puncture.

The most probable conclusion is this one but we want to be 100% sure, that’s why the tyre is going to Milan to perform additional analysis.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

With neither of their reserves available this weekend, who would Mercedes pick if they needed a replacement for Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas?

So it can’t be Vandoorne or Wehrlein due to Formula E, Hulkenberg will be at Racing Point, Button and Di Resta possibly not race fit, Alonso’s probably not an option because he goes to Renault next year and would know too much. They’d probably get Russell in and Williams would get Aitken in if he qualifies. What about Marcus Ericsson? Race fit and less than three years since F1.
Lyle Clarke

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10 comments on “Failed tyre which caused Kvyat crash sent to Pirelli’s Milan base for study”

  1. Would either Alonso or Ericsson ditch the Indy 500 to sub in F1? Maybe in a Mercedes, nothing else IMO.

  2. On the CotD – Well, Alonso is on his way to race in the Indy 500 so he is out of contention. And I am sure Ericsson would have to think twice before going back to F1 fir a race or two if that meant missing the Indy500 for him.

    Maybe having a go in a Mercedes could lure them over. But I am not sure their contracts even allow for it. And not even sure they really would take that chance right now.

    In a few weeks (after Indy) it won’t be an issue anymore, since the Formula E season is due to end too, and that would mean Vandoorne is available again. As would Wehrlein and other ex F1 drivers who are on the FE grid

    1. Ericcson’s having too good a season, and hasn’t been in an F1 car in awhile.

  3. I wonder if he’s started using glasses regularly or just occasionally for certain situations? The same feeling for me every time I see someone wearing glasses (prescription or non-prescription) who I’m not used to seeing wearing them. The same happened with Lewis back in 2016, as well as Charles and Lando this year.

    As for COTD: Yes, most likely Russell. At first, I found the inclusion of Wehrlein there weird since he hasn’t been with Mercedes anymore to any extent, although there are also others without any links to the team.

    1. Think they might be part of his COVID travel regime?

  4. COTD adjacent… Take Max Verstappen to Mercedes, please, maybe as a ‘loan’ for the next year. That is the only way to have a real championship competition. Otherwise one and a half seasons of Lewis not being really challenged unless it is 15 races in Sochi and Spielberg. Max is sometimes having fun recovering from bad starts in the midfield for a few laps or fighting Bottas on his decaff day. Give him a real chance. Not much RB can do until 2022, hopefully getting it correct then.
    C’mon Toto, Dietrich, austrian connection, make the title fight interesting again. Bernie would wheel and deal somehow to do so. Liberty media, FIA… this would be best promotion of the sportshow they could dream of.

    1. Lewis would block any move like that – he’d get wrecked by Max!

      1. Lewis would still have a big ‘home team’ advantage.
        Anyway, that would be a blockbuster stuff. Real competition. No team orders.
        No need to change rules. Just a few sponsors should agree, and Lewis should relish a real challenge.
        Ah, back to work, such dreaming is allowed only on Sundays while napping during race :(
        We have a great midfield battles, but best racers are just driving around to the podium.

  5. Slow? Nothing slow with that. bad omen I say, had it been the only puncture then I would point the finger at luck or Tauri.

  6. This tyre failure is much more disturbing from technical perspective than the last lap front tyre incidents. Again, sidewall separation from the tread surface. Very very serious matter!

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